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Movoda Forum - Swapping my mats for your items!

2018-06-21 11:42:53 - pibird [Home] - Swapping my mats for your items!

Swapping the following, message me if interested!

My log Your lumber

My raw meat Your ground meat
My raw salmon + log Your cooked salmon
My raw flounder + log Your cooked flounder
My 2 bottles of water + shark fin + log Your bottle of soup
My 2 bottles of water + 2 wheat + log Your bottle of beer
My dough Your flatbread

My log Your fishing rod
My animal skin Your messenger cap
My jade Your ring of the fish (72 only left)
My turquoise Your mining ring (70 only left)
My ivory+feather Your woodcut talisman
My messenger cap + feather Your travelling cap (895 left)
My leather cloak +2 animal pelts Your hooded cloak

My 3 dura, 1 addy, 1 coal Your tinran bar
Last Edited: 2018-07-17 01:59:29