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2011-10-27 14:32:29 - mskwik [Admin] - Mod application process

Well I've read through the comments and suggestions and tried to pull stuff together so I guess this will be the official mod recruitment policy now. I'll sticky this so it can stay here but please keep comments in the comment thread.

Applications for moderator positions will be accepted on an ongoing basis as messages sent to "Moderator". Once you have submitted an application it will be kept on file, if you wish to revoke up update it you can send a message saying so. Sending them to me may also work, but I make no guarantees that they won't get lost somewhere before making it to the official list while the updated mod messaging shouldn't let anything slip through the cracks.

Your application should include some indication of why you think you would make a good mod. Do use proper English and punctuation, it's not required that English be your first language to be a mod but it does need to be good enough to communicate without misunderstandings. Feel free to include previous experience if it's relevant, whether running a guild here or moderating in another game. Having been active in world chat here is not necessarily a requirement, but if you have a reputation as a fair, helpful person it won't hurt. We reserve the right to ask around to get other people's opinions about applicants if we want more information to make a decision on, whether it's by asking your guildmates or asking around to see who you interact with regularly.

When a new mod is being added at some point in the process the candidate(s) under consideration will be asked to confirm that they are still interested in the position, this is not necessarily a guarantee that you will get it but more of a check that you are still active and willing if the application was submitted some time before. The candidates who are chosen will be given a two week trial period where they have all the normal mod powers but may be watched somewhat more closely. At the end of this trial period if there is agreement that that you have performed suitably then the mod powers will remain permanent. If there is not agreement then the powers will be removed and you can choose whether to have your application remain in the pool where you may be given another try at a future date.

Neither the list of current mods or the list of mod applicants are expected to remain strictly secret, but both current mods and former mods who didn't make it past the trial period will be expected to refrain from publicly discussing the identities or actions of other mods. Uninvited feedback about mod candidates from the public will be ignored.

Think that covers the basics, I'll edit as necessary if questions come up.