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January 26,2021 – Day of The Whittling Fools [Crafting]

50% bonus xp on crafting success plus the ability to make special items (carving tool, fingerless gloves, crafting kit, and super crafting kit)

February 9,2021 – Gambler's Draw [Cards]

Can trade cards today for small afk xp (quest starts in Droesar).

March 8,2021 – Let's Get Hammered Day [Construction]

35% (or thereabouts) extra exp, woodcards drop

April 1, 2021 – April Fool's Day

No event

April 4, 2021 – Easter

No event

April 19,2021 – Day of The Elusive Coin [Trading]

No event

May 4,2021 – Crazy Chef's Day [Cooking]

Seen in world:
There is a lot of talk and signs have been put up all over Faldor and Beromi announcing that Charlie is doing some sort of demonstration in Lake Essdar

Seen at Lake Essdar:
Welcome, welcome one and all to Charlies great unveiling of the Cookinator Deluxe 5000
A revolutionary device that will mean none of you fine folk have to cook for yourselves every again
The cookinator Deluxe 5000 will not only cook your ingredients and make you healthy, fat free, delicious food but it will also do it with 100% guaranteed no burning!
You simply insert the food into this end and watch as it slices and dices, boils and broils, fries and ferments your favorite dish in a matter of seconds!
One recent purchaser said it was the best thing she has ever bought and her apple pies now taste better than ever!
Today, we will be asking you fine folk to try this revolutionary invention free of charge before deciding if you really want to change your miserable lives and purchase one for yourself.
Step right up and try it now, payment plans are accepted! Free life insurance with every purchase so come try it for yourself today

The items changed throughout the day, at hourly intervals, exp bonus and min timer at the machine was 15 secs. You needed the materials, including Logs or Lumber. Many different messages were generated from cooking each item, sometimes the machine replaced the food, with a different one, or kept the food cooked.
Items available:
Cooked Meat
Cooked Bass
Cooked Flounder
Cooked Haddock
Tomato sauce
Bottle of Soup
Fish Kabob
Seafood Platter
Seafood Stirfry
Amberjack Verde
Cooked Barracuda

Random drops were available (depending on what you cooked) of 
Bunch of Parsley
Bunch of Cilantro
Fire Card
Summer Sausage
Holiday Soup

Away from the machine, there was a bonus exp of up to 50% (different for different items).

After the day was finished:
At Lake Essdar
Black smoke begins to pour out of the top of the machine. “Dont worry”says Charlie, “This is all part of the plan, its...venting...yes that must be what its doing”
“Perhaps it might be best to step away from it momentarily though while I check it out”
“Yes back behind that rock should be good, on second thought maybe a little further back.”
There is suddenly a rather large explosion from the machine and gears and pieces of food go flying all over the area
Just a momentary setback", announces Charlie picking up a small cog. “Let me just stick this back where it...”
He pauses slightly looking at the crater where the machine used to be sitting. “Maybe tomorrow would be better, I'm sure it'll be working perfectly again by then.”

Summer Sausage available as a random drop whilst walking after the holiday.

May 25,2021 – Sorcery Solstice [Magic]

Message at Haldos Outpost:
Out beyond Haldos' house you see a small workshop that has been leveled by what looks like some sort of magical explosion. It still seems to be rather active, occasionally spitting out colored lights that disappear up into the sky.

Balls fall randomly, and occasionally in towns:
Blue Balls: 100mp, or restore you to max mp, whichever is lowest.
Green Balls: 1mp restore (1 extra mp regen every 5 mins) for 1 hour.
Yellow Balls: +5 speed for 1 hour
Red balls: -3 woodcutting for 30 mins (or other spells for 30 mins?)

Also: Reports of people have difficulty casting multiple spells.
There ws probably some kind of random bonus intended when casting spells, but it's broken, so when you get it the casting timer gets stuck on 0.

Single spells seem to cast okay about 70% of the time (?) otherwise timer will stick on 0.
Casting 2 spells at a time will work some of the time.
The more spells you try to cast at once, the greater the chance of your timer sticking on 0 and them not casting.

Some spells seem fine to cast: Meditation, Heal, Restore, Finder, Teleport, Chain Lightning, Shock.

June 7,2021 – Calm Water Festival [Fishing]

Extra XP and Mutant Magic Fish drops at most locations. Seems to be +50% exp in normal locations and 15 to 37% extra exp on the barge compared to hms.
Special fishing barge location accessed from Galawi:
“Off to the side of the sawmill entrance you notice a sign with some balloons tied to it and an arrow, “Fishing Party This Way” Follow it”

Fishing Barge
Bait Stand
Fish over front side <– Fishing 50?
Fish over port side <– Fishing 1
Fish over starboard side <– Fishing 25
Souvenir Stand

Souvenir Stand
I hear there's some interesting looking fish around recently, I'll trade anything here for some samples.
Fish Scales 1MMF Buy
Fishing Gloves 20MMF Buy
Magic Fish 2MMF Buy
Scale Bracelet 30MMF Buy
Scale Rim 60MMF Buy
Small Fishing Net 5MMF Buy 

Port side catches (level 20):
You caught 1 Mackerel and got 19 exp.
You caught 1 Flounder and got 24 exp.
You caught 1 Haddock and got 27 exp.
You caught 1 Salmon and got 27 exp.
You caught 1 Sandbar Shark and got 40 exp.
You didn't manage to catch anything, but got 8 exp anyway.

Starboard side catches (level 45):
You caught 1 Salmon and got 37 exp.
You caught 1 Tuna and got 40 exp.
You caught 1 Sandbar Shark and got 42 exp.
You caught 1 Striped Marlin and got 76 exp.
You didn't manage to catch anything, but got 12 exp anyway.

July 20,2021 – Greased Lightning Fest [Speed]

06:46:17 The mines at Cardina Valley are flooding, volunteers are forming a bucket brigade to empty them out.
10 sec min timer 20 xp. Crowding. Possible ruby drops.

10:23:51 A falling tree took out the fence on old man Rattler's chicken coop and all the chickens are running around in Galawi, he would appreciate any help rounding them back up.
10 sec min timer. 18 xp. Crowding. Possible egg drops.
85% complete as of 7:50 on the 21st.

Collect machine parts at Moskim. 22xp. Crowding. Possible gold coin and mint leaf drops. Very high base timer.
5% complete as of 7:50 on the 21st.

August 16, 2021 – Golden Hammer Festival [Smithing]

Extra xp Smithing (30–50% on success)
Extra xp Smelting (50% more)

September 27, 2021 – Lost Miners Festival [Mining]

Lost Miner's Festival 09.27.21 (Mining)Same as last year's event: no crowding, bonus exp, plus a new mining spot at Port Schow (click on town name then follow link to 'miner's picnic'.
Oval mining hole is tin, 11xp per, at min timer at level 30
Round mining hole is coal, 30xp per, at min timer at level 30
Square Hole – Bauxite at 43xp, min timer at level 59

Souvenir Stand – option to trade in black diamonds.

Item – Cost (BD)
Diamond Tipped Pickaxe – 1
Emerald – 1
Mining Talisman – 2
Lucky Pick – 5
Lantern – 10

October 23, 2021 – Golden Harvest Fest [Harvesting]

– No crowding in public and guild greenhouses.
– +3 exp to anything in the harvesting skill
– More random harvests WITH crowding, but 30% extra exp, so could be more than just +3 (potatoes 22 instead of 17, grapes 19 instead of 15)
– Public greenhouses had normal maturing times (so were empty most of the day)

October 31, 2021 – Movoda Birthday

Trick or Treating at Guild Compounds 8 trade XP 

Invention all day
02:50:05 Some of the warriors were not quick enough and were turned into vampires, the population of vampires in Yisildor Bay is growing
02:56:06 People from Martral are running away screaming: PUMPKINGS are alive !!!

November 16, 2021 – Festival of Eternal Battle [Combat]

25% extra combat exp in normal combat locations and 40% extra combat exp in invasions.
Four random invasions at a time. After about an hour the monsters get tired of fighting and wander off and another invasion comes a few minutes late

December 11, 2021 – Lumberjacks Day [Woodcutting]

Today is Lumberjack's Day, a time to meet with your fellow woodcutters and put your skills to the test. You will find you get some extra exp today as well as some extra drops that can be redeemed for goods in Echtin. You may also find some extra spots where woodcutting is being allowed for a limited time.

1CC – Acorn
10CC – Heavy Gloves
1CC -Molasses Cookie
5CC – Nagaromi Hatchet
3CC – Piano
20CC – Vine Bracelet
75CC – Woodcutters Gloves
20CC – Wooden Crown

CC = Candy Cane

40% Bonus Exp in all locations