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2019-01-10 19:04:58 - darren1001 [Paradise] - Possible Bug

My screen below the chat window periodically goes blank and I have to refresh to get it back. Anyone else experiencing this

ind of frustrating when on spells too
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2019-01-10 19:08:03 - Your Mother [Akatsuki] - Re: Possible Bug

happened to me 3 times so far today

2019-01-10 19:08:09 - Lady Vekma [Sane?] - Re: Possible Bug

yes same here

2019-01-10 19:10:20 - ratrelish [TM] - Re: Possible Bug

Yes I have been getting this frequently too

2019-01-10 19:25:04 - mikeyii [TAOM] - Re: Possible Bug

second time for me just now

2019-01-10 19:52:22 - yedlishka [Sane?] - Re: Possible Bug

yeah the past couple days actually

2019-01-10 19:57:19 - KMax [Crimson] - Re: Possible Bug

Twice here.

2019-01-10 19:59:33 - yedlishka [Sane?] - Re: Possible Bug

mostly happening on my blue but once on pink

2019-01-10 20:19:29 - The Dude [7sins] - Re: Possible Bug

Purple has been up all day for me. No interruptions.

2019-01-10 20:21:42 - protect me [Akatsuki] - Re: Possible Bug

dang, don't know what this post is about, seems like colors are involved. I Purple, however sky blue is my favorite color.

Blue, and pink. Lovely colors as well. I hope what is happening gets better.

2019-01-11 00:38:49 - Batman [PWI] - Re: Possible Bug

I was going to make a thread, but is apparent this is not only happening to me. Doesn't matter the color of server, as soon as I hit a timer, it goes blank. Have to refresh to see anything but blackness

2019-01-11 00:40:21 - Batman [PWI] - Re: Possible Bug

Since on Android I can take pics and email to someone if it would help, pm me

2019-01-11 00:40:24 - yedlishka [Sane?] - Re: Possible Bug

I posted the colors only if it might be relevent, just as nothing happens for you on purple

2019-01-11 00:42:25 - Batman [PWI] - Re: Possible Bug

On purple, no, have to erase the s off of https to see anything, so I get that

2019-01-11 04:22:22 - ChrisWar666 [Crimson] - Re: Possible Bug

Have you tried accessing purple normally? I do believe mskwik has fixed the secure problem now

2019-01-11 04:35:14 - Batman [PWI] - Re: Possible Bug

I have, if it worked for me, I wouldn't need to delete s for it to work :p

2019-01-11 04:36:35 - ChrisWar666 [Crimson] - Re: Possible Bug

Ahhh ok, coz it seems to be fixed for me since about the 4th
Maybe try clearing cache? :S strange that it only fixed it for some, and not for all

2019-01-11 04:37:36 - mr grumpy [MAD] - Re: Possible Bug

Im having the same problems with a black screen

2019-01-11 04:37:53 - Batman [PWI] - Re: Possible Bug

Do you okay in Android as well?

2019-01-11 04:39:38 - Wolfmage [Avalon] - Re: Possible Bug

actually the pink server has gone back to the same previous issue wiht the security, but that's not relevant here.

Blaze do you have updates set to auto on your phone? if so an update for your browser could be the issue. Am not syaing it is but "could" be.

2019-01-11 07:24:28 - Lemon [Bubble] - Re: Possible Bug

It may be useful for people to say what platform they are having the problems on.

I have had no difficulties since the fix on 2nd Jan on both Chrome/Chrome and Firefox/Windows.

2019-01-11 07:26:21 - manicman [MAD] - Re: Possible Bug

i am having the same thing happen to me today. im on chrome on a pc and on the cyan server

2019-01-11 07:29:58 - JoWickerman []0_o[] - Re: Possible Bug

Same as manicman. I do see that if it's not the active tab, it happens more often.

2019-01-11 07:34:36 - Wolfmage [Avalon] - Re: Possible Bug

Have suggested to 2 people to chnage to FF and have no problems since, so something to consider and that's both for PCs and mobile.

2019-01-11 07:37:11 - JoWickerman []0_o[] - Re: Possible Bug

Apologies, I'm actually using FF on Win10

2019-01-11 13:05:42 - darren1001 [Paradise] - Re: Possible Bug

when is this glitch getting fixed

2019-01-11 13:06:30 - mikeyii [TAOM] - Re: Possible Bug

ive played on FF and edge and same thing happens on both with cyan server

2019-01-11 13:07:15 - darren1001 [Paradise] - Re: Possible Bug

im on purple and its crapping on me

2019-01-11 13:31:00 - Midnighte [Oath] - Re: Possible Bug

Running Chrome Version 73.0.3664.3 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) and no issues.

This is an issue caused most likely due to a browser update that caused the issue, updating you browser may fix it (if their is newer) or going back a version or two.

Filehippo has a bunch of older versions of chrome and other browsers. I suggest updating that before taking advice to switch to a new browser.

2019-01-11 13:43:47 - mskwik [Admin] - Re: Possible Bug

Any possible correlation with using an adblocker or having ads disabled? I thought the ads were pretty well sandboxed away from the rest of the game code but the timing seems suspicious with adding Google codes to the ad box.

2019-01-11 13:45:32 - Lemon [Bubble] - Re: Possible Bug

I have ads turned off in the game and have had no problems.

Will turn them back on and see if that makes any difference.

2019-01-11 13:47:24 - mikeyii [TAOM] - Re: Possible Bug

I have adblocker in FF but not with edge and same issue with both and neither one has had an update recently

2019-01-11 14:57:34 - mikeyii [TAOM] - Re: Possible Bug

could be coincidence but when I stopped using spells and foods my bottom screen stopped going black for the last hour or so

2019-01-11 15:15:14 - darren1001 [Paradise] - Re: Possible Bug

its still crashing for me...window below chat goes black

2019-01-11 16:19:05 - Lemon [Bubble] - Re: Possible Bug

Just happened to me for the first time.
Although the main panel is black, the game is still playing and xp is still being earned.

2019-01-11 16:21:29 - mikeyii [TAOM] - Re: Possible Bug

unless of course you are picking a GH that finished and you dont know its finished because you cant see it that is lol

2019-01-11 19:00:59 - darren1001 [Paradise] - Re: Possible Bug

I don't see how adblocker affects things in game for the action window going blank on alot of players here.

Seems like when the purple server got fixed this issue popped up on the Cyan and Purple servers for a lot of players

2019-01-11 19:01:42 - wolfie [Paradise] - Re: Possible Bug

2019-01-11 19:05:26 - Dragonlover [Paradise] - Re: Possible Bug

I been getting the black screen most of the time

2019-01-11 23:42:58 - Suzybluesky [Crops4$] - Re: Possible Bug

I just got a black screen for the main part only too and I don't have ad blocker active.

2019-01-11 23:51:14 - Dragonlover [Paradise] - Re: Possible Bug

its been happening to me all evening black screen

2019-01-11 23:52:21 - sunsetatdawn [Sane?] - Re: Possible Bug

I don't know if it was just me or not but I just had a full black screen for about 5 minutes and tried both chrome and firefox and wouldn't not let me in. Was on a dark green server and have ads turned off in game for more info on it.

2019-01-12 00:57:23 - Mafiosis [Crimson] - Re: Possible Bug

It has been happening to me for the past 2 days. Happens every 5 to 10 minutes, makes the game pretty much unplayable.

Playing on an android phone, normally afkish or swapping tabs or apps. The day before it started it was playing fine on my laptop with firefox browser. Haven't played on my laptop since so I'm not sure if its on my phone only or both. I think that's all the info I have.

2019-01-12 09:56:29 - mc_digger09 [TM] - Re: Possible Bug

had a black screen for 5 times during smelting 105 steel bars
another one during adding 1k lumber to guild project

2019-01-12 09:58:16 - UselessJunk [Radical] - Re: Possible Bug

no black screen but anytime i go afk for an extended period the game goes unsecure on its own for some reason a refresh fixes this but it shouldnt be removing the security feature in the url on its own

2019-01-12 09:59:58 - manicman [MAD] - Re: Possible Bug

i am using chrome on a pc, kept getting the black screen when opened another tab. So i opened a new window on chrome, and use it just for movoda, so its always the active tab. had no issues since doing that

2019-01-12 10:05:25 - Jasmin [^V^] - Re: Possible Bug

im using chrome on pc and currently on cyan server - my game just had the black screen now my game is not secure ive refreshed etc but no change

2019-01-12 11:42:06 - ChrisWar666 [Crimson] - Re: Possible Bug

I haven't seen this (movoda's a tab in a window, but i use other windows for browsing and leave that one on movoda) problem, but the pink/purple server is messing up again, even after using http:// only

2019-01-12 11:44:10 - AngelBlue [YGM] - Re: Possible Bug

I've been experiencing a Black area below Chat as well almost every time I
leave Window for even 15s

2019-01-13 13:16:32 - Faullen [Thrope] - Re: Possible Bug

W10/Chrome. Getting a blank main frame, very frequently. Reload, go away, come back to a blank main frame and repeat.

Moving to it's own window has vastly improved the situation. No blank main frame.

2019-01-13 19:34:34 - mikeyii [TAOM] - Re: Possible Bug

this worked for me too in edge

2019-01-14 00:33:50 - airemana [LPF] - Re: Possible Bug

I am getting it today, too... and very frequently
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2019-01-14 00:35:34 - LlamaMama [LOG] - Re: Possible Bug

I am getting it when I am in the GHs but if I am cooking it works good for me

2019-01-14 00:49:55 - airemana [LPF] - Re: Possible Bug

keeping on a separate window does work, by the way... not sure if it would on mobile devices, but on a computer it works just fine

2019-01-14 03:00:12 - Slomo [Home] - Re: Possible Bug

im on IE atm
i was on another tab while it happened
i dont have an adblocker here
the timer does keep running so it looks more like its the panel
if i click on player houses and hover over the place where the houses are nothing shows as clickable.
if i click town it stops, and restarts after again if i click smelt pola

Earlier someone said it might be browser related. I havent had this while i was playing from home. and i use FF there.
So far i havent found a way to make it work without just refreshing.
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2019-01-14 10:26:53 - Jasmin [^V^] - Re: Possible Bug

this issue is happening all the time now for me and Im having to constantly refreshing ive not changed my browser and I dont have ad blocker and Im on the cyan server Im getting very frustrated with one server constantly not working the purple one and now this issue

2019-01-14 11:06:50 - UselessJunk [Radical] - Re: Possible Bug

doesnt seem to matter which browser you use. having the game in its own window seems to be the only fix atm as well, from what people have been saying here and in chat. i leave it in an open window or it wont work on ff at all anymore and the game is still unsecure, no matter what i do the s will just vanish from the url, a simple refresh will fix this but at anytime i go afk for any kind of extended period it will just remove the s again

2019-01-14 11:18:22 - spacecookie [ΩMNI] - Re: Possible Bug

i erased history and restarted chrome
fixed .. no boxes or what ever .. a few lags but that is to be expected here

refreshing didnt get rid of the secure problem !
erasing my history did

landline to my pc .. linux mint 18.3 chrome newest
no problems as far as i see

2019-01-14 12:36:54 - mskwik [Admin] - Re: Possible Bug

So I've been looking at debug logs from some people who have posted they are having issues and have yet to find anything odd in what the server is sending out. Best guess at this point is either the adsense code doing something odd or a browser/cdn/security update somewhere that's adding/dropping info. Going to disable the adsense code first and see if that makes a difference.

2019-01-14 12:38:36 - Slomo [Home] - Re: Possible Bug

the time frame wasnt long enough today to prove it. But i was getting the black panel on my phone 2-3 times in the space of a few hours. after turning off ads in the settings menu it seemed to not happen anymore.

Ill have it off tomorrow aswell and see what happends.
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2019-01-14 13:15:09 - LlamaMama [LOG] - Re: Possible Bug

hey whatever you did mskwik I can now see my GHs and works now thanks

2019-01-14 13:24:27 - csirek [CoM] - Re: Possible Bug

Msk, thanks bug gone from my side .

2019-01-14 13:29:45 - AngelBlue [YGM] - Re: Possible Bug

I'm getting the Black screen after awhile, I'm afraid to do any more
combat till it's fixed

2019-01-14 14:35:58 - Ayashi [Hidden] - Re: Possible Bug

It appears to be fixed so far. I think you were right from the get-go about the ads