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The Beginning of an Empire

The Faldorian Kingdom was founded by Markus Faldor, 78 years ago in the city of Echtin. After a long time of anarchy, Markus grouped together some fine young men, and gained support throughout the island. When enough people were loyal to him, he crowned himself King Markus I of The Faldorian Kingdom.

Markus was a king who thought peace was more important over war, so he was set on expanding the island kingdom and make it prosper. He was 63 years of age when he died. He was king 34 years and then his son Harold became King Harold I.

Up until this day, Harold has been king 44 years and is now 78 years old, as old as the kingdom itself. Since he has been king the island has been prospering at the cost of space. Now the time has come to colonize other lands to let the Kingdom prosper further under the upcoming reign of Harold eldest, his daughter Mara.

The Death of King Harold Faldor

King Harold was looking for something to do one day, So he went down to Port Schow and told all the villagers of the kingdom to find him something to do. The villagers came up with the idea of making a crafting hut. So the villagers slaved over hatchets, furnaces, mines and lakes to get the required materials to make the hut. Finally after a long hard month of work they got it done and the king came. “Hmmm, This is pretty nice.” said the king, “But I also want to be able to sail to Ponat and beyond”. Villagers around gasped at the idea.

“Well, build me a wharf, so we can start sailing across the seas!” King Harold said. And with that all the villagers went back to work and got all the resources for the wharf and built it. King Harold came and saw it with a sparkle in his eye. “Thank you, I am really grateful to all of you.” The king wanted to visit Ponat by travelling there by boat. But, when halfway across the bay, the boat capsized and sank to the bottom of the sea. The whole kingdom chanted the name of their king that night, so that they would remember King Harold forever.

A new dynasty and expansionism

Within a week after King Harold's demise, his daughter Mara was crowned Queen Mara. For a few years she has been waiting anxiously to take up the throne, but now it happened all so fast she was caught off guard by it, not knowing what to do. By chance, the scouts sent out by her father a few weeks before, came with news of a continent just over the horizon to the west, which they had named Beromi. Queen Mara then made her first official decision. She prepared her country for an invasion.

To be continued...