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This page has a list of all the effects of the foods in Movoda

for ordering according to effects, look at FoodEffectsOrdered

Item Name Effects Nationality
Apple +3 HP Restored All 
Apple Pie +18 HP Restored Faldorian
Beetle Goulash +2 HP for 20 minutes Erfdarian
Birthday Cake +19 HP Restored Holiday Item
Blue Berry +1 HP Restored Erfdarian
Bottle of Berry +1 HP Restored Quest Item
Bottle of Juice -2 Smelting Time for 20 Minutes All 
Bottle of Poison Used in Crafting All 
Bottle of Rum -1 Agility for 30 minutes, +2 Attack for 25 minutes Monster Drop
Bottle of Soup -2 Fishing Time for 20 Minutes All 
Bottle of Water +1 HP Restored All 
Bunch of Cilantro +1 HP Restored All 
Bunch of Grapes +2 HP Restored All 
Bunch of Parsley +1 HP Restored All 
Bunch of Raisins +4 HP Restored All 
Candy +1 Speed for 15 Minutes Holiday Item
Chili +1 HP Restore for 40 Minutes Odtoni
Cooked Bass +6 HP Restored All 
Cooked Flounder +7 HP Restored All 
Cooked Haddock +8 HP Restored All 
Cooked Mackerel +4 HP Restored All 
Cooked Meat +5 HP Restored All 
Cooked Salmon +10 HP Restored All 
Dough Cooking Ingredient All 
Easter Egg +5 HP Restored Holiday Item
Fine Whiskey +2 HP Restored Quest Item
Flatbread +5 HP Restored Erfdarian
Fruit Salad -3 Harvesting Time for 30 Minutes Faldorian
Green Pepper +2 HP Restored All 
Ground Meat Cooking Ingredient All 
Herbal Tea +1 MP Restore for 35 Minutes All 
Jalapeno Pepper +2 Speed for 20 Minutes All 
Lobster Gazpacho +1 Magic Defense for 15 Minutes Odtoni
Lobster Meat Cooking Ingredient Odtoni
Lobster Roll +15 HP Restored Odtoni
Magic Fishstick +4 MP Restored All 
Meat Pie +16 HP Restored Erfdarian
Meatloaf +9 HP Restored All 
Memory Restoration Potion +1 HP Restored Quest Item
Mint Tea +6 MP Restored All 
Muffin +1 MP for 40 minutes Erfdarian
Mushroom -3 Casting Time for 15 Minutes All 
Oyster Casserole +16 HP Restored Faldorian
Oyster Meat +3 HP Restored Faldorian
Parsnip +3 HP Restored All 
Peach +3 HP Restored All 
Pear +3 HP Restored All 
Pike Material Erfdarian
Pizza -4 Crafting Time for 30 Minutes All 
Plum +3 HP Restored All 
Raisin Bread -4 Crafting Time for 25 minutes Faldorian
Red Berry +1 HP Restored Odtoni
Rhizard Stew -2 Cooking Time for 30 minutes Monster Drop
Salsa +3 Speed for 20 Minutes Odtoni
Scalloped Oysters +1 Smithing Success for 40 Minutes Faldorian
Seafood Platter -2 Mining Time for 30 Minutes All 
Shark Steak +6 HP Restored All 
Shark Squibs -3 Woodcutting Time for 20 Minutes Erfdarian
Spaghetti Platter -3 Smithing Time for 25 Minutes All 
Stew -2 Woodcutting Time for 30 Minutes All 
Stuffed Pepper +1 Crafting Success for 30 Minutes Faldorian
Taco +1 Max Spell Damage for 15 Minutes Odtoni
Tomato +3 HP Restored All 
Tomato Sauce +3 HP Restored All 
Tortilla +1 HP Restored Odtoni
Tuna Casserole +2 Gem Finding for 30 Minutes Erfdarian
Tuna Steak +5 HP Restored All 
Turnip +2 HP Restored All 

If anything was forgotten please add it to the list, will try and keep it updated Klisten