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Welcome to the Village of Fairhaven

The Village of Fairhaven is a small town on the eastern shore of Faldor Island. Surrounded by wooded vales teeming with game and with a strong river flowing through the valley towards Lake Essdar, the village is an idyllic, peaceful land. Many people come to hunt the fearsome grizzlies, or to use the local sawmill.

All are welcome to join us in the tavern, drink an ale to cut the dust of the long road, and rest a spell before continuing their travels. Make sure to check our well-stocked merchants before you leave the village, as you may find deals that will lighten your heart but not your pocketbook!

Alliance Information:

Although the village maintains a strong militia, we always enjoy building a friendly relationship with other guilds and organizations.

In general, we provide 3 benefits to our allies:
1. Defensive troops
2. Access to the skills of our artisans
3. Information Sharing (raids, harvest, game mechanics)
In return, we also expect these items from our Allies.

While a treaty with Fairhaven brings less advantages, we do everything within our power to provide benefits to those who sign a peace treaty with us: reduced costs on goods, spellcasting (excites for raids, etc), and preferred trading partners are only some of the benefits of a treaty with Fairhaven.

If you are considering an alliance or treaty with our Village and would like more details, please contact the Mayor.

Guild Philosophy and Rules

We have very few hard and fast rules in the Village:

1. Be mature, courteous, and polite in your dealings with others.
Everyone has bad days where they fly off the handle or don't think before they speak. If it becomes a habit, you'll be expected to find a new home, because we won't want our reputations damaged by your actions.

2. Obey the rules of the game.
Pretty simple...Read the Rules, and Obey them. If you feel you can't obey them, then find a new home.

3. If you need something, take it; if you have something, give it.
We will provide as much material support as we can. It's expected that you will need more support when you are at lower levels, and that is fine. If you need tools, armor, food, items, or materials, then feel free to take it. If you have extra, then give what you can. There are no requirements/quotas to this, just be reasonable about it.

4. Support your guildmates in their goals.
This is important. The entire purpose of a guild is to help its members in whatever goals they set for themselves, whether by providing materials, tools, an attaboy, or just a place to vent. If you don't feel that you want to help others, or if you demonstate that you are just playing this game for yourself, then we don't want you.

If you feel that you can follow these guidelines, then feel free to contact Archaedog for more information or an invitation. Be aware, we do not generally recruit folks that we don't know, and if you are someone we don't know well you will not advance in rank or gain advanced guild permissions for some time. If you are looking for a guild where you will be given power and rank quickly, this is not the place for you.

However, if you are looking for a place with a friendly-but-mature atmosphere and know a member of the village who is willing to speak on your behalf, please contact the Mayor for an invitation.

Social Status within the Village:

Mayor / Leader: Chosen by current Mayor at time of stepping down. Responsible for diplomatic/supply functions as well as all promotions based upon other members recommendations.

Master Craftsman: a member who would otherwise qualify for Elder, but who has demonstrated a knowledge of their skill area and a willingness to manage guild resources in their area. Level required: 30+ character, 30+ chosen skill.

Elder: very experienced member of proven loyalty. Must have served as a villager for at least 2 months. Has the ability to act as a moderator in guild chat and to invite new members. Level required: 30+ character.

Villager / Tradesman / Guard?: Must have served as yeoman for at least six months and have demonstrated loyalty and responsibility. A villager doesn't focus on any one skill, a tradesman specializes in one skill-set, and a guard focuses on combat. Level required: 20+ character (tradesman/guard also 20+ chosen skill.)

Yeoman: Permanent resident of the Village. Must have completed a probationary membership as Serf; this period is doesn't have a set period, but can be reduced or extended once we get to know and trust the serf and their knowledge of the game. Level required: 10+ character.

Serf: new resident of the village. Must have been recommended/approved by the Mayor or by 3 members of the village.

Mercenary: member who has joined for the express purpose of aiding the Village reach guild level goals

Lost Souls: member who has gone inactive. After 2 weeks of inactivity, Lost Souls are generally removed from the Village but generally are also given an invitation to return as they wish.

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