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Life and death in Echtin....for a newb..


Member Since: 2007-06-06 17:11:18
Active playing time: 230 Days, 6 Hours, 45 Minutes
Member Number: 0000001821
Character Experience: 18,398,935
Character Level: 65
Highest Skill: Combat Level 78
Nationality: Odtoni

Movoda's ranked no 484 (was 321) with 18,398,935 experiences is :.

born in 1974
a father with two children
love to create things
addicted to movoda
fresh from Japan
cool as always

Movoda and Photoshopping is a good combination
I can watch noobs, leveling up my movoda skills and designing

My photoshopping based on manipulation and matte painting
Some vector works, interface arts and abstract pieces
and I like to mix them all together

Me and son

My son said you are a noob.

I also make unofficial movoda cards
click here
(warning : slower connection will need to load the page longer)

or direct to my photobucket account
click here

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looking nice here (gunny)

Awesome work!~ I LOVE IT! You ROCK TJ~ X's Babsy

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Awesome work TJ! Your stuff amazes me every time I see it. ReBs

Love the page :D and the Artwork !! :D :wave: ^^ Zakky/Zaknliness

SUPER artwork :)-Greeneyed_girl

love it Raven

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... Nice pics Tjapan I love you :P Bren

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You’re a champion graphic artist mate; keep it up… love the Babz & Chey cards too... Togz
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Nice Page and nice artwork too mate! good stuff... Togz

nice page :D

Nice page mate. This is for you. -dcn-

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you earned that one buddy ;)

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