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Top Guilds by Exp
  1. Champions of Movoda [CoM]
  2. Movodian Army of Demons [MAD]
  3. Slan Sabhailte [Home]
  4. The Forsworn [X]
  5. Dream Hunters [DH]
  6. The Bubble [Bubble]
  7. Phoenix [PHX]
  8. Survivors [Alive!]
  9. Sanitys Requiem [Sane?]
  10. Jack of all Trades [JACK]
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Top Players by Skill

Cards: 32 - pibird[Home]
Combat: 181 - Drax[DH]
Construction: 88 - DELGRAD[Roots]
Cooking: 112 - Freya[^V^]
Crafting: 115 - esnow[X]
Fishing: 105 - Borindor[-]
Harvesting: 97 - Scoffer[I10Mafia]
Magic: 63 - 3x0du5[Home]
Mining: 132 - The Donald[*NI*]
Smithing: 131 - Bratzer[CoM]
Speed: 84 - pibird[Home]
Trading: 59 - pibird[Home]
Woodcutting: 100 - Angel 67[T*BuD]