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January 26,2011

Day of The Whittling Fools

Today is the Day of the Whittling Fool. All across Movoda people are taking time out to do some crafting. You may notice somewhat shorter timers or some extra exp while crafting as well as some extra items that can be made for a limited time.

mskwik: For those thinking ahead the plan is that exp/time bonuses are just for the day, but the items will be available for a week. After today they will just be available in a single tent without the bonus exp on them.

%50 Exp Bonus and -30 sec to the crafting timer

New Items:

Item: Crafty Card
Weight: 0 stones
Class: card

Holiday Items 2011

Level REQ. Item Materials Needed Skill EXP Holiday
1 Carving Tool 1 Lumber, 1 Sharp Tooth S = 50 EXP F = 25 EXP  Crafting Day 2011
15 Fingerless Gloves 2 Animal Pelt S = 130 EXP F = 65 EXP  Crafting Day 2011
35 Crafting Kit 1 Animal Pelt, 2 Carving Tool OR 2 Fingerless Gloves OR 2 Pocketknife S = 250 EXP F = 130 EXP  Crafting Day 2011
60 Super Crafting Kit 1 Animal Pelt, 1 Carving Tool, 1 Fingerless Gloves, 1 Logs, 1 Magnifying Glass, 1 Pocketknife S = 385 EXP F = 220 EXP  Crafting Day 2011

February 9,2011

Gambler's Draw

Sorry I don't have any big new things to introduce this year, but we'll try and shake things up somewhat anyway. I know this isn't one of the more anticipated/exciting holidays but we don't want any skills to feel left out, now do we?

As per the usual I'll add new cards and retire cards spread out throughout the day. The polls about which cards went well enough last year that I've tried to keep some player input as part of the process.

So to start with you will find a card show in Echtin that anyone can visit and trade cards at. It will select from all cards you have in your inventory and trade them randomly with other players there so be careful what you are carrying when you enter. It will also give a small amount of cards exp for as long as you maintain an active botcheck so you can train cards afk for the day. It is also keeping track of all the cards traded there, at the end of the day I'll take the top 3 from the ranks there and include them in the retired cards list so consider carefully what you want to trade...

Retired Items:
Wood Card
Greenhouse Card
Golem Card
Elephant Card

New Items:
Item: Frog Card
Weight: 0 stones
Class: card

Item: Golden Gardening Trowel Card
Weight: 0 stones
Class: card

Item: Chopping Card
Weight: 0 stones
Class: card

Item: Speed Card
Weight: 0 stones
Class: card

March 8,2011

Let's Get Hammered Day

Today is Lets get Hammered Day for all those ready to do some building. You'll get some extra exp both at the sawmill and while shelving today and keep an eye out for some extra drops while working on construction as well.

Sawing Drops:
Hardened Saw
Inspcio Gloves

April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

Nothing done this year

April 12, 2011

Day of The Elusive Coin

Today is the Day of the Elusive Coin. You may want to start your search in Port Schow (with an extra bonus available in Echtin for the whole week)

+2 Trading for 1440 Mins available at Echtin to be used once during the week

Introduction of:
Hobo Stick
Large Bauble
Pocketed Vest
Pocketed Long Coat
Small Bauble

2 Trade Routes
Port Schow- Buy / Sell? Large Bauble and Small Bauble
Droesar – Sell 1 Large Bauble for 1 Pocketed Vest
Echtin – Sell Pocketed Vest

Port Barin – Sell 2 Small Bauble for 1 Super Catapult
Barin Plains – Sell 1 Super Catapult for 1 Hobo Stick
Yisildor Bay – Sell 1 Hobo Stick for 1 Catapult
Baron Plains – Sell 1 Catapult for 1 Pocketed Long Coat
Port Baron – Sell Pocketed Long Coat

Traders Boots for sale in Ferboi for 10 Pocketed Long Coat

This Holiday also offered the chance to make a great deal of Vessi by selling Pocketed Long Coat and Pocketed Vest for more then the price of the Bauble to get them.

Also the introduction of floating NPC pricing that increased the price of items as more are bought and lowered the price as more of an item were sold.

April 24,2011


Find bunny's in fight locations.

May 4,2011

Crazy Chef's Day

Today is Crazy Chef Day! For all those crazy chefs out there you'll find you get some extra exp for cooking today. Also come visit Echtin where we're cooking up something big, everyone add bits in and hopefully we'll get something good out in the end.

Added XP for cooking most other things 50% for most things 100% for a few and less than 50% for some
Summer Sausage random drops while working on cooking anywhere
Large Cauldron in Echtin
– You can add various foods to it depending on your cooking level
– Fail 10exp
Raw / Cooked? meat-25exp
– Shark Steak-50exp
– Tuna Steak-50exp
– Tomato-75 exp
– Parsley-75exp
– Turnip-75exp
– Potato-75xp
– Cooked Swordfish-125 exp

Giant Cauldron Bonus: Holiday Soup

Well the holiday soup is done and can be collected, you should get a message about it if you contributed. The top 10 also got some extra stuff with their soup. For the curious here are some quick stats:

mysql> select player.username,contest.score from contest left join player on where order by contest.score desc limit 15;
+ | username | score |
+ | csirek | 4746 |
| Pleknor | 4043 |
| funtobenora | 3494 |
| subforshort | 2456 |
| djmix666 | 2368 |
| mindukasd | 2246 |
| Jove S | 2233 |
| Razor | 2185 |
| Kavin | 2166 |
| nturn | 2156 |
| Heimdall | 2096 |
| Widow Maker | 1946 |
| Noone | 1937 |
| Gloruna | 1887 |
| sunsetatdawn | 1856 |
+ 15 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select sum(score) from contest where id=7;
+ | sum(score) |
+ | 170400 |
+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select count(player) from contest where id=7;
+ | count(player) |
+ | 318 |

May 25,2011

Sorcery Solstice

Today is the Sorcery Solstice. The whole world is covered in magic, so thick you can almost see it. A lot of skills done out in the open will gain a little magic XP as well as the usual drops today as long as you have the MP to handle it. Also check out the celebration going on at Haldos Outpost, you might even be able to coax a little something extra out of old man Haldos for the next couple days.

+1 MP Restore for 1440 mins from Haldos

While woodcutting, mining, and fishing at some spots you randomly get +4 magic xp for 1 MP
00:23:47 mskwik[Admin]: it's a small amount toward a random spell (if you have learned it), didn't try to match up the spells to the areas

June 7,2011

Calm Water Festival

mskwik [Admin]
2011–06–11 17:36:47
Alternate fishing day

So through a combination of illness and technical difficulties it seems I lost a few days the beginning of this week (including a certain fishing holiday). At this point instead of trying to schedule another single day as a replacement I think we'll come up with something that can all be done at a time of your choosing. Not going to make any promises at this point, still a little bit off, but I'd like to aim for early next week and probably have it available for you to choose 24 hours out of the week to have festivities open.

New “Holiday” Tents put up on the 16th

Quest in Ponat Pier for -5 Fishing for 1440 Mins
This quest opens up Party Tents in 4 Locations with no crowding.
1: Ponat Pier is 1 place and able to fish Mackerels here with a 50% XP bonus and very low timer.
2: Port Baron is another place, Higher lvl fishing is required (lvl 50+) and the catching of Barracuda (for 99 XP each)
3: HMS – also has a “party tent” with many different types of fish and XP depending on your lvl.
mackerel 19
flounder 25
haddock 28
sandbar shark 37
striped marlin 72
salmon 31
tuna 36
You didn't manage to catch anything, but got 12 exp anyway.
4: Yisildor Bay – Lvl 25+ catching Shark with a lure for 40 XP.

July 20,2011

Greased Lightning Fest

There were 2 marathons that you could run, one on faldor island (for beginners) and one on beromi, starting in martral.
Martral -> Unopos Mesa -> Jiroka -> Hevalus Jungle -> Lake Trand -> Ferboi -> Port Baron -> Baron Plains -> Yisildor Bay -> Barin Plains -> Haldos Outpost -> Martral
700 bonus speed exp when completing a lap in the martral marathon

Presents for completing a certain amount of laps:
2 lap – 1 Jalapeno Pepper
10 laps Ring of Speed
20 laps Leather Boots
30 laps Jade
60 laps Bathide Boots
100 laps Ona Talisman
150 laps Feathered Headdress
220 laps Devilish Brooch
300 laps Four Leaf Clover

August 16, 2011

Golden Hammer Festival

Today is the Golden Hammer Festival, a day for smiths everywhere to work on their skill. You'll get some extra experience for smithing and smelting today and keep an eye out for some extra drops that you can trade in at the souvenir stand in Ponat.

Fireproof Amulet 20FD
Gloves of Ice 35FD
Metal Vest 15FD
Necklace of Fire 40FD
Rough Arms 25FD
Smithing Amulet 10FD
Smithing Goggles 30FD

September 27, 2011

Lost Miners Festival

Today is the Lost Miners Festival, a day in memoriam of all those who went into the mines and never came out. Grab your pickaxe and give mining a try, you'll get some extra experience today and may even find some new spots to try out your skills.

Earthquakes exposed random ore deposits in random towns. Possible to mine higher ores than your mining level. Crowding in the random spots, no crowding in the normal mining spots. Ores gave extra XP

mskwik [Admin]
2011–09–27 23:04:41
Re: Lost Miners Day

Okay, don't think I'm going to stay awake until the end so here's the story (so hopefully I don't have a bunch of bug reports in the morning). The “normal” mining spots should go back to normal at the end of the day, but the extra spots will remain with the same exp/timer until they are depleted. In addition they will continue to respawn (at gradually increasing intervals) for about a week with somewhat less bonus exp than today but still more than normal (and with the usual world chat line announcing their arrival but not their location).

October 23, 2011

Golden Harvest Fest

Happy Golden Harvest Fest. In celebration you'll get some extra exp for planting or harvesting anywhere today. The public greenhouses will be in full swing and you may also find some other farmers who are looking for a little help.

mskwik [Admin]
2011–10–23 00:01:37 Where do these NPC farmers come from anyway...

Just to keep things interesting we have a new cast of characters this year. At Barin Plains, Farmer Joe has a rather large field of wheat that has overnight acquired some mysterious circles and a rather ominous arrow pointing at his house. Now to throw the aliens (because where else would they come from) off the scent when they return tomorrow night he has decided it must all be harvested today and you can keep whatever you take so long as it all goes away.

Now in Baron Plains (just to keep you on your toes), Farmer Bob seems to have (in an accident involving alcohol and a lawnmower) inadvertently eradicated one of his neighbor's fields. Now he is looking for help to get it back before the neighbor in question notices. Due to some minor nearsightedness on the part of the neighbor it apparently doesn't much matter what you plant as long as it is “green and leafy”.

And there will be some other things later in the day that are destined to be permanent, but I will want to keep a closer eye on as they get added.

Picking Wheat at Barin Plains – No Crowding – 13xp per Bundle of Wheat – 10 Sec Min Timer
Planting at Baron Plains – You provide the Crop (Grapes, Cilantro, Spinach, and/or Parsley) 50 xp – No crowding

Planting guild greenhouse – 26 exp – Normal crops; 32 exp Higher crops
Grinding Wheat guild flour mill – 19 exp
Refining sugar guild refinery – 26 exp 

3 New Permanent quests added – Sage, Black Pepper, and Garlic

October 31, 2011

Halloween / Movoda Birthday

Not only is it Halloween, it's also Movoda's fifth birthday today. Go visit a few guild compounds and collect treats but keep an eye out for odd monsters, who knows what may be lurking around.

Trick or Treating at Guild Compounds 8 XP 
Birthday Cake
Bottle of Rum
Bunch of Lavender
Costume Mask
Death Scythe
Glowing Sword
Magic Fishstick
Molasses Cookie

Random Invasions:
Headless Horsemen
Pumpking Warriors

November 16, 2011

Festival of Eternal Battle

Today is the Festival of Eternal Battle. You may find you get more experience than normal and some special drops when fighting today. Also keep an eye out for invading creatures, including some that you may not normally see.

Random Invasions
Extra Combat Xp
Dagger and Combat Card Drops

00:22:33 mskwik[Admin]: with the complaints last year about it being stuck on all low level stuff for hours this time around they will timeout and run away rather than multiply if left too long to keep things moving

00:06:29 It seems a bunch of Ona Spearman have invaded Awaru cancelled
00:09:41 It seems a bunch of Faerie Knight have invaded Baron Plains
00:12:51 It seems a bunch of Minotaur have invaded Hikori cancelled
00:25:32 It seems a bunch of Maanvaki Scout have invaded Therusia
00:28:42 It seems a bunch of White Bat have invaded Cythe

01:19:01 It seems a bunch of Marakite Master have invaded Ferboi
01:34:44 It seems a bunch of Elven Mage have invaded Irotho
01:37:45 It seems a bunch of Marossian Slave Warrior have invaded Naton

02:28:30 It seems a bunch of Hobgoblin have invaded Baron Plains
02:44:18 It seems a bunch of Marakite Master have invaded Radom Woods
02:47:28 It seems a bunch of Raccoon have invaded Kimdar

03:38:14 It seems a bunch of Faerie Lord have invaded Moskim
03:41:25 It seems a bunch of Chicken have invaded Martral
03:57:15 It seems a bunch of Bandit have invaded Lake Trand

04:47:47 It seems a bunch of Willow have invaded Cardina Valley
04:50:57 It seems a bunch of Bandit have invaded Jiroka
05:06:38 It seems a bunch of Willow have invaded Mount Pharos

05:56:54 It seems a bunch of Charging Rhino have invaded Radom Woods
06:00:08 It seems a bunch of Lizard Warrior have invaded Hikori
06:15:52 It seems a bunch of Griffin have invaded Naton

07:06:19 It seems a bunch of Lightning Elemental have invaded Yisildor Bay
07:09:29 It seems a bunch of Hawk have invaded Lake Trand
07:25:19 It seems a bunch of Hobgoblin have invaded Barin Plains

08:16:02 It seems a bunch of Deer have invaded Ravel
08:19:12 It seems a bunch of Bunny have invaded Irotho
08:35:02 It seems a bunch of Bandit have invaded Haldos Outpost

09:25:44 It seems a bunch of Cavelurk have invaded Irotho
09:28:54 It seems a bunch of Fairy have invaded Onnix
09:35:14 It seems a bunch of Lightning Elemental have invaded Ravel

10:03:44 It seems a bunch of Raccoon have invaded Cardina
10:10:06 It seems a bunch of Cougar have invaded Mount Pharos
10:35:09 It seems a bunch of Fairy have invaded Hevalus Jungle

11:13:41 It seems a bunch of Ona Warlord have invaded Zhyack
11:20:01 It seems a bunch of Marossian Slave Warrior have invaded Ponat Pier
11:45:21 It seems a bunch of Bandit have invaded Awaru

12:23:17 It seems a bunch of Chicken have invaded Onnix
12:29:38 It seems a bunch of Drop Bear have invaded Tropi
12:54:58 It seems a bunch of Willow have invaded Irotho

13:32:43 It seems a bunch of Elven Mage have invaded Ponat Pier
13:39:03 It seems a bunch of Bear have invaded Ravel
14:04:24 It seems a bunch of Marakite Mage have invaded Hikori

14:10:44 It seems a bunch of Saphirik Warrior have invaded Odude
14:36:05 It seems a bunch of Hawk have invaded Therusia
14:48:45 It seems a bunch of Lizardman Zombie have invaded Jiroka

15:20:23 It seems a bunch of Rhizard have invaded Ponat Pier
15:45:32 It seems a bunch of Lion have invaded Zhyack
15:58:12 It seems a bunch of Chicken have invaded Cardina

16:29:37 It seems a bunch of Maanvaki Scout have invaded Therusia
16:54:58 It seems a bunch of Ona Warlord have invaded Bulbas
17:07:22 It seems a bunch of Chicken have invaded Onnix

17:26:23 It seems a bunch of Lion have invaded Kimdar
17:39:03 It seems a bunch of Lizardman Zombie have invaded Garando Mines
18:10:45 It seems a bunch of Dwarven Raider have invaded Bulbas

18:17:05 It seems a bunch of Maanvaki Warrior have invaded Cythe
18:36:05 It seems a bunch of Giant Ravager Beetle have invaded Hevalus Jungle
19:14:06 It seems a bunch of Elven Mage have invaded Yisildor Bay

19:26:47 It seems a bunch of Giant Scorpion have invaded Therusia
19:39:27 It seems a bunch of Rhizard Plunderer have invaded Onnix
20:23:43 It seems a bunch of Marakite Trainee have invaded Baron Plains

20:36:19 It seems a bunch of Living Oak have invaded Tropi
20:49:00 It seems a bunch of Lizardman have invaded Eptile
21:33:21 It seems a bunch of Giant Black Bat have invaded Radom Woods

21:46:01 It seems a bunch of Barktomi Elephant Rider have invaded Sepas
21:58:41 It seems a bunch of Mountain Lion have invaded Mount Pharos
22:08:03 It seems a bunch of Minotaur have invaded Awaru

22:23:53 It seems a bunch of Marossian Slave Warrior have invaded Ponat Pier
22:42:54 It seems a bunch of Cave Goblin have invaded Garando Mines
23:17:45 It seems a bunch of Maanvaki Warrior have invaded Rissdra

23:33:30 It seems a bunch of Drop Bear have invaded Ponat

December 11, 2011

Lumberjacks Day

Happy Lumberjacks Day. When chopping today you'll get some extra experience, less crowding, and maybe even a few extra drops for the day. Also remember to check out the souvenir tent in Moskim where you may be able to get some fancy new equipment for the rest of the week.

Fancy Bark Bracelet 15GCC Buy 
Heavy Gloves 10GCC Buy 
Molasses Cookie 1GCC Buy 
Woodcutters Gloves 100GCC Buy 

52 xp at Ashia(high level)
32 xp at Hikori and Jiroka
23 xp at Radom and Ashia(low level)
19 xp at Hevalus Jungle and Moskim

Golden Chopping Card introduced.

December 25, 2011


25th Parsnips while chopping wood
26th 2 Rhizard Stew
27th -3 Harvesting Time for 10 Days (-3 Harvesting for 14,400 Minutes)
28th 4 Smithing Success for 9 Days (4 Smithing Success for 12,960 Minutes)
29th 5 Monster Drops for 8 Days (5 Monster Drops for 11,520 Minutes)
30th -6 Crafting Time for 7 Days (-6 Crafting Time for 10,080 Minutes)
31st 7 Speed for 6 Days (7 Speed for 8,640 Minutes)
1st 8 Defense for 5 Days (8 Defense for 7,200 Minutes)
2nd 9 sec minimum Sawing Time for 4 Days (9 sec min sawing instead of 10)
3rd 10 Gem Finding for 3 Days (10 Gem Finding for 4,320 Minutes)
4th 11 spots without crowding
5th -12 Fishing Time for 1 Day (-12 Fishing Time for 1,440 Minutes)

00:00:03 On the twelth day of Christmas my admin gave to me...
00:00:24 Twelve less time fishing
00:00:27 Eleven spots without crowding, Ten gems while mining, Nine min time while sawing
00:00:30 Eight better defense, Seven speed when walking, Six time off crafting
00:00:33 Five monster drops
00:00:36 Four luck with smithing, Three faster picking, Two turtle stews
00:00:39 And some parsnips hiding in trees