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2018-06-21 03:14:32 - Bratzer [CoM] - Pokemon go?

Who still plays this? The new friends feature allows you to send gifts to friends. One of the items that can be in a gift is an egg that can be hatched. This allows you to get pokemon from miles (km's) away. These pokemon can be traded to other players and this will help you get close to the distance badge. You need 1.000.000km in trading distance for the gold badge..

Ill start a list here with friend codes so you can add them and get the gifts!

Bratzer: 8294 7811 4911 (Europe)
SirKnight: 5134 4249 2170 (US)
Gruntsalot: 1080 0429 0325 (US)
Proterius: 4809 0243 8279

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2018-06-21 03:24:33 - kerusing [MRC] - Re: Pokemon go?


2018-06-21 03:26:28 - Bratzer [CoM] - Re: Pokemon go?

Where are you from?

2018-06-21 03:26:55 - kerusing [MRC] - Re: Pokemon go?

minnesota usa
i havent paid much attention to the news in pokeman go so dont know what the new trading thing is but i would love to get my hands ona mr mime

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2018-06-21 03:35:26 - Bratzer [CoM] - Re: Pokemon go?

So.. thats tauros and solrock?

2018-06-21 03:36:44 - Bratzer [CoM] - Re: Pokemon go?

The trading system hasnt been launched yet so we are all guessing how it will work out. Just prepairing a but to see what we already can organise beforehand.

2018-06-21 03:37:47 - kerusing [MRC] - Re: Pokemon go?

taurus here for sure have to look into solrock

2018-06-21 10:17:09 - Gruntsalot [rad] - Re: Pokemon go?

i get both taurus and solrock quite frequently where i live will start saving up for trades

2018-06-21 10:17:46 - wolfie [CoPM] - Re: Pokemon go?

i love pokemon go

2018-06-21 10:20:35 - SirKnight [DD] - Re: Pokemon go?

The trading system seems to indicate that you'll still need to be within 100m of the person you're attempting to trade with, so while i'd love to help out, it seems that unless we're in the same city block, we still cannot trade. If this isn't the case, then i've saved up taurus, solrock, corsolla and heracross
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2018-06-22 09:04:59 - SirKnight [DD] - Re: Pokemon go?

5134 4249 2170

2018-06-23 05:40:51 - Bratzer [CoM] - Re: Pokemon go?

Editted first post

2018-06-23 11:16:19 - Gruntsalot [rad] - Re: Pokemon go?

1080 0429 0325

2018-06-25 10:28:44 - Proterius [Bubble] - Re: Pokemon go?

4809 0243 8279