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2018-07-12 14:53:08 - The Riddler [TAOM] - GuardianCon

A culmination of gamers are raising money for saint jude children's hospital. The GuardianCon channel has being going all week with streamers raising money for charity, 100% of the proceeds go to st. jude. Ninja (ex pro Halo and top fortnite streamer) is running the last block now if any of you want to help kids in need. If you did not know the families that go to saint judes pay $0 out of pocket, everything is provided for them from hotel to meals. It costs 2.7 Million Dollars to run St Jude for ONE day, they have currently raised ~2.65 million dollars. Every donation helps those in need. #letthemwin https://www.twitch.tv/guardiancon