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2010-08-20 20:53:56 - mskwik [Admin] - Bugzilla

In an attempt to try and make things more efficient and maybe make it easier for more people than just me to work on stuff I have setup a bugzilla installation here at http://bugzilla.movoda.net

It will pull your game login information so you shouldn't need to signup/login to anything extra to view/use it. There are a lot of options there and I have just configured the basics at this point, but if it seems to be working out well there are all sorts of configuration options that can be adjusted.

I don't plan on replacing this forum or expecting all players to be able to file proper bug reports there, my goal at this point would be to try and separate out the real bugs that are listed here from the support-type stuff that can be solved with just more information and have a list in bugzilla to work off of without duplicates or non-bug stuff. So basically if you have a good idea what you're doing and want to add stuff to the bugzilla feel free, if you're not so sure or can't some up with a solid list of steps to reproduce the error just post here and a proper bug can be filed once there is enough information collected to do so.

2019-03-29 11:31:44 - AngelBlue [YGM] - Re: Bugzilla

I can not see the Map at Onnix, please fix it, I don't want to try and beat a
Goblin when I can not see it die

2019-03-29 11:35:53 - wolfie - Re: Bugzilla

poor angel and wolfie

2019-07-07 04:53:16 - manicman [MAD] - Re: Bugzilla

nope i have it too. had the cloudfare screen up last night and now this

2020-05-03 19:10:49 - dixierose [ ] - Re: Bugzilla

the counter will not count down when i pick up the cards for the Clumsy Thomas quest

2020-07-12 08:51:11 - kiwksM - Re: Bugzilla


2020-09-02 08:19:05 - Caledonia [Avalon] - Re: Bugzilla

Can't play cause no pic loading so can't bot check

2020-10-27 06:32:49 - Mirabeau [CoM] - Re: Bugzilla

so pretty sure is a bug
planted 2 forests long time ago. wasnt aware they need water.
after a while build 2 wells. nothing happens even though i am sure the 6 months have passed.