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21:27:42 *Enialis looks over his shoulder, and takes one last look at everyone. as memories blur his vision, he sighs and takes a step and vanishes into shadow. *

Hello There, Nice Page.


You feel about chat the way I do. The kids have no respect for what they say and who they say it to.

You have a good start here White_Dragon was here.

babybmine? Love your Flirt Friend

Enialis has crept out of the shadows to give you a helping hand whenever and wherever it's needed.

Hey Steph Jenn dropped by to say hi!!

Hey Steph this is from your littleman aka boyfriend Dameon

hugs from your flirt friend


I am all up in your grill now cool bean. :P

love the RIOTT

Stoney stopped by 2 say HIGHHH

Discordia stopped in to redecorate your rest room :D

Leonic? has stopped by to leave his mark on your page ;)
Its been great stalking you ;) never had a better stalkie :no: youre awesome :HB:

Stepped out of the shadows to deliver more beer to my frequent customer

willy the really old man stopped in to give lady a hug hugs lady ty for caring
(brightorange) Just poppin by to say Hi! *BB20*
(green)Because I am Da Wolfman
greenday came to say hi

(brightgreen)DivineofRexaura? comes by to leave a sexy LL some
ice stoped by and freezed you 
357 stopped in with hugs on octoBEER 29th 2009
Stopped by to say hi on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 at 1:09 p.m.

ladyLynn? came to  you & thank you
may  be good to you!

Jenn and Samter dropped by with there Christmas card

Hello Great Page.

Ryne?!!(red) was here to give his arena buddy a :hug: and some haddock for next time ;-) :love:

lightangel? came to say hi :) and says ps its me darkslayer did name change

Gold Coin (42) (Rissdra) – Beer Bling
stopped rolling here cause you was a hottie

the bunny found you 

lucian? has bitten you and left you forever changed

Scoffer was unchained long enough to come say hi

stooping by wth my 2 boyfrends <3 you fav cous;)

Josy? Dropped in to say hi

Dropped by :)

The Rogue has come and is now gone..

Blackheart?: Invasion scheduled against Steph's Page on 20100512 17:00:00

Reading this and thought of you

aaaHaLongBayaaa? come here and say thank Stephanie's gatherers :)
Pour Vous

Mellow Gold? says hi

Dawnare? stopped by to show some Love