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July 20, 2015

Greased Lightning Fest

Today is the Greased Lightning Festival, a day for all those speed demons to get out there and run. You may want to check out the Royal Marathon starting in Martral
Martral -> Unopos Mesa -> Jiroka -> Bulbas -> Cythe -> Hikori -> Eptile -> Uzlea -> Tropi -> Bulbas -> Hevalus Jungle -> Martral
750 bonus speed exp when completing a lap in the Martral marathon

Presents for completing a certain amount of laps:
2 laps – 1 Jalapeno Pepper
10 laps 1 Candy
15 laps 1 Molasses Cookie
20 laps 1 Walking Stick
25 laps 1 Bottle Of Water
30 laps 1 Jade
60 laps 1 Bathide Boots
150 laps – 1 Feathered Headdress
200 laps 1 Speed Card (?)

August 16, 2015

Golden Hammer Festival

50% extra xp when Smelting
75% extra xp when Smithing

NPC stand at Ponat:

FD = Fire Diamonds (Fire Diamonds drop in both guild and public locations smithing and smelting)

1FD Birthday Cake
2FD Emerald
8FD Mining Talisman
10FD Smithing Amulet
15FD Metal Vest
20FD Fireproof Amulet
25FD Rough Arms
30FD Smithing Goggles
35FD Gloves of Ice
40FD Necklace of Fire

September 27, 2015

Lost Miners Festival

33% Extra Xp, No Crowding
Peridot drops
Oval Mining Hole at Port Schow: 1.5 Tin Ore and 11 fishing xp per action, low timer
Round Mining Hole at Port Schow: 1.5 Coal and 30 fishing xp per action, low timer

Souvenir stand at Port Schow sells the following:
Emerald 1P
Diamond-Tipped Pickaxe 1P
Mining Talisman 2P
Lucky Pick 5P
Lantern 10P

October 23, 2015

Golden Harvest Fest

Picking random crop at Droesar No Crowding 10 Sec Min Timer – +3060% exp:
Bundle of Wheat: 13xp
Jalapeno Pepper: 14xp
Green Pepper: 15xp
Bunch of Parsley: 16xp
Bunch of Grapes: 20xp
Potato: 23xp

October 31, 2015

Halloween / Movoda Birthday

Not only is it Halloween, it's also Movoda's fifth birthday today. Go visit a few guild compounds and collect treats (at most once per hour per compound)

Trick or Treating at Guild Compounds 8 trade XP 
Sample of stuff received:
28 Apple
20 Birthday Cake
1 Bottle of Rum
60 Candy
7 Molasses Cookie
2 Taco
1 Magic Fish
1 Stone Block

There are also monster invasions all day long.