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In the beginning there was the void. The Ninja Squirrel beheld the void and had mskwik fill it. So mskwik made the world. On the world he placed land and water. Then he divided the land and water that each should be in it's own place. In the water he placed fishes and all kinds of things that live in the lakes rivers and seas. Upon the land he placed plants of every kind and from these forests grew. He placed the mountains, hills, plains and valleys that they may hold the ores and other wonders of the world. Then he placed the animals on different portions of the land. Then he molded the dwarfs from the mountains and the elves from the forests and gave each their own place to live. Looking down he saw some places that looked empty and so he created the tribes and gave them the area between the dwarfs and elves.

Mskwik recruited minions from another world whose people cried that their world's creator was seldom around. To one of these he gave the job of naming the various places on Beromi. He used an ancient artifact from another world called a Pokedex to get name ideas. Others helped with ideas for mskwik to use.

Mskwik looked at the island of Faldor and felt it needed habitation as some of the creatures he put there were becoming too numerous. So he looked to a far off world and let it be known what he had wrought. All were free to come to his world.

Mskwik waited for others to come and wrought more changes upon the lands.


In that time, there were many in a foreign land that felt abandoned by the world's creator. Some went to look for other places to live and practice their skills. So some came to Movoda and found a vastly different land. Some found it wondrous to behold while other found it slow and too different. Many wandered back and forth between the lands looking to see which they liked more. Many wanted to be in both places at once. Word of the differences between the lands spread and some of the best loved features of Movoda were put in the other land as well. Thus both lands benefitted from this exchange of ideas.

The entrance to Movoda is Echtin on the island of Faldor. The people that came worked hard. They did all of the various skills allowed. They cleared mines, built piers and repaired a broken furnace. They helped write The Manual. They built guilds and furnished ideas to mskwik. Most helped to make the land of Movoda a place fit for others to come.


The Book of Lamentations

Chapter 1

In the beginning there was no guild wars. The promise of guild wars was awaited by many, but there were those that feared guild wars and were sore afraid. This was in the time when mskwik often walked in Movoda and spoke to all quite often. He heard the desires and fears of those in the land and tried to strike an even balance for he wanted all to enjoy this land. He created the HQ and taught the constructors that had sufficient skill how to make them. This he did so that guild wars could be possible. For without the headquarters a guild could not start a fight, but even without the headquarters a guild could be attacked. This pleased those that wanted guild wars and scared those that feared it for they would no longer be entirely safe.

At this time mskwik also created the ADMIN compound and several minions that had Test as part of their name. ADMIN was placed in Moskim for all to see.

Thus began the time of tribulations.

Chapter 2

Mskwik gave unto the people of Movoda the following so that they would know what was to come. He continued to listen to the concerns of the people as he set this in place. The original proposals were.
1. That all guilds with a compound were subject to guild wars.
2. That guilds could fight between one another.
3. The attacking guild must have a headquarters to schedule an attack.
4. There were 3 kinds of attacks possible.
a.) The Raid – needed the least amount of time to be scheduled. It also was expected to give the least reward as it gave a smaller percentage of plunder. The plunder came from the storehouse.
b.) The War – required 1 day of advanced warning in the opposing headquarters. This type of attack was thought by mskwik that it would be the most common type as it offered a higher amount of possible plunder. It also allowed fighters time to prepare for a good battle as what reason is there for a combat skill if it is not to be used. Guilds without a headquarters were exempt from a War as they would have no advance warning.
c.) The Invasion – similar to a War but with no goods taken. Guild buildings could be damaged in an invasion.
5. Guilds could attack anyone higher than them in the rankings.
6. Any guild attacked could retaliate and get an additional bonus of plunder since they did not start the fighting.
7. Guilds ranked a certain number of slots below a guild could not be the target of attack from the larger guild except for retaliation. The number of this range would be 3 to 5 ranks.

New and small guilds trembled with fear. Some older, established guilds were very uneasy as they saw their piles of goods as targets by their neighbors. Still other guilds saw much that was wondrous in these proposals and were amazed by what they beheld.

Chapter 3

All wanted to know how much could be taken. Mskwik decreed that they could capture no more than they had room to carry. Any defender that killed an attacker would get all that the attacker carried. That which the defender could not hold would fall to the ground.

Attackers wanted to be able to have people standing outside of the battle to pick up the spoils of victory, but mskwik felt this to be bad and would not allow it to come to fruition. So the limits of spoils was decided and yet people cried that it was too much for they had large storehouses of goods. Their fear clouded their thoughts and took over their minds so that some even lost their way. Others felt the limits too confining and wanted more for their toil.

Chapter 4

They that were uneasy about loss, they that feared the size of larger guilds and those that had not developed the combat skill besieged mskwik with questions and cries for protection. They spoke of the suffering this would cause. They spoke of the time wasted in replacing lost goods and rebuilding damaged buildings. They spoke of the need to finish conquering Beromi and other tasks. Those that were amazed replied that all knew that this was to happen in this land. Mskwik said it would stay, but he would listen as he wanted all to enjoy being in this land. He tried to ease the fear and trepidation of all.

Chapter 5

Wroth were many over how many could attack them from on high. Those in favor of guild wars allowed that having fewer below them to attack would be acceptable and mskwik settled on the number of 2 below. He decreed that allies may not fight allies. He further decreed that it would take 2 days to abolish an alliance. Treaties could be made between guilds to prohibit attacks while that treaty existed. Allies could help defend each other. Allies could not combine in an attack. A guild could not attack another guild more often then once every 2 days. These protections were put in place. All seemed better in the land.

Chapter 6

Some offered alliances to everyone as a means of protection. Still fear of guild wars lived in the hearts of many. Emboldened by the changes they cried again that guild wars was too harsh. They said they would lose all goods. Mskwik heard them and decreed that only attackers would lose what they carried. The defenders would lose nothing that they carried. Now those that wanted to be part of guild wars cried that this left the burden of guild wars on those that wanted to partake of its possibilities. The wailing and gnashing of teeth of those afraid of guild wars could be heard throughout Faldor as those liking guild wars fought to maintain the wonder they foresaw in guild wars.

Chapter 7

Then the order of the ranking came under question was it to be by guild experience or number of guild members. Neither was acceptable to all, so mskwik devised the combat rank which could be different than either experience or members. How this ranking works has never been divined though many have tried. As with many things that are not understood, it is feared. To some it appears flawed. To others it seems to work as the battles are fairly even.

Chapter 8

Mskwik added a further option to guild wars in the Test Raid. In this no one lost anything. Then he arranged to have the ADMIN and another guild have a Test Raid so that all may see what he had wrought. Then showed the first of several demons to have plagued guild wars – the demon of the frozen timer. The frozen timer had shown itself before and was thought to be part of the botcheck demon. So mskwik did battle with the frozen timer. He decreed that the Test Raid would stay while he fought it and asked that others use guild wars so that it may reveal itself more often. Then an even more dreaded monster arrived – Lag. Lag seemed to like longer battles the most, but reared its ugly head in short battles as well. These demons pressed mskwik hard and many despaired. To try to slow these demons down mskwik created the ability to have those affected by these demons still fight even if not able to control whom they targeted.

Chapter 9

As guilds battled for no real gain they became used to how things worked. It was much faster than anything else in Movoda. The best of the fighters seemed to be in 2 guilds. Thus a natural rivalry came to pass. Still other guilds that would rather be peaceful had great fighters.

When mskwik felt he had contained the demons of the frozen timer and lag he removed the Test Raid. The people that hoped that Test Raid would last forever despaired and cried again to mskwik. Mskwik appeared not to hear their pleas and wanted them to try that which he had built. The 2 biggest guilds had many epic battles. Whenever the battle became long the demon Lag made an appearance. Other smaller guilds fought as well.

During this age, fighters could freely move from guild to guild to help in attack or defense. This they did and it allowed the battles to stay even.

Chapter 10

Magic appeared in the form of Shock and Heal. Several mages attacked the strongest fighter in the land and dispatched him in a very short time.

Chapter 11

We need better ways to defend ourselves and our guilds. “Give us walls that we may be safe.”

So mskwik instructed the constructors in the making of walls. At that time there was no guild of sufficient level to make them. Now wails about walls can be heard through the land though some saw them as an opportunity for safety. That was until, in time, it was shown that Shock ignored walls.

Chapter 12

The free movement of fighters caused still more cries unto mskwik as some fighters only fought in defense so as to gain the armor and food of slain attackers. Many of those who disdained guild wars partook of this practice under the guise of helping the weak and friends. Others moved from guild to guild in both attack and defense.

Chapter 13

The people continually petition mskwik about changes to guild wars. Some want it more than ever and others have departed the land because of it. The departed have left as large of a mark on guild wars as those that stayed and played.

Chapter 14

Mskwik now walks the land far less than in the beginning.


Mskwik looked at the peoples of Movoda and wanted some to watch over the rest of the people of the land. For he wished for them to take care of themselves and be happy. So he chose some of the most active that behaved the way he wished them all to behave. The desire he had was simple. That all should behave and get along together to build the world for there was much to do. So mskwik put down the things that he felt were most needed to remind all how to behave when troubled or upset. The things were simple in that you had to use the tongue of English so that all may understand each the other, and then treat each other with the respect they would have accorded themselves from others.

The first of the chosen ones found that they sometimes wanted to play with their new powers. The people then cried for relief from what they felt were unfair mutings and unequal treatment. Mskwik heard their cries and so he changed the chosen one's powers and gave them modbot. Modbot did not care who you were it just checked what you said. It warned and then, if needed, silenced you for a time. The time silenced became longer the more you did offenses.

Again the people cried that modbot silenced for the wrong reasons. So mskwik adjusted modbot. Then modbot would warn for something it had never warned about before and the people were irate. They took to pushing at modbot to show how evil it could become. They failed entirely to realize that they were not “behaving as they wished modbot would behave toward them.” Modbot just kept recording offenses and increasing times.

During this time there were still some of those mskwik had chosen that now had the task of watching modbot. It required two of them to agree that modbot was too harsh or had erred. They could change modbot's decision or change the time.

Few of the people were satisfied with modbot. Many retreated to where they spoke only with members of their guild. Some guilds discouraged talking in world chat. The free flow of ideas and what had been spoken of before but deemed ill advised diminished in general chat. The ideas for the world stopped being discussed there and now moved into the forums where modbot had no dominion. The general chat became a place of noise and clamor.

With the passage of time the complaints about modbot grew so wearisome that mskwik allowed many to see how hard the task was. Many did not understand that modbot was a tool and not a god. So they took all recommendations of modbot. Others took almost none. It was a time of chaos. Shortly, mskwik stopped doing it. Many now saw how it worked, but many others never did.

Modbot was put back in place but was easier on the people. For awhile chat was calmer and nicer, but still mostly without meaning to the peoples of the land. Then the people forgot that they needed to respect one another and the old cycle repeated.

The desires that mskwik has are simple. It ought to be easy to do. Still there are times when something is perceived by the people as so wrong that something must be said even if it goes against the desires of mskwik.


Book of Kings

Once the island of Faldor had been settled the people looked for new challenges. The landing at Port Barin opened a new place and a time of expansion. Thus began the first age of kings.

The natives of Beromi resisted the Faldoran advance and thus the fighters made their marks. The leaders of that group were moc1, Gunsmoke and Aurora. Foremost was moc1 who always fought the toughest foes and stayed when others retreated. Others of great stature include Bangy, ReBeL, Ervisboy, Gwen, joncorwin, Escaflowne82, Galen and Drax. This list is not complete.

The other skills supported the fighters and they had their own leaders.

In crafting none surpassed the skills of Barabil. Others were close or always in pursuit. Among these were crazedbob, Aurora and Black_Cat.

JoveS emerged as the master chef. With people like moc1, joncorwin, Gunsmoke and others to be kept fed there is little wonder he emerged. Having the likes of lalamiller and Babsy in hot pursuit there is little wonder he stayed in front and ruled the cooking arena.

In that time Construction was led by Veridis with bonsoy and visfighter always chasing. Other constructors were always there but never quite in reach of them like subforshort and Krysta the Fox to name but two.

In these early days three Cs seemed to have the most to do with fishing. Cradle, Cobia and Corran ruled fishing at these times.

The early mining kings were ReBeL and LeonKennedy. Both have retired from the trade.

The reigning queen of the smiths was Alleycat. Tiggger and diabloii had to chase her for awhile.

The Princess of speed was Ookami_Kawaii. None could pass her. She was the first to use speed as a weapon.

Movoda is such a wood-hungry world that a true leader in woodcutting did not seem to be around. Though if you have to name someone, Farceur (first to Moskim) or EvilGenius1 or bahumet will do.

The dual queens of recruiting were lilmissy174 and JessKitten.

There were others that consistently showed up almost everywhere like pibird, BigDaveDee, Rev, The_Dumbo, JessKitten, lilmissy174 and marklaah.

There were the early quest writers and history writers.

So ended the first age of kings.


The Book of Proverbs

Never argue with a woman when hunting goats, for baby dragons also hunt them. You will be amazed at how sneaky dragons can be.

Be wary of casting Shock on iron golems for it makes them wrathful and they strike with much zeal.

Beware the creatures of the air for they strike the unwary with more power than expected.

The creatures of the air are more difficult to hit than those bound to the land.

Be watchful of the creatures of the sea for the kraken is not to be annoyed.

If thou feel hungry when fighting the Ona, find a safe place to eat for they are quick to strike between bites.

Bambi is much faster than you have reason to suspect.

A speed 2 boat is but an anchor. Sink it.

The second best thing to do with a speed 2 boat is give it to an enemy for your generosity will confuse them and trying to use it will vex them in the extreme.

Beware of dark places for there abides the Grue.

The lure of better treasure has put many a good hunter in the hospital.

It is possible to miss an elephant. No hunter knows why.

Do not bother to cast Shock on a chicken.

A dead chicken has at most one egg.

A pike is never good food.

A small fighter may still be a danger. Magic is powerful here.

Do not disdain a greenhouse for it is vessi.