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Clan Leader: Shogy


Member Since: 2007-11-10 20:43:21
Active playing time: 22 Days, 6 Hours, 52 Minutes
Member Number: 0000003702
Character Experience: 225,728
Character Level: 20
Highest Skill: Mining Level 20
Nationality: Faldorian

My Guild Members:

Centurion Rankings / Information

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My Goals

1st Goal

Not much as a goal but to just get a handful of cards in my house. I also do card challenges. So message me if you want a challenge at some point. I will try to get to them. Also, Here Is My Card Challenge Record:
Card stats for Bloodstock

My Card Collection So Far:

4 Bass Card
1 Birthday Card
2 Bronze Card
2 Copper Card
1 Cougar Card
2 Dark Card
1 Deer Card
1 Elephant Card
10 Fire Card
1 Fox Card
2 Furnace Card
3 Goblin Card
2 Golden Hatchet Card
4 Golden Pickaxe Card
2 Golden Tinderbox Card
1 Greenhouse Card
1 Griffin Card
1 Grizzly Bear Card
1 Haddock Card
2 Invasion
8 Iron Card
1 Ivory Card
1 Jungle Card
2 Leather Card
1 Lion Card
1 Mackerel Card
1 Magic Fish Card
1 Mountain Goat Card
1 Mountain Lion Card
2 Rhizard Card
3 Sawmill Card
1 Shark Card
1 Snow Card
14 Stone Card
1 Tuna Card
1 Turtle Card
1 Water Card
9 Wood Card
This Will be Updated Once In A While..

Card stats for Bloodstock

2nd Goal

My seconds goal is to be in the top 20 in the mining highscores. I know I'm a low rank right now, however, I decided to stay on mining. Afterwards, I'm goin' to be pretty much mining maybe forever in Movoda. Maybe do some magic and and still gain speed experience. You know. Thought, I'm sticking with mining. I decided to stick with mining my whole life on Movoda was March 13, 2008. ( Look Below To See How I Doing In Mining. There's An Experience Chart To See If I Been Slacking Or Been Doing A Good Job In Mining / Character Experience. I Also Have A View Of What Is My Rank In Mining. ) One more thing. There's an experience summary to see what rank I am in all skills. Also, the experience summary tells about when I reach hard experience gains or levels. Feel free to look.

May have some more goals coming soon...

Key: _New = New Update

Experience Summary

Experience Hits

Thursday, March 13, 2008. My Character Exp Hit: 100,006 Exp Lost Date...

My Mining Ranking Have Reach 400. Mining Level: 18. – Tuesday, June 24, 2006. _New

My Character Exp Just Hit 200,001 Exp.- Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Character Level Just Hit 20. – Friday, June 27, 2008 _New

Level Gains

I Got 15 Mining: Mining Level 15 (77,530 exp – 18,470 for next level) Happen Saturday, March 29, 2008

End Of My Summaries... Will Be Writing More Soon...

Ranked #2,856 in Character

Level 20 Overall with 225,728 XP

Ranked #1,474 in Mining
Ranked #2,713 in Combat
Ranked #2,554 in Speed
Ranked #3,281 in Magic
Ranked #4,497 in Construction
Ranked #3,291 in Woodcutting
Ranked #3,743 in Harvesting
Ranked #3,474 in Cooking
Ranked #4,142 in Smithing
Ranked #3,987 in Crafting
Ranked #2,802 in Trading
Ranked #2,018 in Fishing
Ranked #2,645 in Cards

Bloodstock's Skills That Is Often Worked On

Will Be Writing More...

A Mining Match Between Bloodstock and heatwave – Also Preview Of Main Skills
Ranked #1,474 at Mining

Ranked #2,856 in Character Experience

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