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Spiritual Harvester of the Wilds

He who walks behind the rows did say I will send outlanders among you, and these unbeliever and profaners of the holy, but the man will sorely test as he has great power

Behold, a dream did come to me in the night and the lord did show all this to me. In the dream the lord did come to me he was a shape, it was He Who Walks Behind the Rows, and I did fall on my knees in terror, and hide my eyes that the fearfulness of his face strike me dead, and he told me all that has since happened, he said Joseph has taken his things and fled this happy place because the worship of me is no longer upon him, so take you his life and spill his blood. I brought you upon this earth, but let not the flesh pollute the corn, cast him instead upon the rows

Eryk's Cube of Gleaming Zirconium

/Going to raise me up a crop of dental floss/
<Insert obligatory picture of me riding my pygmy pony here>

Ranked #278 in Harvesting
Ranked #273 in Smithing
Ranked #742 in Magic
Ranked #554 in Mining
Ranked #840 in Woodcutting
Ranked #1,138 in Construction (-2 for actual)
Ranked #742 in Trading
Ranked #904 in Speed
Ranked #1,366 in Fishing
Ranked #1,069 in Crafting (-1 for actual)
Ranked #1,300 in Cooking
Ranked #1,221 in Combat (-1 for actual)
Ranked #1,435 in Cards

Monsters killed by Eryk

Ranked 1,099 in Character Level|Character Level 44 with 4,177,876 exp.||


Member Since: 2006-12-15 23:11:21
Active playing time: 271 Days, 17 Hours, 51 Minutes
Member Number: 0000000435
Character Experience: 4,177,876
Character Level: 44
Highest Skill: Harvesting Level 42
Nationality: Faldorian
Eryk's Skills
  • Harvesting Level 42 (3,594,081 Exp)
  • Speed Level 33 (1,424,721 Exp)
  • Smithing Level 31 (1,109,069 Exp)
  • Mining Level 31 (1,078,041 Exp)
  • Combat Level 29 (826,135 Exp)
  • Woodcutting Level 27 (635,778 Exp)
  • Magic Level 24 (417,909 Exp)
  • Construction Level 23 (366,845 Exp)
  • Fishing Level 17 (122,289 Exp)
  • Cooking Level 15 (88,648 Exp)
  • Trading Level 13 (59,913 Exp)
  • Crafting Level 12 (40,428 Exp)
  • Cards Level 2 (555 Exp),3out=.png,12&out=.png,2&out=.png,10&out=.png,8&out=.png,11,13&out=.png
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