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Roen stops by to bid a fond hello.

*Cyan_Flame has left a never ending fire pit here*

Loves this Page

Stopped by to sign his guildies page

You have been tagged by Da_nana the Leader of the Royal Family of the JACK Guild

As you ramble on through life, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the donut… and not upon the hole.

Never settle for being average... you would be just as close to the bottom as you are to the top.

Brekeice? Stops by and admires this wonderful page. It's nice to meet you :)

Beddy left his card

Prometheus? stopped by to say hello

hi i dropped by to sign your page.


Shadow? Dropped By........

Scoffer was unchained long enough to come say hi

stopped by to say hi Mizu stopped by..

Tiggger Bounced on you page

Irb? waz here

Receze Was here :)

me? flew by ;)

HaZ_ gazed upon this page...catch some more crappyfish for me to cook !

sacul dropped by

Darkstar stop by to say hi

Lady Nanths admires your page and hops along putting flowers on yer head :o

Jinxy? Came by too make love to  Andi

Finally signed your page ....hehe..........

Once a fisher, always a fisher!
I'm making some wind...

hey, nice page Rissie?x


/Entropy jumped out of a perfectly good airplane to sign your page.

Dropped By to say luves my man so very much.

Santa_Larry? has marked his place on your wiki :)

Widdie spun his web here

Hidan says hello

You have now been signed by me lol 

Miss_Leonie? came to say hi

ToriLou87? is telling you in advance, that this is what I'll do if you ever kill me :)

Guinevere? wandered through

Your favorite Fox stopped bye for a :hug: and :kiss:

dreamer349?!! Stopped by to give you some love

Came by to give ya hugs :)

tinytank32, Leader Of DARK Guild has stopped by burn your page

Noonespecial has stopped by to say Hi.

Blackheart?: Invasion scheduled against Andi's Page on 20100512 17:00:00

Walked by your page, and decided to grace it with his presence.

Ryna stopped by to throw some love your way

Topaz Dragon? escaped Hikori long enough to call for help ;)

Walker Bo? rode by for a visit

You've just been Caboose'd

Came here to leave you a  and a  and some