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To all those that Wish to write to me and talk about random stuff. I welcome you.

My Wife and Me. Muahhahahah!!

5 Aluminum Card (0 stones)
2 Bass Card (0 stones)
2 Bat Card (0 stones)
12 Bear Card (0 stones)
22 Beetle Card (0 stones)
2 Birthday Card (0 stones)
2 Bronze Card (0 stones)
1 Cards Card (0 stones)
1 Celebration Card (0 stones)
22 Chef Card (0 stones)
3 Combat Card (0 stones)
7 Copper Card (0 stones)
4 Cougar Card (0 stones)
1 Crafty Card (0 stones)
2 Cruise Card (0 stones)
4 Dagger Card (0 stones)
3 Dark Card (0 stones)
3 Deep Sea Card (0 stones)
6 Deer Card (0 stones)
14 Elephant Card (0 stones)
4 Elven Card (0 stones)
109 Fire Card (0 stones)
6 Flounder Card (0 stones)
2 Fox Card (0 stones)
2 Furnace Card (0 stones)
8 Goblin Card (0 stones)
10 Golden Hatchet Card (0 stones)
6 Golden Pickaxe Card (0 stones)
1 Golden Pocketknife Card (0 stones)
20 Golden Tinderbox Card (0 stones)
2 Golem Card (0 stones)
14 Greenhouse Card (0 stones)
6 Haddock Card (0 stones)
1 Harvest Card (0 stones)
2 Hawk Card (0 stones)
1 Invasion Card (0 stones)
6 Iron Card (0 stones)
6 Ivory Card (0 stones)
16 Jungle Card (0 stones)
2 Leather Card (0 stones)
12 Lion Card (0 stones)
31 Lumber Card (0 stones)
2 Mackerel Card (0 stones)
4 Magic Fish Card (0 stones)
2 Mountain Goat Card (0 stones)
1 Mountain Lion Card (0 stones)
1 Museum Card (0 stones)
2 Orchard Card (0 stones)
1 Peach Card (0 stones)
2 Pear Card (0 stones)
5 Plum Card (0 stones)
1 Present Card (0 stones)
2 Recipe Card (0 stones)
1 Repair Card (0 stones)
6 Rhizard Card (0 stones)
1 Royal Card (0 stones)
1 Royal Traders Card (0 stones)
3 Sawmill Card (0 stones)
14 Shark Card (0 stones)
1 Shock Card (0 stones)
5 Snow Card (0 stones)
1 Steel Card (0 stones)
20 Stone Card (0 stones)
1 Sugar Card (0 stones)
12 Tin Card (0 stones)
1 Traders Card (0 stones)
7 Turtle Card (0 stones)
2 Water Card (0 stones)
2 Wolf Card (0 stones)
94 Wood Card (0 stones)

I liked this one so much I had to get it for my pics lol. Thanks *killmelater.

This is Me with the Arizona Cardinal Cheerleaders. Don't you wish you were lucky like me. haha~ Sky Dragon.


Member Since: 2008-01-08 21:04:13
Active playing time: 207 Days, 21 Hours, 9 Minutes
Member Number: 0000004299
Character Experience: 9,293,491
Character Level: 54
Highest Skill: Cooking Level 61
Nationality: Erfdarian

SkyDragon's Skills

Ranked #769 in Character Experience

Ranked #769 in Character Level
Ranked #817 in Combat
Ranked #1,635 in Mining
Ranked #1,300 in Woodcutting
Ranked #1,117 in Smithing
Ranked #955 in Fishing
Ranked #436 in Crafting
Ranked #442 in Harvesting
Ranked #958 in Magic
Ranked #800 in Trading
Ranked #1,044 in Speed
Ranked #772 in Construction
Ranked #114 in Cooking

Monsters killed by SkyDragon

Sky Dragon came to us mysteriously through the transformation to his human form. Althouth he may be alien to the ways of Movoda, he knows the skies very well. He is an Air traffic controller in the Air Force. . When he’s not making our skies safe, he’s watching football .

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