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11:39:27 Judas Goat[Home]: Sharks are a resource. You cook them twice.
14:52:55 Piro[∞]: Jagermeister +1 blurred vission +10 bad decsions


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Member Since: 2007-10-17 20:41:07
Active playing time: 353 Days, 9 Hours, 6 Minutes
Member Number: 0000003423
Character Experience: 52,583,641
Character Level: 84
Highest Skill: Combat Level 99
Nationality: Odtoni

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12:23:39 GH[I10Mafia]: 12:10:06 kjockery cast Excite on you adding 10 Speed for 44 minutes -what a noob
12:23:58 Da Boss[I10Mafia]: lol 
12:24:11 Lexxy[I10Mafia]: hes kissing your ass 
12:24:15 Scoffer[I10Mafia]: maybe he wasn't to be your friend?
atrixa logged in
12:24:31 Alaren[I10Mafia]: he figures if he gives you excites you'll sell him tacos
12:25:23 GH[I10Mafia]: he needs to think again
12:26:18 Shimizu[I10Mafia]: you know what? i have to make the damn things and you even let that noobsauce eat the CRUMBS from those tacos I will dump them all on the ground in cardina
12:26:31 Shimizu[I10Mafia]: >.>
12:26:38 Alaren[I10Mafia]: I'll eat them off the ground
12:26:39 Alaren[I10Mafia]: idc 
12:26:42 Alaren[I10Mafia]: I'm not picky
12:26:46 Alaren[I10Mafia]: :P
12:27:51 GH[I10Mafia]: a taco is a taco
12:28:36 GH[I10Mafia]: on the ground or with a a house or with a mouse...Alaren and I will eat them anywhere

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Ranked #135 at Combat

Ranked #268 at Speed

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