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2007-09-14 03:31:34 - bangy [*TA*] - Quests: How to write them.

Before you start you must think, will this quest be a part of a story line or will it be a stand alone quest.

After that you must think what it will entail, where you will have to go and what tasks must be completed and where.

When you have decided that you must decide – will it be bias towards your chosen skill or kingdom or will it be fair and have all nationalities a chance to complete a quest similar to this.

The main part of the above is making sure that it isn’t bias towards just you skill, as there are many kingdom specific quests in the backlog to come through.

Now the format to write it in is as follows:

Pre-requisites: this is to start that section of the quest It can be a certain skill level being X. It can be any number of items equipped – providing it is only 1 per slot max. It can be having to have completed a previous quest or having to be part of a nation.
Location: This can be the location where the quest starts or where the next part of the quest is to go – Then underneath this comes the dialogue in that particular area.
Actions : Here is where any actions take place. Such as being told to do a certain amount of something eg Fish X amount of mackerels. Or giving something or taking a choice between the quest paths by responding in a certain way.
If there are counters here make sure you specify which and what for as this makes inputting the quests easier.
Change Quest Log : You put here what you wish to be displayed in the quest log : If you want a counter MAKE SURE you specify where the person should go after having the counter reach 0.

And then it starts all over again:

Pre-requisites: Here unless you are giving something such as X amount of an item the easiest way to do it is to say : [Pre-requisite: Previous part of this quest]
Location : Dialogue
Actions : same as above
Change Quest Log : Or if it is quest complete : Clear Quest Log.

And always make sure you post the reward at the bottom.

Please if your going to attempt to make a quest follow this format as it makes the job of inputting the quest a lot easier, or if you are stuck but have a general idea message me and we will flesh it out between us.

I hope this helps the people that were asking on how to make them.


2009-05-30 17:20:06 - aquadark [X] - Re: Quests: How to write them.

In addition: It is far more interesting when quest has a different ending depending on player reaction to the quest log.

Ex: Fish 100 macks is the easiest one,
while if you offer a player to fish 100 macks or get 100 raw meat - it goes in to two different traces, where each individual chooses what is worth for him more. Make a note that different endings should be equal to each other in some kind. Not that you will get 1 log if you choose one ending and 100K vessi if you choose another. You should make it perfectly (as much as it possible) balanced.

2009-12-16 20:33:46 - SirTheta [Yarr] - Re: Quests: How to write them.

Scroll bar of doom.. someone delete that idiot's message please.

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2013-03-27 01:41:59 - Mirabeau [CoM] - Re: Quests: How to write them.

may the reward be getting access to a new island ?

2013-03-31 15:06:29 - JustBatman - Re: Quests: How to write them.

It would be nice if you could maybe put together an example quest. Thanks!

2013-03-31 15:19:31 - Zombie_Monkey - Re: Quests: How to write them.

http://www.movoda.net/man/quests take your pick.

2013-03-31 15:21:32 - JustBatman - Re: Quests: How to write them.

Thanks, but I didn't mean an actual quest, I meant the plan for the quest that uses the same format as they specified above.

2013-03-31 15:28:32 - Scoffer [I10Mafia] - Re: Quests: How to write them.

What do you mean by "the plan for the quest"?

2013-03-31 15:31:26 - JustBatman - Re: Quests: How to write them.

So, using the format they specified in the original post, could someone write an example quest and post it here? Because although the original post has quite a bit of information, people could read it differently. So, it would be nice to have an example to work off.

2013-03-31 15:31:52 - Greyshell [Home] - Re: Quests: How to write them.

To be honest, the original post is actually quite clear on what it asks to plan it out.

After that it really is getting dialogue and you choosing where events happen and the names of the people they talk to, etc. The first post gives you the plan.

2013-03-31 15:34:46 - JustBatman - Re: Quests: How to write them.

Ok, it is just I am one of those people who need clarification. At school, I like to either have an example, or will ask if the teacher can check I am doing it correctly.

2013-03-31 15:37:11 - Thorrak [*NI*] - Re: Quests: How to write them.

If you submit a quest and it isn't right then msk (or whoever you submit it to) will probably tell you

2013-03-31 15:38:05 - JustBatman - Re: Quests: How to write them.

Ok, thanks.

2013-03-31 15:40:44 - Zombie_Monkey - Re: Quests: How to write them.

In my honest opinion your best bet is to start a few quests and use them. Pay attention to how they are structured. How the dialogue will provide choices and also how tasks may vary.

2013-03-31 15:53:41 - Scoffer [I10Mafia] - Re: Quests: How to write them.

Pre-requisites: Completed Crazy Charlie, Construction level 20, Odtoni Citizen
Location: Marossa
Actions : "Hello" says scoffer while idly swinging a baseball bat. "You come to build me a greenhouse?"

Built Greenhouse 0 / 100
Change Quest Log : Build 100 Greenhouses for Scoffer then return to Marossa