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2010-04-27 14:21:24 - mskwik [Admin] - Coming Soon

Just a heads up that if you have items suggested that aren't on the page at http://movoda.net/man/MovodaFuture now would be a good time to add them. Planning on going through and doing item planning sometime later this week and that is the spot new items come from...

2010-05-05 10:38:54 - mskwik [Admin] - Re: Coming Soon

Well rather than large dump of new items I'm going to try and spread them out somewhat. So there is a random event in the pool now that just adds a new item from the queue. Yes it means they might not be balanced day-to-day but will work out before too long. This gives me some target to hit to keep items there available to be added so hopefully there will be a somewhat regular stream of stuff. Got at least somewhat of a buffer in now but there is somewhat of a shortage of suggestions for working equipment with higher level requirements on the future page so if you're got more ideas go ahead and add them, I've tried to clear out stuff from there as it becomes no longer relevant (either because it's on the queue to go in or no longer practical for some other reason) so the list should still be things that are under consideration.