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“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear.
And the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
- H.P. Lovecraft


Member Since: 2006-12-09 14:23:34
Active playing time: 166 Days, 17 Hours, 16 Minutes
Member Number: 0000000413
Character Experience: 3,985,857
Character Level: 44
Highest Skill: Combat Level 46
Nationality: Faldorian
Monsters killed by Nerjaeden
  • 6 Baby Flame Giant
  • 8 Barktomi Fighter
  • 4 Barktomi Raider
  • 6,551 Bear
  • 2 Bronze Golem
  • 27,036 Cave Goblin
  • 7,114 Cavelurk
  • 6,746 Cougar
  • 1 Dennech Cehuvah
  • 2,446 Elephant
  • 44 Elk
  • 2 Fairy
  • 4 Ghost
  • 2 Giant Bomb Beetle
  • 855 Griffin
  • 1,275 Grizzly Bear
  • 1,666 Grue
  • 210 Hawk
  • 5 Headless Horseman
  • 26,723 Hobgoblin
  • 2 Iron Golem
  • 59 Killer Vine
  • 1,609 Lion
  • 64 Living Oak
  • 7,269 Lizard Warrior
  • 7,465 Lizardman
  • 4 Marakite Mage
  • 1 Marakite Trainee
  • 80 Minotaur
  • 239 Mountain Goat
  • 347 Mountain Lion
  • 8 Nagaromi Infantry
  • 54 Nagaromi Miner
  • 229 Nagaromi Scout
  • 13 Nagaromi Spearman
  • 53 Nagaromi Woodcutter
  • 1,036 Parrot
  • 2,394 Pirate
  • 283 Pirate Captain
  • 1 Quarter Master
  • 60 Saphirik Warrior
  • 21 Sjirkomi Cook
  • 10 Sjirkomi Shaman
  • 15 Sjirkomi Soldier
  • 51 Squirrel
  • 2 Steel Golem
  • 21 Wild Elven Gatherer
  • 20 Wild Elven Hunter
  • 51 Wolf
Nerjaeden's Skills
  • Combat Level 46 (4,905,391 Exp)
  • Fishing Level 37 (2,089,657 Exp)
  • Speed Level 28 (786,508 Exp)
  • Cooking Level 24 (443,938 Exp)
  • Construction Level 23 (373,052 Exp)
  • Mining Level 18 (157,360 Exp)
  • Woodcutting Level 18 (152,306 Exp)
  • Magic Level 18 (150,006 Exp)
  • Harvesting Level 16 (108,600 Exp)
  • Trading Level 11 (31,003 Exp)
  • Smithing Level 6 (6,042 Exp)
  • Crafting Level 6 (5,286 Exp)
  • Cards Level 1 (65 Exp)
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange eons even death may die.
  • Ranked 1,134 in Character Level

  • Ranked 275 in Fishing Level
  • Ranked 1,279 in Magic Level
  • Ranked 1,132 in Construction Level
  • Ranked 826 in Cooking Level
  • Ranked 1,234 in Speed Level
  • Ranked 1,590 in Harvesting Level
  • Ranked 1,136 in Trading Level
  • Ranked 804 in Combat Level
Iš! Iš! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah-nagl fhtaga
Commissioned – Webcomic
It was with a trace of genuine dread and reluctance that I pressed the lever and heard the preliminary scratching of the sapphire point, and I was glad that the first faint, fragmentary words were in a human voice – a mellow, educated voice which seemed vaguely Bostonian in accent, and which was certainly not that of any native of the Vermont hills. As I listened to the tantalisingly feeble rendering, I seemed to find the speech identical with Akeley's carefully prepared transcript. On it chanted, in that mellow Bostonian voice...
'Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!"

Right In Two

Angels on the sideline,
Puzzled and amused.
Why did Father give these humans free will?
Now they're all confused.

Don't these talking monkeys know that
Eden has enough to go around?
Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys,
Where there's one you're bound to divide it.
Right in two.

Angels on the sideline,
Baffled and confused.
Father blessed them all with reason.
And this is what they choose.
And this is what they choose...

Monkey killing monkey killing monkey
Over pieces of the ground.
Silly monkeys give them thumbs,
They forge a blade,
And where there's one
they're bound to divide it,
Right in two.
Right in two.

Monkey killing monkey killing monkey.
Over pieces of the ground.
Silly monkeys give them thumbs.
They make a club.
And beat their brother, down.
How they survive so misguided is a mystery.

Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here.

Cut it all right in two

Fight over the clouds, over wind, over sky
Fight over life, over blood, over prayer,
overhead and light
Fight over love, over sun,
over another, Fight...

Angels on the sideline again.
Been soon long with patience and reason.
Angels on the sideline again
Wondering when this tug of war will end.

Cut it all right in two

Right in two...

A saying we have in the Netherlands:

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The Devil's Panties – Webcomic

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