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Getting Started
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Hello and welcome, the name of our guild is Peace Keepers our tag In Peace. We are a firmly established guild seeking new and active members for recruitment. Currently, we are a level 36 guild. We are searching for people, particularly those skilled in:


If you are interested in joining us, please message kitz2112, holeinone or lasereyes

We're a group of players who think playing games should be fun and helping each other out is second nature. We have a diverse membership which means you should find someone on your wavelength.

We offer new members help with information and equipment to get you started and keep you going. We also offer a friendly community.

You are free to pursue any skill you desire, if you want to specialize in a particular skill you will be greatly appreciated. We ask that if you find yourself with spare items or resources, you generously donate any excess to the guild to be used by other members. We ask that you only take items and resources from the storehouse that you will use, please do not waste. Finally, we appreciate your activity, invite you to join and contribute something, even if humor is your only gift.

1. Try to be respectful to all players whether in our guild or not.
2. Help other members whenever possible.
3. Check the guild forum at least once a log in.

Our Compound is located in Moskim. These are the buildings at our compound that you will have access to:

Equipment Store House 50K
Resources Store House500K
Main Store House500K
Guild Kitchen Lvl 1 1–19
Guild Kitchen Lvl 3 20–39
Guild Kitchen Lvl 5 40–59
Crafting Hut Lvl 1 1–19
Crafting Hut Lvl 3 20–39
Crafting Hut Lvl 5 40–59
Main Greenhouse #1 1.7 k slots
Main Greenhouse #2 1.7 k slots
Main Greenhouse #3 1.7 k slots
Greenhouse #1 1.3 k slots
Greenhouse #2 1.3 k slots
Greenhouse #3 1.3 k slots
Greenhouse #4 1.3 k slots
Level 5 Sawmill
Powder House (flour mill)
Guild Sugar Refinery
Guild Well Level 5
Level 4 Guild Furnace
Level 5 Guild Smithy
Large Beginner Guild Forest
Level 1 Guild Blackjack Table

Our compound also has:
Peace Keepers Super Mart 100 k
Level 5 Walls x5
Level 5 Guild Headquarters x4