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Today is Lumberjack's Day, a time to meet with your fellow woodcutters and put your skills to the test. You will find you get some extra exp today as well as some extra drops that can be redeemed for goods in Echtin. You may also find some extra spots where woodcutting is being allowed for a limited time.
Top Guilds by Exp
  1. Champions of Movoda [CoM]
  2. Movodian Army of Demons [MAD]
  3. The Forsworn [X]
  4. Slan Sabhailte [Home]
  5. Dream Hunters [DH]
  6. Phoenix [PHX]
  7. The Bubble [Bubble]
  8. Survivors [Alive!]
  9. GoBlue [Blue]
  10. Sanitys Requiem [Sane?]
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Top Players by Skill

Cards: 31 - pibird[Home]
Combat: 176 - Drax[DH]
Construction: 88 - DELGRAD[Roots]
Cooking: 110 - Chey[X]
Crafting: 115 - esnow[X]
Fishing: 104 - Borindor
Harvesting: 97 - Scoffer[I10Mafia]
Magic: 62 - 3x0du5[Home]
Mining: 124 - Barraiya[*NI*]
Smithing: 130 - Bratzer[CoM]
Speed: 82 - pibird[Home]
Trading: 58 - pibird[Home]
Woodcutting: 100 - Angel 67[T*BuD]