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Odin was the chief and father of the gods. He had drunk from the spring of Mimir which had made him very wise. He invented Runes, the secret writing of the Saxons and Vikings, which not only stored knowledge, but could be used for magic. He was born from Ymir, the creation giant, and made Middle Earth from his body. He also built Asgard.

He had a wonderful horse called Sleipnir, which had eight legs, and could travel over land and water. He had two ravens, who brought him news from far away. After Odin created Middle Earth, he built Asgard, the home of the gods. There were many halls in Asgard for all the gods. Odin's hall had a roof of silver, and from it he could see all the worlds. A bridge stretched from Asgard to Yggdrasill, the World Tree, and this bridge was called Bifrost, the rainbow.

One hall in Asgard was called Valhalla, for the warriors who died in battle. They were chosen by the Valkyries, women who wore armour, and rode swiftly over land and sea on horseback. The Valkyries also decided who would win a battle.


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Character Experience: 1,911
Character Level: 4
Highest Skill: Speed Level 7
Nationality: Faldorian

Odin's Skills
  • Speed Level 7 (9,440 Exp)
  • Combat Level 2 (276 Exp)
  • Trading Level 1 (108 Exp)

Monsters killed by Odin
  • 53 Deer
  • 16 Fox

* Ranked #4,950 in Speed Experience

* Ranked #7,449 in Mining Experience

* Ranked #3,753 in Combat Experience

* Ranked #3,953 in Magic Experience

* Ranked #6,001 in Trading Experience

* Ranked #8,080 in Woodcutting Experience

* Ranked #4,242 in Smithing Experience

* Ranked #5,720 in Construction Experience

* Ranked #4,796 in Fishing Experience

* Ranked #6,552 in Crafting Experience

* Ranked #4,158 in Harvesting Experiene

* Ranked #4,022 in Cards Experience


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