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October 23,2007

Golden Harvest Fest

Multiple Random Harvest across Movoda
New Item Bunch of Grapes and Extra Harvest XP

October 31,2007

Halloween & Movoda's 1st Birthday

Spectre, Headless Horseman and Vampire invaded several locations
New Items Candy, Costume Mask, Death Scythe, Birthday Card and Birthday Cake.

November 16,2007

Festival of Eternal Battle

Several Invasions and New Monsters
Turtle, Rhizard, Rhizard Prowler and Rhizard Plunderer and with these monsters came new item drops
Turtle Card, Rhizard Card, Rhizard Spear, Turtle Shell and Rhizard Stew.
Bonus XP during Fighting was also a benefit.

December 11,2007

Lumber Jack's? Day

Brought Bonus XP for Woodcutting and Woodcutters Gloves.

January 26,2008

Day of The Whittling Fools

Temporary Crafting Tents have been set up in locations offering their services.
Location and Item
Etchin – WalkingStick
Ponat – MiningCharm
Martral – HarvestingFigurine
Raval – KneePads
Eptile – GordianKnot
Cardina – SharpRing
It also gave extra XP gain for success

February 9,2008

Gambler's Draw

Brought a Cards contest with prizes!
Plus bonus xp for playing
Retired some cards and issued some new ones

February 14,2008

Valentine's Day

The Valentine Post was open in Echtin for sending your special Valentine :)

March 8, 2008

Let's Get Hammered Day

+50% XP and some late building projects for the nations

March 23,2008


Random bunnies at all combat locations that drop Easter Eggs

April 1,2008

April Fool's Day

Some playful monsters invaded on this day :)
Mad Cow,Drop Bear,Killer Dolphin,Charging Rhino,Killer Tomato

April 19,2008

Day of The Elusive Coin

Bonus xp for trading and Trading to player houses allowed
click on player houses, then click “Knock on the door and ask if they want to buy anything.” It will randomly pick an item from your inventory to try and sell, just had to add the amount to sell it for.
Like normal only one trade per town, but a max of 60xp per house sale

May 4,2008

Crazy Chef Day

No crowding
Lower burn rates
No wood to cook (which also meant no lighters/tinderboxes) which allowed use of crystal ball during cooking
New foods StoneSoup and SummerSausage

May 25,2008

Sorcery Solstice

+3 exp for casting -time spells on people who hadn't started magic
2 new items, the RingOfBalance and the BloodyStaff
Quest that re-filled MP which could be done multiple times (only worked once)

June 7,2008

Calm Water Festival

+10% experience
no crowding
Salmon at Eptile where you were able to catch salmon at any level, 50 experience per.

July 20,2008

Greased Lightning Fest

Various items found while walking. Different in each area/route.
Contest on who earned the most experience per hour with prizes recieved by message.
Random events to train speed (Bucket Brigade) at various locations

August 16,2008

Golden Hammer Festival

September 27,2008

Lost Miners Festival

New Mining location north of Haldos Outpost (Only for the day)
New Item Mining Band, could be exchanged for a Black Diamond which was found while mining in the new location

October 23,2008

Golden Harvest Fest

Multiple Random Harvest across Movoda
New Item Bunch of Spinach and Extra Harvest XP

October 31,2008


Movoda's Birthday

House to House trick or treating
Guild Trick or treat
A New Monster :)
New item Tooth Necklace.

November 16,2008

Festival of Eternal Battle

New Combat Card (holiday Only)
Multiple invasions across the lands
A Couple New Monsters the yeti and rogue frog
also the normal +5xp per monster

December 11,2008

Lumberjack's Day

Ashia, a new permanent location
no crowding bonus and extra xp and extra log per chop bonuses

December 25,2008


A present card sent out :)

The card could be redeemed for 8 tacos, 8 seafood platters, ???? or a magic fish