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Monsters killed by Freya
  • 1 Baby Flame Giant
  • 4 Baby Frost Giant
  • 2,041 Bear
  • 1,354 Chicken
  • 2,053 Cougar
  • 82 Deer
  • 5,518 Elephant
  • 39 Fox
  • 4 Ghost
  • 1 Griffin
  • 394 Grizzly Bear
  • 420 Hawk
  • 1 King Bear
  • 3,331 Lion
  • 5 Lizard Warrior
  • 4 Lizardman
  • 7 Marakite Mage
  • 4 Marakite Master
  • 11 Marakite Trainee
  • 43 Mountain Goat
  • 39 Mountain Lion
  • 8 Nagaromi Infantry
  • 97 Nagaromi Miner
  • 436 Nagaromi Scout
  • 8 Nagaromi Spearman
  • 112 Nagaromi Woodcutter
  • 1 Sjirkomi Shaman
  • 2 Wolf


Member Since: 2009-01-02 13:36:33
Active playing time: 1353 Days, 13 Hours, 42 Minutes
Member Number: 0000008599
Character Experience: 61,652,164
Character Level: 88
Highest Skill: Cooking Level 106
Nationality: Faldorian
Guild: Valhalla
Guild Position: Leader

Freya flies over the land, shaking flowers from her blonde hair.
Her name can also be Freyja.
She was the Nordic Spring Goddess.
She lead the herdic Valkyries to Valhalla, where there spirits, were reborn in the Nordic Heaven.

Freya's Skills
  • Cooking Level 106 (130,225,751 Exp)
  • Harvesting Level 69 (24,118,088 Exp)
  • Construction Level 60 (13,286,724 Exp)
  • Magic Level 44 (4,225,330 Exp)
  • Speed Level 39 (2,647,859 Exp)
  • Combat Level 23 (348,924 Exp)
  • Fishing Level 22 (327,958 Exp)
  • Trading Level 19 (188,328 Exp)
  • Woodcutting Level 14 (67,339 Exp)
  • Crafting Level 14 (63,096 Exp)
  • Cards Level 9 (16,130 Exp)
  • Mining Level 7 (8,364 Exp)

Ranked 130 in Character LevelCharacter Level 88 with 61,652,164 exp.
Ranked 112 in CardsCards Level 9 with 16,130 exp.
Ranked 33 in ConstructionConstruction Level 60 with 13,286,724 exp.
Ranked 3 in CookingCooking Level 106 with 130,225,751 exp.
Ranked 34 in HarvestingHarvesting Level 69 with 24,118,088 exp.
Ranked 25 in MagicMagic Level 60 with 13,286,724 exp.

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