Movoda Manual - HMSHalieutika

Getting Started
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Captain Fred's boat, offering deep sea fishing trips. See the ticketing office in Port Barin for more details.

High: 83°F (28°C)
Low: 74°F (23°C)

HMS Halieutika is Captains Fred's boat, offering deep sea fishing trips. To get there you need to buy a ticket at Port Barin, which aproximately costs 100 vessi, depending on your trading level.
Fishing trips are scheduled from Port Barin. You can find out when the next cruise is coming in the ticketing office. To get on the boat, click on the blue ocean area next to the port.
If you are on the boat once the cruise starts after a few minutes you`ll be able to start fishing.
There're two options to fish on the boat:

The first option has no fishing level requirements. Although to use the second option, you will need at least level 20 fishing. Also if you are fishing at HMS Halieutika you don't need any tools to catch fish, Captain Fred is very kind and provides all needed equipment.

While fishing on side, you will be able to catch Mackerel, Flounder – level 8, Haddock and Salmon.
While fishing on the stern, you will be able to catch Tuna, Sandbar Shark, Salmon and Marlin

Note: Some of the fish require lower level to catch them compared to other available fishing spots in the game while giving more experience too!

HMS Halieutika sailing schedule:

xx:00:00 “And we're off, we will be arriving in Danycia shortly”
xx:05:00 “We have arrived in Danycia, watch your step on the way out”
xx:15:00 Captain Fred announces “5 minutes until we set sail for Therusia”
xx:20:00 “And we're off, we will be arriving in Therusia shortly”
xx:25:00 “We have arrived in Therusia, watch your step on the way out”
xx:35:00 Captain Fred announces “5 minutes until we set sail for Port Barin”
xx:40:00 “And we're off, we will be arriving in Port Barin shortly”
xx:45:00 “We have arrived in Port Barin, watch your step on the way out”
xx:55:00 Captain Fred announces “5 minutes until we set sail for Danycia”

where xx = the current hour

xx:yy:20 “Welcome aboard, hope you enjoy your trip”

Your ticket will be collected 20 seconds after the boat departs, after which time you will be allowed to fish. Note: if you start boarding the boat just before it departs, and are traveling slowly so that you don't reach the boat by the ticket collection time, your ticket will not be collected and you will not be able to fish. It will be collected at the next collection time 20 minutes later, if you remain on board.

You can continue fishing while the boat is in port. If you leave the boat and return before it leaves port, you can continue fishing immediately, and your ticket will not be collected again (although you must still have one in your inventory to get back on board).

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