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Keep the good work up.....Fae Evil_Dante....

stopped by to say hi

ocimoci add more colors

Rae Stopped By and Left Her Mark!


Hi from Int

Nnej? danced here Mizu stopped by..

Togz? says hello Shadow, then returns to his world of log sawing :)

Jinx was here to witness your crazy goals...
heh heh..

Mauras was here...

Hey Shadow, nice combat Andi~

Tiggger Bounced on you page

Scoffer was unchained long enough to come say hi

Killa_lot ere 2K8...

Receze Was here :)

Hey shad – Andi

HaZ_ gazed upon this page..don't mess with my man...otherwise you get BRAPZED!!

sacu dropped in 

comes by to huggle yer page and ends up fallin over cuz its invisibo

i dont hate you >:(

Marc 8220? was here

hey, nice page Rissie x

Entropy jumped out of a perfectly good airplane to sign your page.

Santa_Larry has marked his place on your wiki :)

Hidan slashed up your page

:wave: Shadow long time no see wanna go visit MAD since we havent been there in awhile? and go sign my page
:( ty

Lamborghinirox has visited ur page to look at ur 1337 skills ;)

parn came by to get you back for killing him ::)

Grayman was here

Guinevere sent you a ;) on her passing

Just leaving my mark!

*plants alot of roses* hiya

Dark Glory was here to say hi!
(I will have to put a pic later.) :P

stops by to hug my favorite Shadow ;)

just wanted to drop by and say hi to a friend :)

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