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Guild Wars

Love 'em or hate 'em Guild Wars are here

1. The attack handler counts walls/hq as extra defense once they have been completed, but the ref starts to take them into account as soon as construction is started (it is planning on potential future defense), so leaving half complete walls lying around for long periods is probably not a good idea. (And conversely leaving one block out of each wall until the raid is incoming will not make any difference to your combat rank).

2. To find out which guilds you can attack (the Guild Combat Rank page not being accurate enough) you can either scroll through and try each guild in your HQ, or message One-Eyed Jack who is the raid advisor (message and topic to be blank) and he responds reasonably promtly via message. He is not yet 100% accurate, but best guess rough guide. The reply from One-Eyed Jack will also show which guilds you have a Retal Bonus against pending, including no-show group attacks.

2a. To find out which guilds can attack you (the Guild Combat Rank page not being accurate enough), message One-Eyed Jack who is the raid advisor with the word defend or  defense in the body of the text, and he responds reasonably promtly via message. He is not yet 100% accurate, but best guess rough guide.

3. Group fights scheduled with other guilds that are lower in combat rank in an attempt to lower overall combat rank does not work. If three guilds are scheduled on a group fight and only members of two of those guilds actually participate, retals will be available on just those two guilds.

Once a guild has a Headquarters It may attack another guild subject to the following rules.

Rule 1.
You may not attack a guild if you have an alliance or peace treaty.

Rule 2.
You may attack anyone you have the ability to (see above about One-Eyed Jack ) as long as it does not violate rule 1. Actual attack ranks are checked for validity 24 hours before the scheduled time of the attack (or as soon as possible if you set it for less than 24 hours in the future in the case of some raids).

Rule 3.
If you attack a guild and nobody defends, you will get more loot than if someone defends, even if they lose.
This is written as an 'Unopposed bonus'.

Rule 4.
If a guild with a combat ranking lower than yours attacks, you may counter-attack.
You have 7 days to schedule this counter-attack and it counts as such when calculating amount taken if it occurs within 10 days of an attack.
You gain a 'Retaliation Bonus' for this.

Rule 5.
You may not attack the same guild more than once within a 48 hour period.

Rule 6.
A guild can't be attacked by guilds more often than once every 30 minutes. After 30 minutes another attack may arrive even if there is an ongoing battle.

Rule 7.
A guild may attack once every 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Suggest they leave enough time to finish one battle and to move to the next. This is not in conflict with rule 6. because of rule 5.

Types of Attacks:

Quick strike. Has the least reward. Goods from storehouses, shops and casinos.
Must be scheduled at least 1 hour in advance.

Greater reward than a Raid. Goods from storehouses, shops and casinos.
Must be scheduled a day (or more) in advance. Notice is sent to the attacked guild a day before the attack. This shows in your HQ under Scheduled Attacks as:
Approved war from (name of guild). on (date) (time)
Since notice is given in advance, larger forces can be assembled.

Invasion (Destroy):
Structures may be damaged.
Must be scheduled at least 1 day in advance. Notice is sent to the attacked guild a day before the attack. This shows in your HQ under Scheduled Attacks as:
Approved invasion from (guild name). on (date) (time)
Since notice is given in advance, larger forces can be assembled.

A guild without an HQ may only be raided. No wars or invasions may be scheduled against a compound without an HQ.
A damaged HQ is treated as no HQ.


No warning is displayed in your guild HQ.

A warning is displayed in your guild HQ 24 hours before its scheduled to alert you.

Same as a war.

For all types of attacks, warnings may be given to guild members who are NOT working on combat, travelling or playing cards in a casino.
The closer you are to your compound the more frequent the warnings will be displayed.
The warnings are shown underneath your attempt at the task you're doing in plain white text.
Like “You successfully cut 1 log into a board.
People seem to be unusually rushed today, might be an attack coming later”
This applies to all skills except combat, traveling and playing cards at a casino.

The warnings and their meanings are as follows...
– “People seem to be unusually rushed today, might be an attack coming later.” means 30–50 minutes till the attack
– “Lots of people gathering outside your compound, better watch for an attack.” means 20–30 minutes till the attack
– “Looks like an attack forming outside, better start to get ready.” means 10–20 minutes till the attack
– “Incoming attack any time now, batten down the hatches.” means <10 minutes till the attack

The Fight:

An attack is scheduled at the guild HQ by an authorised guild member. They can also cancel a pending attack.

Members of the attacking and defending guilds, and allies of the defending guild, can join the fight at the compound of the defending guild. The attacking members select “Attack Guild Compound”, while defending members select “Guard compound against attackers.” They may join the attack at any point in the 5 mins before the attack happens (the link to attack / defend will not show until then). It is recommended that you join with at least 10 seconds to spare.

Before the fight, the screen shows your teammates on the left and the enemy on the right, and a countdown. Clicking on a name or a spell will refresh the player lists.

Once the fight begins, the actions of the two sides will scroll between the team lists, where the attackers are in Yellow and defenders in Blue. There is also timer which shows the time until your next action. To attack someone click on their name, to eat something click on it, to cast a spell click on the spell and then the person to cast it on.

If the attackers win and the guild action was a raid or war then the items if available will randomly be added to the surviving members' inventories. If the guild action was an Invasion (Destroy) a random guild building will be damaged.

A report of the battle is posted automatically to the Gameplay – Fight Logs forum.


After about 30 mins in the fight, fatigue may set in, reducing combat stats.


The game favours multiple items, (think lots of tuna, rope, sugar, sharp tooth etc.) and out of these tends to favour the heavier ones. There is always the possibility of other items being taken, but they are less likely to be taken unless there is nothing else there.

Limit of Spoils:

The upper limit is determined by the carrying capacity of the survivors.

The spoils calculations are based on number of surviving attackers, unopposed bonus and retal bonus. Then a figure of what is looted is game decided. Then (and only then) the carry capacity of the survivors is used – if you can not hold all the 'game decided spoils' what is received is reduced.
The optimum surviving attackers to have remaining at the end of a raid is 3, in a war / destroy is 6.

Invasion damage:

A successful Invasion (Destroy) can damage one guild building. If the compound contains completed buildings, then one will be selected randomly. Otherwise, if the compound contains incomplete buildings, then the building closest to completion will be selected. Any building damaged will not be able to be accessed until it is mended, this includes vessi in shops, cards in casino, crops to be picked etc

The amount of damage will be recorded in the fight log, e.g.,

Attackers do 1213 damage to the building “1,000 stone Guild Store”

This building will need an extra 1213 materials (lumber, stone, glass etc as appropriate) before it is complete.


Clear any pending bot check before the raid, by clicking the  by your name. Before the raid starts it may also be worth powering up with enhancement spells and foods.

Personal Losses:

Defenders and their allies lose nothing on their persons if they die.
If dead they respawn outside of the compound and may not reenter the battle.
They can cast non-combat spells like Heal and Excite.

Attackers upon dying have their items go to the person that slew them.
If that person cannot hold it all, the remainder falls to the ground.

Limits on Participation:

If you join a guild, you may not fight for 24 hours for that guild (as an attacker, defender or defend allies).

Any ally of a defending guild helping in the defense,
fights without the benefit of the defenders defensive bonus (Walls and HQ).

Combat Ranks:

Some theories about how the guild combat rank is calculated. These are not necessarily true.

Opting Out:

A guild can't explicitly opt out of guild wars. If it avoids certain things, it can avoid losing anything however. See Effectively opting out of Guild Wars for more details.