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January 26,2010

Day of The Whittling Fools

Tis the Day of the Whittling Fool. All across Movoda people are taking time out to do some crafting. Many hands make light work so you may find your crafting timers somewhat shorter today, plus you'll find some extra items available at your local crafting hut just for today.

Item: Dragonhide Tricorn
Weight: 1 stones
Class: equipment
Durability: 12000

Worn on: Head
Required Combat Level: 70
Modifiers: +7 Defense, +2 MP, +2 Magic Defense Can be made at Crafting Level 50
Materials Required: (Plus tool of type Pocketknife)

* 9 Dragon Hide

400 Success / 200? Failure

00:21:30 mskwik[Admin]: i made all the stats up from scratch, don't count on them being the same as previous years

00:22:04 mskwik[Admin]: exp should be good for the level they are at though

00:23:05 mskwik[Admin]: none of them are limited by location, just need the proper level crafting hut

00:27:14 mskwik[Admin]: I ordered them somewhat by materials availability so there would be less shortage at the lower levels

00:30:42 mskwik[Admin]: can't include every item every year, gotta leave some to get rare

Level 1 Walking Stick *1 Log 50 Success / 25? Failure
Level 15 Sharp Ring *5 Sharp Tooth 110 Success / 55? Failure
Level 30 Gordian Knot *1 Rope 230 Success / 115? Failure

February 9,2010

Gambler's Draw

mskwik [Admin]
2010–02–09 00:02:49
Cards :)

And so we come to another cards holiday. Not a skill that most people work on and far from a central part of the game, but an extra diversion for those that want to pursue it. We'll have the normal cards being retired and/or replaced throughout the day. This year I intent to incorporate some voting into the replacements so keep an eye on the forums, will have the polls open for an hour or so with each replacement.

I am also proud to present the beginnings of the guild casino. You'll find the blackjack table as a permanent addition to the list of guild buildings available at guild level 16. The code is still a little rough around the edges so there may be cosmetic improvements later but I pushed it through to get the basics tested for the holiday. Not going to go into too much detail yet but here's the basics of operation:

It is similar to a guild store in that you can set admins for it within the guild. The admin screen is similar to the store screen, click cards in your inventory to add them to the deck used by the building and adjust the other parameters and save as needed. Once built you will need to stock it with at least 50 cards and enough vessi to cover winning bets at your play price before it will be available to play at. You can choose to open it to the public and it will show up in your compound for everyone to visit.

It follows fairly normal blackjack rules, try and get as close to 21 as possible without going over. Winning pays 2:1, entrance fee is returned in case of a tie. The play can change fairly heavily depending on the deck used so you may want to experiment a bit when setting it up and not just dump all the cards you can find in.

# Guild Blackjack Table (3,000 Lumber and 500 Stone Block Required)
15 Trading XP and 8 Cards XP for a win
2 Cards XP for a Tie

Goblin Card Retired — Replaced by Hobgoblin Card
Ivory Card Retired — Replaced by Stitching Card
Water Card Retired — Replaced by Fountain Card

March 8,2010

Let's Get Hammered Day

Today is Lets get Hammered Day for all those ready to do some building. All construction exp will be +50% today with perhaps a few extra construction projects so save up your extra lumber and stone blocks!

No extra XP for shelving
Junk shop at port barin needs lumber and gives 25exp
Hospital at giroc needs lvl 30 and stone and gives 65exp

April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

Planting gold coins in the ghs – turned in to jalapenno after the holliday

April 12, 2010


Bunnies at any fighting location droping Easter egg and Easter basket.

April 19,2010

Day of The Elusive Coin

mskwik [Admin]
2010–04–19 22:43:30
Day of the Elusive Coin? (Trading Day)

Going to lock the other thread and start a new one just so this post is easily visible. For those who missed it I screwed up on the timing and the holiday events didn't get started when they were supposed to.

So I think we're going to try something a little different for this holiday. The events part I will stretch out somewhat and schedule parts randomly for the rest of the week. As far as exp goes I'll still do the 24 hours of bonus trading exp, but you can choose to start it whenever you are ready. You'll find the quest to trigger it at Lake Essdar, will be there through midnight Friday.

+3 Trading XP for 1440 Mins
Max of +5 Trading XP in whatever way you can get it.

There was also a farmers market – Praetorius

May 4,2010

Crazy Chef's Day

Today is Crazy Chef Day! For all those crazy chefs out there you'll find you get some extra exp for cooking today. Keep an eye out for special drops while cooking today, you'll be able to trade them in in Droesar for cooking equipment or access to the cooking tent there.

You receive extra xp based on what you are cooking. Also, there is a chance while cooking to get a spork card which you can then turn in at a cooking tent at Droesar. Doing so gives you one hour of time to cook in the tent where you can make the following foods:

Also, there is a souvenir stand at which you can turn in spork cards for cooking items.

Souvenir Stand
Welcome! Here's the place to get your holiday souvenirs. We accept Spork Cards in payment for anything here.

May 25,2010

Sorcery Solstice

Today is the Sorcery Solstice. Check out the celebration going on at Haldos Outpost, you might even be able to coax a little something extra out of old man Haldos for the next couple days. Rumor has it there may also be some magic training going on, keep your eyes peeled for people to practice with.

+1 MP Restore for 1440 Minutes @ Haldos
A Magic training circle would appear randomly to offer training of a random spell every hour.

June 7,2010

Calm Water Festival

No crowding. Mutant magic fish could be caught while fishing, those could be traded in at the fish booth in ponat pier. MMF could be caught until the fish booth closed a few days later, but rarer.

Fish Booth
Thanks for keeping an eye out and catching these mutant magic fish, we'll take as many as you can find and give some fishing equipment in return.
Heirloom Fishing Cap 3MMF Buy
Heirloom Fishing Rod 3MMF Buy
Magic Fish 2MMF Buy
Small Fishing Net 5MMF Buy

July 20,2010

Greased Lightning Fest

There were 2 marathons that you could run, one on faldor island (for beginners) and one on beromi, starting in martral.
Martral -> Unopos Mesa -> Jiroka -> Hevalus Jungle -> Lake Trand -> Ferboi -> Port Baron -> Baron Plains -> Yisildor Bay -> Barin Plains -> Haldos Outpost -> Martral
700 bonus speed exp when completing a lap in the martral marathon

Presents for completing a certain amount of laps:
Congratulations on your performance in the marathon so far. Here is your bonus for completing 2 laps.
There was 1 Jalapeno Pepper attached to this message which you remove and add to your inventory.
10 laps – Ring of Speed
20 laps – Leather Boots
30 laps – Jade
60 laps – Bathide Boots
100 laps – Ona Talisman
150 laps – Feathered Headdress
220 laps – Devilish Brooch
300 laps – Four Leaf Clover

August 16, 2010

Golden Hammer Festival

Holiday Started late ran from about 05:20 to 05:15
50% more xp for smelting
Higher than normal xp for smithing
Chance to get Golden Hammer Card

Whether you found any special cards on the holiday or not stop by the Smithing Tent in Droesar before Sunday night and spend a couple hours working on your smithing skills. The first time through is free, repeat visits cost 1 Golden Hammer Card, only open for a limited time so don't miss your chance.

Special Smithable items:
Enhanced Bronze Dagger 70 exp
Enhanced Iron Dagger 150 exp
Enhanced Butterfly Knife 190 exp
Hardened Saw 255 exp
Gloves of Ice 355 exp 

September 27, 2010

Lost Miners Festival

Today is the Lost Miners Festival, a day in memoriam of all those who went into the mines and never came out. Celebrated with family and loved ones it is a time that everyone can take a trip into the mines together and try their hand at some mining. You will find that crowding penalties at mining spots have been reduced and you will get some extra experience when mining today. Also keep an eye out for the elusive black diamond which you may find while mining today and can trade in for souvenirs or gifts later in the week.

next day:
Souvenir Stand in Port Schow and Cardina: (BD = black diamond)
Lantern 50 BD
Lucky Pick 18 BD
Mining Talisman 8 BD

An old miner in Droesar shows you a spot to mine iron if you give him 2 BDs. (17 exp, no crowding)

Day later he's in Cardina Valley, 75 exp for Duranium, need level 40+
Day later he's in Cardina, 31 exp for Bauxite
Day later he's in Cardina Valley, 23 exp for Coal

October 23, 2010

Golden Harvest Fest

Extra exp for planting and harvesting.

Hikori: Ethel is moving her orchard, fruit you get from picking depended on your level.
Ethels New Orchard <– planting, 35 exp
Ethels Orchard <– picking
You picked a Apple from the farm and got 19 exp.
You picked a Pear from the farm and got 21 exp.
You picked a Peach from the farm and got 23 exp.
You picked a Plum from the farm and got 25 exp.

Random drops: Orchard Card, Harvest Card, Molasses Cookie

November 16, 2010

Festival of Eternal Battle

Today is the Festival of Eternal Battle. You may find you get more experience than normal and some special drops when fighting today. Also keep an eye out for invading creatures, including some that you may not normally see.

3 running invasions, extra xp for combat, Special Drop Dagger Card

December 11, 2010

Lumberjacks Day

Happy Lumberjacks Day. When chopping today you'll get some extra experience, less crowding, and maybe even a few extra drops for the day. Also keep an eye out for extra places to chop and other things going on as the day progresses

00:00:08 Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a girl named Jill.
00:00:28 She lived in a small house in Bulbas with her mother and their cat.
00:00:58 Now winter was coming on and food was getting scarce so one day her mother said to her,
00:01:08 “I'm afraid we're out of food. Jill dear, would you take the cat to the market in Tropi and see if you can trade her for some supper.”
00:01:28 So Jill gathered up the cat and off they went toward Tropi.
00:02:08 When they got there Jill wandered around the various stands, but no one seemed interested in a rather scruffy looking cat.
00:02:28 She was just about to give up and head home when an old man in a pointed hat approached.
00:02:48 “I'll give you these for your cat, I could use a companion that looks as old as I do.” he said, holding out a hand with a few seeds in it.”
00:54:21 Jill took one look at the seeds and turned to keep walking.
00:54:31 “But wait, these are magic seeds, they're more powerful then they look.”
00:54:51 And so Jill reconsidered, and since she didn't have a better offer and her mother would just make her go out and try again if she came back with the cat she took the seeds.
00:55:11 She stuck them in her pocket and headed back to her home in Bulbas.
00:55:26 Unfortunately her pocket had a small hole in the bottom and one of the seeds worked its way out and fell to the road without her noticing.
00:55:46 It sat there for a little bit as she walked out of sight, then gave a little shudder and suddenly grew into a large tree.
00:55:51 Then another and another and within a short time the road was completely covered with a dense forest.
00:56:11 Travellers from both directions soon discovered the problem and started taking alternate routes and chopping away at the trees to clear the road out again.
00:56:31 And Jill continued on towards home, oblivious to the problem she had caused...
04:00:19 When Jill got home she found her mother busy with the laundry.
04:00:39 “I don't see the cat anymore, did you get something good for her?”
04:00:59 Jill showed off the seeds and explained “I got some magic seeds.”
04:01:19 Now Jill's mother was a practical woman and while somewhat disappointed in the trade she decided it would be best to pawn the seeds off on someone else.
04:01:39 “Very nice dear, but that won't really do for supper, now will it?”
04:01:59 “Why don't you try the bazaar at Port Barin and see if you can find some other sucker to trade those for something more edible?”
04:02:19 And so Jill headed out again with the seeds in pocket.
04:02:59 When she arrived in Port Barin she begain looking around for someone to sell the seeds to, this time with food in mind (to avoid another trip).
04:03:19 She finally decided that a place labelled “All you can Eat” looked promising and went inside to find a dwarf behind the counter.
04:03:39 “What can I get for these magic seeds?” she asked him.
04:03:59 “Well that depends, what do they grow into?”
04:04:19 “I don't know, I haven't tried to grow them.”
04:04:39 “Well then I'll need a demonstration first to see if they really do anything, why don't you try planting one and then come back with it growing and I'll see what I can do.”
04:05:09 And so without any better alternatives and now starting to doubt the seeds herself Jill went out and found a small patch of wild potatoes just up the street.
04:05:29 She took a single seed and planted it there, figuring if nothing happened she could at least claim the seeds as fast growing potatoes.
04:05:59 To her surprise, within a very short while the same thing happened as with the previous seed and soon the whole area was covered with a small forest.
04:06:19 So with a renewed optimism about the seeds worth she went back to negotiate some food in return for them.
04:06:39 And with the convincing display and her cute looks she managed to get meals for a year for both her and her mother and a small room above and the dwarf got the 4 remaining seeds.
08:00:22 Now Otto (the dwarf who ran the all you can eat buffet in Port Barin), was pretty sure that the magic seeds were worth more than he had traded to get them
08:00:37 So he got a friend to watch the restaurant and headed out to do some serious trading.
08:01:02 Not really trusting the auction house, he decided to approach a few potantial buyers individually to try and make a deal.
08:01:22 For his first stop he decided to go all the way to the top and visit the palace in Echtin.
08:02:02 Once in Echtin he managed to get an audience with the Queen and explained what he was there for.
08:02:22 The Queen however, who didn't believe in any of that nonsense and didn't like the looks of him anyway, just had him thrown out for trying to defraud the crown.
08:02:42 In the process though one of the seeds got dropped in a patch of dirt outside the palace and before he could grab it again it had sprouted into another small forest.
08:03:02 So Otto went on to search for another buyer for his remaining seeds while the royal woodcutters started frantically chopping to clean things up before the Queen noticed the new landscaping...
12:00:25 After his encounter with the Queen Otto decided to go North instead and try his luck in Odton.
12:00:45 With a little research he found an old dwarf living outside Onnix who was willing to pay quite a lot to have a forest in his yard and didn't expect to live long enough to see one grow naturally.
12:01:15 After some haggling he sold a single seed for much more than his original purchase price and happily went on his way with the 2 remaining seeds.
12:01:35 He hadn't even gotten off the property however before he heard a sort of whooshing behind him and saw the forest grow up and continue expanding past him.
12:01:55 He kept walking to see how far it had spread and found it had gone well beyond the yard and completely blocked the road between Onnix and Odude.
12:02:15 When the townsfolk looking for the source of the forest confronted the old dwar he readily admitted it was his.
12:02:35 “Isn't it beautiful, never thought I'd see such a thing here in my lifetime”
12:03:00 “The road you say? I don't care what you do with the road, just leave my trees on my property alone.”
12:03:20 And so the townsfolk set out to clear the road of trees and Otto went on pondering what to do with his final seeds.
16:00:30 Otto got back to Port Barin to find that news of his little forest had spread.
16:00:50 All sorts of people have all sorts of offers for an instant forest.
16:01:10 After reviewing them, Otto decides to sell one of the seeds to the Royal Botanical Society, who plans to plant it in Port Baron.
16:01:30 Due to the number of guilds interested in the other remaining seed it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

16:02:47 mskwik has added a new forum thread – Other > “1 Magic forest seed up for auction”

00:53:09 mskwik[Admin]: oops, mistyped a line in the story, will restart where it left off
01:01:30 mskwik[Admin]: nothing special as far as drops go, just tweaked the odds somewhat
01:03:17 mskwik[Admin]: mostly just higher chances of cards/acorns and maybe a little more wood than normal
01:04:53 mskwik[Admin]: don't necessarily worry about working on the road if you don't like the exp for that part, the later parts will have different level requirements and exp
01:07:11 mskwik[Admin]: any extra areas that open with a count left will remain open with their bonus exp at the same level until finished even when the rest of the holiday exp levels go back to normal
01:13:25 mskwik[Admin]: the story parts are just timed, not dependent on one finishing before it goes on
01:15:53 mskwik[Admin]: and now I'm heading back to bed, meant to stay up and watch it the first time but fell asleep in front of the computer

21 xp at Port Baron
23 xp clearing road at onnix/odude
13 xp at the forest in Echtin
18 xp at the forest in Port Barin
12 xp clearing road at tropi/bulbas
50 xp at high level guild forest
22 xp at med level guild forest
50 xp at ashia
22 xp at ashia low
31 xp at jiroka
31 xp at hikori
18 xp at cythe
18 xp at hevalus jungle
40 xp at nalurn high level