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Drunk Monk

Member Since: 2008-08-27 13:42:43
Active playing time: 357 Days, 13 Hours, 3 Minutes
Member Number: 0000007108
Character Experience: 9,007,118
Character Level: 54
Highest Skill: Construction Level 44
Nationality: Faldorian

Drunk Monk's Skills

Drunk Monk
Ranked #783 in Character Experience

Ranked #147 in Trading
Ranked #225 in Woodcutting
Ranked #216 in Construction
Ranked #252 in Smithing
Ranked #342 in Harvesting
Ranked #404 in Magic
Ranked #508 in Cards
Ranked #441 in Cooking
Ranked #425 in Crafting
Ranked #459 in Speed
Ranked #495 in Mining
Ranked #677 in Fishing
Ranked #963 in Combat

Monsters killed by Drunk Monk

Card stats for Drunk Monk


You burned the Shark Steak.
You burned the Shark Steak.
You got 1 Shark Fin.
You got 1 Sharp Tooth.
You gained 16 experience.
You got a Chef Card.

Message from Moderator on 2009–11–18 21:08:50
Re: Mute
Mute times are never reduced or lifted after they have been set.
Message from Moderator on 2009–11–18 21:11:33
Re: Re: Mute
Yes, the mute times can and are reduced when they are set, but never after they are set.
Message from Moderator on 2009–11–18 21:19:26
Re: Re: Re: Mute
The mute time is set when the human mod reviews the mute and approves it. That's when you get your “Recent Mute” message. After a human mod has approved a mute, it is never reduced. When a human mod reviews it, they have the option of lowering the mute. That's what you've seen when someone gets their mute reduced.
Message from Moderator on 2009–11–18 21:33:53
Re: Re: Re: Re: Mute
Yes, all mutes by the modbot are subsequently reviewed by a human. When were you muted? All messages to the mod and replies from the mod are put into a forum so we can all keep an eye on things. Also, these reviews are put into a forum, however, as you well know forum posts are removed after a month of inactivity. If it's been longer than a month, I can't go back and look at the review.

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