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Hiya all.

Figured I'd edit this with more than just lame ass xp lifing gets it anyway.

NOTE: Lately people here have been very annoying for no reason. You don't like me posting trade adverts every 30 mins? Boo hoo, it's not written in rules. I suggest you make use of ignore, it will save time.

Next, you don't like me posting cookingxp gains link? Ignore is a great friend here, welcome to use it.

But seriously people, SHUT THE HELL UP.


20 year old guy from Bangladesh, probably the only one from there who plays this. Play syrnia and amaranthine too, for some reason, I like cooking in all 3 games.. Once a cook, always a cook I reckon.

Hobbies-Books and Games, strategy games in particular. Warcraft 3/ Age of empires/rise of nations..awesome stuff.

Bands- Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down, Skillet, One Republic, Rise Against, Tribal Ink, Rammstein, etc.


1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 46 4,759,617 +137,330 (+212,430) First time ever,for cooking xp. Done on 9th September,2010.

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 46 4,925,767 +137,450 (+303,480)second time and the best xp gain in cooking for me ever,done on 10th September,2010.

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 46 5,041,417 +98,250 (+253,100)3rd time,done on 11th September,wooooot for a hat trick:D

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 47 5,125,217 +77,300 (+182,050) 4th day,12th september,lol. Time for a week.

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 47 5,316,317 +112,400 (+191,100)5th day,14th september,was too busy yesterday,but oh well.:P

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 47 5,521,217 +152,336 (+194,850) 6th day, 16th September,woot. Ended up being 2nd yesterday,after holding the top spot for a part of the day,grr.

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 48 5,636,817 +105,300 (+267,936) 7th day,17th September,and my job done:HB:
*writes off having top spot for cooking xp gain for a week as goal*

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 48 5,798,517 +138,500 (+267,000)8th day,18th September,working on 10 days.

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 48 5,881,917 +74,900 (+221,900)9th day*yawn* One would think school would cut off xp gains,but guess not:P----done on 19th september,2010.

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 50 6,675,437 +64,700 (+185,450)10th day,wootsy,2nd October:P

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 50 6,882,837 +38,400 (+165,000)11th day,4th October,ended up 2nd yesterday:P

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 51 7,239,417 +66,200 (+156,330),12th day,11th October

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 51 7,494,673 +111,900 (+213,840) 13th day,14th

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 52 7,886,883 +97,300 (+168,390)14th day,29th October

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 52 8,090,353 +148,040 (+300,770) 15th day,31st October

Back after almost 2 yrs, and check this out:HB:

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 57 11,599,519 +135,240 (+218,795)-6th Jan, 2013.

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 59 12,699,098 +47,900 (+237,362)-After almost 2 weeks of chasing, probably will get overtaken during the time I am off today, but Tyvm Freya for keeping me on my feet:)

Switched to faldorian to use guild stuff up, and hit this on 3rd day.

1 Ahnaf [TAOM] 60 13,503,819 +66,356 (+173,694) Cudas ftw

1 Ahnaf [Crops 4$] 61 14,154,026 +162,571 (+321,999) Kept the last week at no.1, but too lazy to post it all up. But parsnip mashed tomatoes on minimum timer is brilliant.


Member Since: 2007-07-18 05:59:53
Active playing time: 322 Days, 9 Hours, 29 Minutes
Member Number: 0000002471
Character Experience: 15,019,633
Character Level: 61
Highest Skill: Cooking Level 66
Nationality: Faldorian
Guild: The Anointed Ones of Movoda
Guild Position: Co-leader

Monsters killed by Ahnaf

Ahnaf's Skills
Ranked #564 in Character Level
Ranked #452 in Speed
Ranked #966 in Mining
Ranked #624 in Combat
Ranked #572 in Magic
Ranked #813 in Trading
Ranked #1,597 in Woodcutting
Ranked #2,346 in Smithing
Ranked #1,426 in Construction
Ranked #80 in Cooking
Ranked #476 in Fishing
Ranked #833 in Crafting
Ranked #363 in Harvesting
Ranked #1,312 in Cards

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