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Got ideas for items you'd like to see in Movoda? Check out the Movoda Future page in the manual where you can see what people have proposed and add your own ideas!
Top Guilds by Exp
  1. Champions of Movoda [CoM]
  2. The Forsworn [X]
  3. Movodian Army of Demons [MAD]
  4. Slan Sabhailte [Home]
  5. Dream Hunters [DH]
  6. Phoenix [PHX]
  7. The Bubble [Bubble]
  8. Survivors [Alive!]
  9. GoBlue [Blue]
  10. Sanitys Requiem [Sane?]
Welcome to Movoda

Welcome to Movoda, to register for a new account please enter your desired username and your email address in the places indicated. Your password will be emailed to the email address provided. Please register for only one account per person.

Recently I have received emails from people who didn't receive their password, and when I try to respond my emails also seem to not go through. If you are having trouble and a password reset request also does not go through when you email asking for help including an alternate address if possible may help. It seems to depend on the provider, sometimes I get a bounce back with "Invalid mailbox" and sometimes it is just dropped silently, but if I can't manage to respond at all then it's kind of hard to help.


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Top Players by Skill

Cards: 30 - pibird[Home]
Combat: 175 - Drax[DH]
Construction: 88 - DELGRAD[Roots]
Cooking: 110 - Chey[X]
Crafting: 115 - esnow[X]
Fishing: 104 - Borindor[PWI]
Harvesting: 97 - Scoffer[I10Mafia]
Magic: 62 - 3x0du5[Home]
Mining: 123 - Barraiya[*NI*]
Smithing: 130 - Bratzer[CoM]
Speed: 82 - pibird[Home]
Trading: 57 - pibird[Home]
Woodcutting: 99 - Angel 67[T*BuD]