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Toon waz here... Ummm kinda bare page :S :( (I was the first to sign this page)
Looks better now... :)

Prome stopped by to share his coffee with Mari

:P:P:P:P i aint gonna leave a mark here mars. Thorin

you know i love ya girl!! -Travis

Will came by *huggles*

elliot came streaking by :P

Hugs Mari. *skeet marks Mars' page*

Jove S was here to say hello and give you a 
and a 

Because I am Da Wolfman

Bratzer has humped you page

Ervis was here to leave you a small note:

ps. Nice page ;)

panda was here "(^-^)" Angelic-S10 Came wondering past....

/i/ / / /mari/ /lol/ / / / / / / / / /Peace!/ / / /Rev//./

blackdrgn6 – Have a nice Knight :)

You rock mari! Nice page- Moosa :hug:

You got tridented :o -Poseidon

Greeneyed_girl was here

“scorned though i am, I love you still.
as the moon chooses not the earth nor the body its will.
i wander where i can as i do what i may
as i venture for that adventure, that wonderful day
where e'er it dwell i long to be rested
whether iv beaten the world or badly been bested.
my hearts cares not for the challenge is the win,
for heart and soul and freedom and kin”

Was the above Mak? rofl Togz

Nirvy Nirv signy signs his lickingbuddy's page, You are nice, :D

this man lemonlock stopped by and made sure there was nothing that needed killin

You got humped! Hunny, you are my one and only darling, no matter what game we cross paths in. You are forever mine. <3 Always, Your adoring husband, B-Zilla

Jebus Finally Made his way here so he left his mark :) <3 You Marishka

hey mari hope u have a magical time from diablo
dia came back to hug mari

for all you have done for me,for all you have given me and most of all for yourself, i thank you :) ~ Makeveli

Yoshi it took me some time but I found your page and huggled it :D<span class="nobr">2007–10–23/3e3fmIBSke.jpg
Secretly sprinkling you with black fairy dust

Thorin? has been here and left an empty lighter and an empty pack of smokes aswell as an empty box of grog and a pic of his cousin :)

“Trick or Treat!” says the witch doctor dia

Marti was here * hugs*

Serpent was here to leave her mark


Red Scorpion has stung your page

Klisten Slapped her card on your page

“Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the self. The green fairy who lives in the absinthe wants your soul. But you are safe with me.”

You have been tagged by Da_nana the Leader of the Royal Family of the JACK Guild
As you ramble on through life, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the donut… and not upon the hole. Never settle for being average... you would be just as close to the bottom as you are to the top.

Philcame by to hug his Vampire Sister ;]

Hugs from your forever worshipper greatma

cupcake was here and leave a cupcake for u :)

Blackheart was here :)

sausageman leaves a piece of him here for ya later gorgeous

“Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.”

Just came in here to get chewed on, and loved it XDXD... :-x from your friendly Blood Bank

Thought i'd return the favor and sign your personal page. :)
I like your page, keep at it. :)

Sunshine has stopped by your page to say hello.


To the neighborhood bloodsucker from Pathos

TAG your IT!! Zionist

This page takes so long to load I forgot what I was going to say so ner xD Andyrude

beddy dropped his calling card..

Rep may or may not have been here. =O

thanks to a wonderful friend and savior ... itl help fix it if it is bold again:P

Spy marked his spot

sorry it took so long u rock to h#@$ and backdondraco

This is probably the sexiest movo pages I've seen...I love it! (from one Busty to another ;) ~ Babsy

Alaren pounces mari RAWR :P

“Country of Birth: New Zealand” (fluffy teddy bear likes :D)
“Country of Residence: Australia” (fluffy teddy bear likes :D)

Spendy popped by to Hug & kiss the Delicious Marishus, wonder from down-under >:)

You have been visited by Xanthar

Roen signs the long and wonderful page.

serentiy26 was here and now is gone :P

Nnej thinks the puppy is cute :D

Lexxy has fondled your page.. ;)

*Drudon crafts in your pages hut*

Signs this as one of the biggest pages he has ever had the honor to sign :)

Zeusalus was stalking Dushka!!

scarecrowking? wandered by and left his mark.

Spyboy has jumped on to your page >:)

someone drifts by and leaves a lost soul on your page :-x!!

Togz made a visit, coz your pretty exquisite, just came too *mook* so now off I'll scoot :runawayemote: haha

The Lord of the Essences compels you ;)

Remembamehah has visited this page

Plek was here to chop in your forest


*Makeveli wandered in to tell Mari that their garden in now ready for her*


adnerb dropped in a line.

Nothing cool here just a hello from Garith hugs

Hugs Maris tight and gives her a big kiss then runs off for work.

AstiaDragonKill Ran By To Bite Mari and Leave her mark on her page ;) rock on babes

Osprey swooped in to say hi

ty for the tag mari :-x appreciate it

ximianblack just stopped by to pay you a visit.

*Makeveli comes to play with Mari*

Madre? dropped by to say hello

TW stopped by to give you a hug

Kuja comes and paws your page. :)

NightfirePhoenix stopped by for a hug, and left very happy indeed :D

Frida was here too.

Logi Force was here to leave you lots of kisses and huggles <3

John wandered in to see Mari

*Makeveli wandered by once more, because he cannot stay away from his Baybee doll*

Dragon Slave loves your page you are a legend, hugs and kisses

Banshee cast the spell of hug that surrounds you

Scoffer was unchained long enough to come say hi

Krazy_Amy has kissed your page xoxo.

Theory considers your page worth Theorizing

Kriztal Planted herself here:P

Blobbob stopped in to say hi

To}{ic stopped by to give Mari a hug and a kiss

Leaving you much love, B2

Stopped in to leave some love – John

Was here to leave :hugs: and :kisses: on your page :)

Blood will spill and tears will fall, all on the field of battle..

Sunshine thought that Mari would love this left it here for her.

Phoenix Jewels was here leaving some loving

With love, Scroatie

moose came to say hi again...

Beautiful tulips for a beautiful you!

no idea if i signed yet, now i know i have ;) Int

P.S. Come visit us sometime again.

Bahamut says you never know when a stalker is around lol

Bahamut came back to leave for Ishyfly

More pics:

for your most precious thing in the world:

a purple tulip

running pounce huggles his Ishy!! >:) :D

Teddy Bear came here and left :hugs: & :kiss: & :hug:

Signy.. ::)

Sorry I forgot, you know I <3 you like a sister anyway ^^

Bahamut came back to kidnap Ishy so her bestie would have company

oh, can't forget the rain:

For my vampire queen:

visited ..guess who


a birdy came by to say hi

Elenwe_Greenleaf Can't believe she hasn't stop by sooner to leave some love on your page.

You had plenty money, 1922
You let other women make a fool of you
Why don't you do right, like some other men do?
Get out of here and get me some money too 

You're sittin' there and wonderin' what it's all about
You ain't got no money, they will put you out 
Why don't you do right, like some other men do?
Get out of here and get me some money too 

If you had prepared twenty years ago 
You wouldn't be a-wanderin' from door to door
Why don't you do right, like some other men do?
Get out of here and get me some money too 

I fell for your jivin' and I took you in 
Now all you got to offer me's a drink of gin
Why don't you do right, like some other men do?
Get out of here and get me some money too 
Why don't you do right, like some other men do?
Like some other men do

Roger Rabbit<span class="nobr">2009–01–27/mhiAgvUtYw.jpg
**Guinevere wandered by polishing her sword

I kneel at Mari's feet and beg her to forgive us all,

Your beauty corrupted our souls

Such beauty only belongs in heaven

Return to your eternal home

And forgive us for being mere mortals.**

a_f_c dropped by to give Mari one big :kiss: and :hugs: and offers her a ticket on the rollercoaster