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Page re-claimed by esnow, until stolen by Nightfire Phoenix mwahaha and then White Knight robbed it


Member Since: 2006-12-06 21:05:26
Active playing time: 308 Days, 23 Hours, 27 Minutes
Member Number: 0000000394
Character Experience: 45,345,776
Character Level: 81
Highest Skill: Combat Level 101
Nationality: Odtoni
Guild: The Forsworn
Guild Position: Slacker

Poseidon's Skills

Character Level 81 with 45,345,776 XP Ranked 205 in Character Level

Monsters killed by Poseidon

Quotes about Poseidon:

15:07:47 Phil[Dark]: Pose isn't an animal, he's a beast :P

19:12:01 Transport[TAOM]: Pose, you are awesome :o

Funny Quotes Involving the Guild:

«Portgas D Ace[X]: i have tits and golden picks *Telling what cards he has XD*"

"Winged Tiger: Well, I lasted longer than I thought I would.
Aikon: did we ever figure out if you're a girl or not?:P cuz you fight like a girl :P"

"00:28:29 Archilies[~ TK ]: Now that I'm level 10, I'm going to Disneyland!"

"02:13:46 nagadya has removed 100 Sharp Tooth from Ores, Equipment, Cards and stuff
02:14:11 nagadya has removed 40 Salsa from Food and Wood
02:14:19 nagadya[X]: feels like stealing rofl :P"

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Accomplishments Thus Far:

1.) 1st person to kill a Tarantula.
2.) 1st to obtain an elven card.

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