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January 26,2009

Day of The Whittling Fools

No Crowding, lower timers and a new Crafting Card

February 9,2009

Gambler's Draw

4 New Cards, a roaming NPC Card Trader

New items Nagaromi Card, Chef Card, Deep Sea Card, Silver Pocketknife Card, Cards Clip.
New quest Thomas and the cellblocks.

March 8,2009

Let's Get Hammered Day

+50%xp, a new Repair Card and several repair projects

April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

People were able to slap you with a wet fish by clicking your name in the town window.

April 12, 2009


Random bunnies at all fighting locations, they drop Easter Egg and Easter Basket

April 19,2009

Day of The Elusive Coin

There are a bunch of houses here. Knock on the door and ask if they want to buy anything.
Given xp from 5 – 60 xp depending on the item sold and the price

May 4,2009

Crazy Chef's Day

Stone Soup at lvl 3 using sharp tooth and Shark Smoothie using shark steak were added for the day. +50% xp

May 25,2009

Was Delayed till 1st June

Sorcery Solstice

Green name for the whole day.
+1MP Regen for everyone for the whole day and MP Restore Card brought out.

June 7,2009

Calm Water Festival

+25% exp. Temporary fishing location south of Eptile (Also ability to fish pacu there).

July 20,2009

Greased Lightning Fest

Route between Naton and Onnix giving 170 XP
Bucket Brigades in Droesar and Cardina Valley giving 20 XP per Bucket (gems Random drop)
Catching loose chickens in Galwai (eggs as a random Drop)
Filling a Pond in Tropi 18 XP per bucket

August 16, 2009

Golden Hammer Festival

Extra XP for Smelting
The ability to make:
Bronze Abstract Art, Iron Abstract Art, Steel Abstract Art, and Aluminum Abstract Art

September 27, 2009

Lost Miners Festival

Today is the Lost Miners Festival, a day in memoriam of all those who went into the mines and never came out. Celebrated with family and loved ones it is a time that everyone can take a trip into the mines together and try their hand at some mining. You will find that crowding penalties at mining spots have been reduced and you will get some extra experience and drops when mining for today. You may also want to check out the celebration on Faldor, just head southeast from Droesar and you can't miss it.

Souvenir Stand in Hidden Clearing

Lantern 50BD Buy
Mining Band 8BD Buy
Mining Talisman 15BD Buy
Seafood Platter 1BD Buy
Tuna Casserole 1BD Buy 

Lantern Introduced

October 23, 2009

Golden Harvest Fest

November 16, 2009

Festival of Eternal Battle

December 11, 2009

Lumberjacks Day

7 temp forests accessed with

Item: Certificate
Weight: 1 stones
Class: material

Purchaced at the Wood Shop

Temp Forests located:

lake essdar 15 exp
etchin 15 exp
barin plains 15 exp
ravel 22 exp
unopos mesa 22 exp
uzlea 22 exp
zhyack 50 exp

No Crowding and Normal Forests seem to give 25% more XP rounded down