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In the begining the sheep lived in small family unit groups and the wolves preyed on the sheep which kept their bellys full constantly and the wolves thrived. Over time the sheep learned the wolves habits and tactics. The sheep grouped themselves into large groups with protection on 3 sides and these became known as pens. These became the lean years for the wolves and try as they might the wolves could not over come the use of the pens with any great success as in the past. About this same time new threats started appearing onto the landscape. The new arrivals attacked both the sheep and the wolves as they had cracked both sheep and wolves tactics. Ond day the sheep and wolf leaders meet and formed a pack that changed the course of history. If you think that sheep herd looks like easy pickings you may wish to look again for there maybe wolves wearing sheep clothing

If you would like to be a wolf or a sheep in our pen contact any guild member and follow their directions.

Ranked #1,502 in Character

Highest Rank
Ranked 284 in Smithing

Ranked 1,686 in CombatRanked 947 in SpeedRanked 1,283 in Magic
Ranked 1,784 in ConstructionRanked 1,402 in WoodcuttingRanked 1,290 in Harvesting
Ranked 1,043 in CardsRanked 2,161 in CookingRanked 1,471 in Crafting
Ranked 1,343 in TradingRanked 2,129 in FishingRanked 460 in Mining


Member Since: 2008-03-26 07:02:53
Active playing time: 90 Days, 15 Hours, 2 Minutes
Member Number: 0000005286
Character Experience: 1,917,903
Character Level: 36
Highest Skill: Mining Level 33
Nationality: Faldorian

Monsters killed by rammesses


Right in the footsteps of his big example he goes===

you have been marked by the wolf (sir ironwolf)


Hugs from the Ninja Hamster, Sasha Mkai

Brennus sends you a kind greeting from The Netherlands