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Movoda Forum - Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

How long do you think Movoda will last
2018-12-19 00:52:44 - DKC [CoM] - Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

Just curious as to how long you think the servers will last, considering how they have been dying off over the last 2 years

2018-12-19 00:56:13 - Aversin [Ashia] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

Next Christmas is only seven daus from now weeee

2018-12-19 00:57:35 - DKC [CoM] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

ohh in english we would refer to that as "this" Christmas

2018-12-19 00:57:44 - Barraiya [*NI*] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

Why is there no "like" button for Aversin's comment?

and thanks for the English translation DKC
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2018-12-19 00:59:22 - Chickaroo [TAOM] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

Considering the game has been around for over 10 years and still going I don't think it's going to die quite yet. People still buying Q coins

2018-12-19 01:05:20 - yedlishka [Sane?] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

hoping it will be for at least 10 more

2018-12-19 01:07:21 - Jibba [Jabba] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

Can someone provide an answer for what it will take to solidify the upkeep and existence of the servers and game as a whole? Even a rough estimate?

2018-12-19 01:12:50 - DKC [CoM] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

I think a standard single linux node is all that is required to run the server.

But actual administration is another factor.


A node with 1gb of traffic can be hired for 5$ a month.

But I have no idea how much power Movoda uses. or how much people use the 50$ donation option which gives them traffic for there images to share on the net.


So bottom line is 5$ a month and the server will get laggy as when many people are online.


My guess is a single server is probably costing 40$ a month.

Which is 5 TB of Transfer and a quad Core CPU with 8GB of ram.

Which will probably cover the promised services of donators.


The cheap option could easily get bombed and people wont be able to log in. the 40$ a month server could take a hit.
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2018-12-19 01:16:39 - airemana [LPF] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

I agree with yedishka, hope it will last for at least another 10 years

2018-12-19 03:43:25 - Mirabeau [CoM] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

Why are people still buying qcoins is beyond my comprehension...
also why am i still here

2018-12-19 03:53:30 - Barraiya [*NI*] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas


2018-12-19 04:17:00 - Aversin [Ashia] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

I know it's "this" christmas, but still

2018-12-19 06:31:13 - Emmyman [MAD] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

Shame cant buy the game/servers from Msk as i definitely would!

2018-12-19 06:43:48 - ebil [Bubble] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

considering how cheap it is to keep a hobby up. Say 100 a month it could run for an unlimited time. It is not really not a great cost at that to run a few servers. There are a number here if it did become an issue who would be willing to spend a membership of 5 a month to ensure we kept a decent amount of servers and our hobby up also just putting it out there. Sure msk knows that as well as a side note would not be surprised if an active player was not already in for a percent of the game as is....
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2018-12-19 06:51:23 - DKC [CoM] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

if there had been any significant development in the game over the last 5 years , the population would be higher and the donations would be higher.

but ever since chrones has debilitated msk , movoda has gone stale

2018-12-19 08:10:26 - UselessJunk [Radical] - Re: Do you expect Movoda to be here next christmas

stop putting all the blame on the owner the current staff is Not doing anything to make this a good game either. committee members and moderators Can do things that would greatly improve this game but they wont. and why wont they? cause they have got most of the remaining players conformed into laziness and blind acceptance that this is all we got. i've seen plenty of games where staff stepped up and made holidays better. made side games for players. contests that involved more then ego's showing off who gets to lvl 100 1st you people blindly follow rules that went out of style a decade ago, this entire game play for this game went out of style years ago, yet staff are too comfy in doing less then nothing, that it wont ever get better. the amount of mutes i have gotten and the amount of people that hate me for even speaking about this the past few years is dumbfounding to say the least. escpecially when i see threads such as this get attention, but when i talk about it in chat i get lynched if you're gonna be a group pf hyocrites at least be truthful to yourselves about how far you let the current staff idle in their jobs, cause im sorry to inform you, but its not only msk that has responsibilities to the game around here, but i dont see threads asking committee members and moderators why They havent done anything to improve the game

but i know now some of you are itching to use the age old excuse "we cant ad cause msk has to code it" garbage. there are plenty of ways for a game to stay relevant without needing constant updates. but updates are all you people want so this crying the game wont get better has become nothing more then a you problem. you know what to do to make it a better place, so until players themselves step up and get it done, nothing will ever change.

2018-12-19 11:03:25 - ebil [Bubble] - Re: Do yo

guy posted a free chair on the internet just come pick it up .so he got called guy said well the chair is free but what else can I get with it the owner of the chair said well I can take half-price off the chair for you if you want to . That's kind of how I feel about the postings here on what somebody else should dodo

2018-12-19 23:04:27 - DKC [CoM] - Re: Do yo

seemms UJ is miss informed.

the committee had things sitting there waiting for msk approval.
in the years it took msk to come and approve them , those active coders left thinking it was dead.


If he wants a reason why people stop bothering, Is all they get is insulted and hated because its not how some loud person wanted it.


But who really cares. The game was a chat room to start with, it still is a chat room.


P.S I am amazed there is still more than 50 active players, not seen so many votes for a long long time

2018-12-19 23:42:45 - 3x0du5 [Home] - Re: Do yo

Inappropriate content removed

2018-12-19 23:59:36 - Grey [CoM] - Re: Do yo

Happy to keep going even with out updates.
Plenty more to explore if I change skills.
Its the broken things like the dam purple server that will kill things off.
I am at the stage I am tired of fighting with it to log in.
One day I will give up trying and forget about it.

Might last another 6 months unless the broken things improve.

2018-12-20 06:04:12 - ebil [Bubble] - Re: Do yo

reminder to log on with ease take the (s)team out of it so to say(http) a word pun is always fun

2018-12-20 12:31:21 - UselessJunk [Radical] - Re: Do yo

i am not confused dkc, you Have the ability to run trivia's, contest, find-me-and-i-give-great-prizes kinda things. so once again, crying you need msk to do something positive is nothing but a sad excuse as to why you cant be bothered to do things that dont involve your ego or a pat on the back for a job well done. committee members are too scared to even have their names in the manual anymore and for no other reason then you dont want people to know you have a position of authority you do nothing positive with. but crying cause msk isnt here to hold your hand and congratulate you on jobs well done isnt the best way to show just how great you people on committees really are. take chances. do things out of the norm, try to act like adults and not whiny little babies needing mama there to make sure you got it done properly. msk is Not your scapegoat to be used anytime people realize we have committee's that are useless without a coder to help them have ideas.

2019-01-17 08:58:20 - AngelBlue [YGM] - Re: Do yo

I hope that Movoda will be here for many many Year's yet to come, I really enjoy
chatting with all the great Player's Playing Movoda is a great way to start my
Day... I'd like to see a lot of New Player's join this marvelous Game

2019-01-17 09:00:48 - wolfie [Paradise] - Re: Do yo

i would never have discovered it if it wernt for mr. rick sanchez. i really hope it is around so other people can enjoy it because you can learn new things on this game

2019-01-18 16:17:38 - pibird [Home] - Re: Do yo

what kind of a contest would you like? !!
who should run it? (contest forum states anyone can)
what should be the prize (coming from players must be something they can freely give!)
come one, come all, give ideas!

if you want to message me personally, go for it?!

2019-01-18 16:27:43 - Slomo [Home] - Re: Do yo

i say we hold a trading xp contest, it seems people lack it and we need better traders

prize, 20k coins handed in one go and not in parts