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Member Since: 2007-10-05 19:38:57
Active playing time: 116 Days, 5 Hours, 27 Minutes
Member Number: 0000003277
Character Experience: 2,159,350
Character Level: 37
Highest Skill: Combat Level 38
Nationality: Odtoni

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Xartas is Ranked #1,462 in Character Level

Xartas's Skills

Ranked #995 in Combat
Ranked #975 in Speed
Ranked #377 in Crafting
Ranked #1,056 in Woodcutting
Ranked #1,249 in Cooking
Ranked #1,410 in Construction
Ranked #1,430 in Fishing
Ranked #1,990 in Harvesting
Ranked #1,526 in Magic
Ranked #1,428 in Mining
Ranked #1,088 in Smithing
Ranked #514 in Trading
Ranked #1,617 in Cards

Monsters killed by Xartas

proud member of Xcalibur guild

Link to Xcalibur page --> Xcalibur

If any of you ever need anything, just ask in guild chat, chances are we have it stashed somewhere

hmm i want to write something here but i dont know what to write do you think i should write something or maybe i should just no write till i think of something to write yes that makes sense ill wait till i have something to say ..this page intentionally left blank

After careful consideration I have come up with something to write.. i want to start guild contests and offer prizes for winners, perhaps a movo themed hang man or most xp day or how can piss off Xanthar the fastest if any one has any suggestions for contests and if anyone wishes to donate prizes please contact discordia..

me again, i was just wondering how long does this screen allow me to make these messages .. it seems long doesn't it, i was thinking it was .. did i ever tell you the story of my two canabal gerbils? one ate the other, i thought he had a long tounge then i took a closer look and it was the others gerbils tail in his mouth. Moral of the story. dont forget to feed your pets.

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