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The Anointed One's Of Movoda

If interested in becoming a part of TAOM and our wacky team
then message Chickaroo or mikeyii. However, don't bother if you can't take a joke,
are easily offended,
or don't like working as a unit.

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Character Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]104121,084,413
2Erevos [TAOM]9791,221,516
3Castle [TAOM]7941,158,188 (+41,976)
4Chickaroo [TAOM]7736,247,859 (+32,634)
5KMax [TAOM]7228,667,690 (+12,627)
6The Scarecrow King [TAOM]6721,419,664
7No one [TAOM]6518,453,356 (+49,229)
8Count Pinda [TAOM]6417,351,936
9mikeyii [TAOM]6417,252,425+3,640 (+13,994)
10Ahnaf [TAOM]6115,019,633
11sabrial [TAOM]6013,407,995
12Pirate [TAOM]5711,511,946
13Lord_Shadow [TAOM]527,764,146
14Assilim [TAOM]527,702,322 (+3,340)
15GLOBAL [TAOM]517,092,472
16SaDaRe [TAOM]517,065,630
17DRganzas [TAOM]496,443,536
18Monsieur Maru [TAOM]496,272,268
19Aaron [TAOM]485,871,473
20vilsonia [TAOM]475,268,026 (+8,556)
21SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]464,780,091+88 (+319)
22The Riddler [TAOM]454,577,543 (+6,480)
23Silversword [TAOM]454,504,571
24Liam [TAOM]311,132,108
25elh [TAOM]29880,639
26Ale [TAOM]26611,202
27Mystearica [TAOM]25492,994
28Eliza [TAOM]23359,781
29The_Lion [TAOM]20235,865
30slashstar [TAOM]19195,158 (+1,789)
31Gabby.Dolly? [TAOM]16101,479
32Kaldog06? [TAOM]1591,072
33Oof [TAOM]1350,393
34Kira Trance? [TAOM]1241,030
35VitamEtMortem? [TAOM]42,259
36Voxx? [TAOM]42,018

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Combat Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Erevos [TAOM]115175,881,733
2Transport [TAOM]109144,072,220
3Castle [TAOM]8144,982,123
4Count Pinda [TAOM]7227,874,183
5sabrial [TAOM]7025,093,711
6KMax [TAOM]7024,511,275
7Chickaroo [TAOM]6518,473,934
8The Scarecrow King [TAOM]6215,316,697
9Ahnaf [TAOM]5711,034,939
10No one [TAOM]517,492,297 (+18)
11GLOBAL [TAOM]496,188,115
12SaDaRe [TAOM]433,818,674
13mikeyii [TAOM]423,289,451
14The Riddler [TAOM]413,069,244
15Liam [TAOM]331,310,503
16Aaron [TAOM]301,007,332
17vilsonia [TAOM]30980,280
18DRganzas [TAOM]27697,422
19Silversword [TAOM]27647,565
20Monsieur Maru [TAOM]25472,432
21Eliza [TAOM]17122,037
22elh [TAOM]1355,571
23SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]1353,083
24Ale [TAOM]1352,259
25Lord_Shadow [TAOM]1243,995
26The_Lion [TAOM]53,774
27Kaldog06? [TAOM]42,240
28Pirate [TAOM]31,204
29Assilim [TAOM]2664
30slashstar [TAOM]1228

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Speed Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]6720,938,240
2Chickaroo [TAOM]517,026,243 (+376)
3Erevos [TAOM]506,997,379
4KMax [TAOM]485,596,446 (+372)
5No one [TAOM]485,562,753 (+2,571)
6Castle [TAOM]454,431,744 (+186)
7Ahnaf [TAOM]423,312,819
8GLOBAL [TAOM]402,878,414
9The Scarecrow King [TAOM]392,561,838
10mikeyii [TAOM]351,699,963+551 (+2,956)
11SaDaRe [TAOM]341,463,378
12Aaron [TAOM]331,439,858
13Count Pinda [TAOM]30996,287
14The Riddler [TAOM]30917,941
15sabrial [TAOM]29866,469
16Silversword [TAOM]29836,103
17vilsonia [TAOM]29809,318 (+1,086)
18Pirate [TAOM]28758,449
19DRganzas [TAOM]28703,184
20Assilim [TAOM]27642,761

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Mining Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]6923,269,037
2Monsieur Maru [TAOM]5811,918,028
3mikeyii [TAOM]485,639,365+5,720 (+5,720)
4Castle [TAOM]423,486,991
5Assilim [TAOM]423,397,601
6KMax [TAOM]402,815,024
7Lord_Shadow [TAOM]372,211,744
8Chickaroo [TAOM]372,046,085 (+20)
9The Riddler [TAOM]362,000,293 (+10,400)
10Silversword [TAOM]361,858,799
11Aaron [TAOM]331,375,360
12sabrial [TAOM]321,201,424
13No one [TAOM]311,081,227 (+2,010)
14vilsonia [TAOM]27699,763 (+16,578)
15Ahnaf [TAOM]25468,862
16SaDaRe [TAOM]24408,713
17GLOBAL [TAOM]23342,991
18The Scarecrow King [TAOM]22291,605
19SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]21248,366
20slashstar [TAOM]20225,397

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Magic Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]454,597,028
2Castle [TAOM]423,515,271 (+1,845)
3Chickaroo [TAOM]402,797,523 (+1,377)
4Erevos [TAOM]372,207,341
5mikeyii [TAOM]351,719,904+408 (+1,137)
6No one [TAOM]341,514,345 (+1,065)
7KMax [TAOM]30939,851 (+150)
8The Scarecrow King [TAOM]28740,061
9Ahnaf [TAOM]27636,240
10Pirate [TAOM]26577,128
11DRganzas [TAOM]26554,070
12Count Pinda [TAOM]25502,614
13Assilim [TAOM]24453,477 (+210)
14Silversword [TAOM]23388,767
15Aaron [TAOM]23376,182
16SaDaRe [TAOM]22309,417
17Monsieur Maru [TAOM]21263,652
18vilsonia [TAOM]21260,970
19SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]20213,933
20The Riddler [TAOM]19205,536 (+360)
21GLOBAL [TAOM]19202,239
22sabrial [TAOM]17119,141
23elh [TAOM]1360,234
24Liam [TAOM]1353,979
25Ale [TAOM]1349,686
26Eliza [TAOM]1133,366
27Gabby.Dolly? [TAOM]921,507
28The_Lion [TAOM]78,970
29slashstar [TAOM]54,029
30Lord_Shadow [TAOM]41,932

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Trading Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]413,161,331
2Chickaroo [TAOM]28775,337 (+54)
3KMax [TAOM]23360,208
4No one [TAOM]17134,792 (+15)
5Erevos [TAOM]16115,016
6Castle [TAOM]16106,076
7The Scarecrow King [TAOM]16101,895
8Silversword [TAOM]1586,509
9Ahnaf [TAOM]1355,088
10Aaron [TAOM]1350,724
11SaDaRe [TAOM]1350,245
12mikeyii [TAOM]1245,881+15 (+15)
13Assilim [TAOM]1136,699
14DRganzas [TAOM]1132,453
15The Riddler [TAOM]1131,643
16Count Pinda [TAOM]1027,065
17vilsonia [TAOM]1024,537
18Eliza [TAOM]918,551
19GLOBAL [TAOM]917,384
20Ale [TAOM]814,257

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Woodcutting Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]6923,281,445
2Lord_Shadow [TAOM]475,232,590
3Castle [TAOM]454,456,941
4mikeyii [TAOM]433,657,343
5KMax [TAOM]413,001,406
6Aaron [TAOM]372,124,693
7GLOBAL [TAOM]331,343,081
8The Scarecrow King [TAOM]311,103,493
9The Riddler [TAOM]30949,898
10vilsonia [TAOM]30911,078
11Count Pinda [TAOM]28754,808
12No one [TAOM]28743,838
13Ale [TAOM]27654,335
14SaDaRe [TAOM]26600,076
15Erevos [TAOM]26586,419
16Chickaroo [TAOM]26541,463
17Mystearica [TAOM]25465,767
18Silversword [TAOM]24454,335
19SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]22327,479+144 (+522)
20Assilim [TAOM]22321,224
21Ahnaf [TAOM]20238,288
22DRganzas [TAOM]20216,039
23elh [TAOM]1464,789
24sabrial [TAOM]1242,475
25Kira Trance? [TAOM]1023,448
26Liam [TAOM]920,596

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Smithing Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Assilim [TAOM]7940,649,214
2Silversword [TAOM]5711,096,237
3Chickaroo [TAOM]506,701,398
4mikeyii [TAOM]443,940,382
5Transport [TAOM]433,770,129
6Liam [TAOM]361,877,846
7KMax [TAOM]321,191,110
8vilsonia [TAOM]30911,716
9GLOBAL [TAOM]29804,513
10Castle [TAOM]27674,325
11No one [TAOM]27627,650
12SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]25529,959
13Aaron [TAOM]24418,001
14Lord_Shadow [TAOM]19176,365
15Eliza [TAOM]1594,995
16The Scarecrow King [TAOM]1588,147
17Erevos [TAOM]1353,640
18The Riddler [TAOM]1353,123
19Monsieur Maru [TAOM]1247,840
20SaDaRe [TAOM]1136,282

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Construction Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1DRganzas [TAOM]6316,215,778
2mikeyii [TAOM]5610,507,122
3SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]506,483,413
4GLOBAL [TAOM]475,200,916
5Castle [TAOM]465,050,855
6Lord_Shadow [TAOM]402,945,082
7KMax [TAOM]402,764,390
8Transport [TAOM]402,754,477
9elh [TAOM]372,185,778
10Aaron [TAOM]372,137,524
11The Scarecrow King [TAOM]351,636,216
12No one [TAOM]331,368,326
13Erevos [TAOM]331,321,287
14SaDaRe [TAOM]311,038,748
15The Riddler [TAOM]28776,072
16vilsonia [TAOM]27665,253
17Mystearica [TAOM]26579,512
18Silversword [TAOM]22333,431
19Chickaroo [TAOM]22327,264
20Liam [TAOM]21258,280

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Cooking Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Chickaroo [TAOM]7737,160,235
2KMax [TAOM]6821,766,016
3Ahnaf [TAOM]6619,500,143
4No one [TAOM]6418,146,390 (+95,305)
5Transport [TAOM]5812,129,310
6SaDaRe [TAOM]559,923,591
7mikeyii [TAOM]506,771,371
8Aaron [TAOM]485,737,827
9Castle [TAOM]444,265,915
10GLOBAL [TAOM]361,949,135
11SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]321,168,913
12The Scarecrow King [TAOM]26543,970
13The Riddler [TAOM]25513,725
14Silversword [TAOM]25496,329
15Lord_Shadow [TAOM]25470,475
16Eliza [TAOM]25463,308
17Assilim [TAOM]21260,463 (+7,064)
18Erevos [TAOM]20242,833
19vilsonia [TAOM]19177,364 (+4,251)
20DRganzas [TAOM]18158,323

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Fishing Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1The Scarecrow King [TAOM]7024,756,953
2Pirate [TAOM]6822,605,128
3Transport [TAOM]6013,310,736
4Count Pinda [TAOM]538,714,702
5No one [TAOM]496,000,535
6KMax [TAOM]402,727,571
7Monsieur Maru [TAOM]372,140,416
8mikeyii [TAOM]361,843,413
9Chickaroo [TAOM]341,605,544
10Lord_Shadow [TAOM]321,231,619
11Castle [TAOM]311,118,614
12SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]30984,808
13Ahnaf [TAOM]30909,881
14SaDaRe [TAOM]26582,034
15Aaron [TAOM]22333,026
16The_Lion [TAOM]22325,532
17Erevos [TAOM]22320,218
18Silversword [TAOM]19182,357
19vilsonia [TAOM]18156,352
20GLOBAL [TAOM]17140,617

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Crafting Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Castle [TAOM]7634,809,115 (+816,800)
2Chickaroo [TAOM]5711,532,948 (+638,200)
3SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]559,452,438
4vilsonia [TAOM]444,026,917
5KMax [TAOM]351,641,006 (+176,435)
6mikeyii [TAOM]341,484,585+11,550 (+127,050)
7Silversword [TAOM]27673,149
8Transport [TAOM]26585,749
9Lord_Shadow [TAOM]24438,841
10elh [TAOM]20208,752
11No one [TAOM]17132,735
12Aaron [TAOM]17124,777
13Erevos [TAOM]16111,845
14DRganzas [TAOM]1585,217
15GLOBAL [TAOM]1583,152
16Ahnaf [TAOM]1577,461
17SaDaRe [TAOM]1359,323
18Monsieur Maru [TAOM]1024,351
19Mystearica [TAOM]1022,875
20The Riddler [TAOM]812,750

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Harvesting Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]7431,538,779
2Chickaroo [TAOM]6620,151,894
3Castle [TAOM]6013,356,463
4KMax [TAOM]485,559,930 (+910)
5No one [TAOM]475,443,963
6vilsonia [TAOM]464,865,101 (+1,950)
7mikeyii [TAOM]454,555,300
8Ahnaf [TAOM]402,724,300
9Silversword [TAOM]341,577,177
10The Riddler [TAOM]331,424,883
11Erevos [TAOM]321,292,933
12The Scarecrow King [TAOM]311,079,108
13GLOBAL [TAOM]30919,050
14SaDaRe [TAOM]27662,273
15Assilim [TAOM]24412,418
16Aaron [TAOM]23347,758
17Monsieur Maru [TAOM]21285,544
18SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]20234,943
19DRganzas [TAOM]20226,793
20sabrial [TAOM]20220,166

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Cards Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Castle [TAOM]1242,754
2mikeyii [TAOM]1025,873+12 (+12)
3No one [TAOM]1022,546 (+8)
4Chickaroo [TAOM]920,337
5KMax [TAOM]812,656
6DRganzas [TAOM]43,141
7Silversword [TAOM]43,087
8The Riddler [TAOM]42,936
9Aaron [TAOM]42,735
10The Scarecrow King [TAOM]31,491
11GLOBAL [TAOM]31,300
12vilsonia [TAOM]31,140
13Assilim [TAOM]3957
14SaDaRe [TAOM]3951
15elh [TAOM]2813
16Liam [TAOM]2770
17SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]2762
18Ale [TAOM]2674
19Erevos [TAOM]2655
20Ahnaf [TAOM]2612

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Active Playing Time Highscores

RankPlayerActive Playing Time
1Transport1,713 Days, 19 Hours, 27 Minutes
2Castle949 Days, 23 Hours, 50 Minutes
3Chickaroo863 Days, 8 Hours, 22 Minutes
4KMax684 Days, 16 Hours, 27 Minutes
5mikeyii623 Days, 23 Hours, 39 Minutes
6Erevos580 Days, 17 Hours, 35 Minutes
7Lord_Shadow535 Days, 0 Hours, 0 Minutes
8No one476 Days, 17 Hours, 12 Minutes
9The Scarecrow King453 Days, 15 Hours, 22 Minutes
10Count Pinda401 Days, 1 Hours, 32 Minutes
11Assilim331 Days, 20 Hours, 28 Minutes
12Ahnaf322 Days, 9 Hours, 24 Minutes
13Aaron313 Days, 14 Hours, 8 Minutes
14vilsonia304 Days, 8 Hours, 26 Minutes
15Pirate293 Days, 0 Hours, 25 Minutes
16SaDaRe269 Days, 8 Hours, 5 Minutes
17DRganzas267 Days, 14 Hours, 41 Minutes
18SnoopyandtheRedBaron258 Days, 14 Hours, 45 Minutes
19The Riddler252 Days, 20 Hours, 30 Minutes
20GLOBAL249 Days, 18 Hours, 46 Minutes

There has been 10287 tries to become Anointed.