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Here is something one of my dearest friends wrote and id like your opinion on it Love. Means so much. But how do you know when your in love? Just because your love isn't picture perfect does it mean its not true? Just because you fight, doesn't mean you aren't a good couple.. latley, i've been pondering the real meaning of love. It was a hollow word to me for a little while, i didn't want that feeling near me. It just brought tears to my eyes and confusion to my thoughts. True love, isn't always like hollywood makes it seem it should be. He doesn't need to bring you roses and be mr. perfect. Love, with it, you see past imperfections, It gives you courage to work through problems. Now, depending on the couple they may not be able to work through it. But if they love eachother, and never give up, in their heart.. im not talking keep dating. I'm talking if in their hearts they never give up on eachother, there is still a piece of them that can't stand not being with the other, there is so much there. Usually in movies the guy is perfect. Or the girl is amazing. Our imperfections make us perfect, i'd like to see a movie where two people love eachother so much, and try so hard to make things work, but their personal selves aren't ready for what they are trying to persue. So they fail time and time again. And in the end they still love eachother. I want to see real pain, i want to see real love, i want to see reality. Alot of my favourite movies are love stories, like Titanic, The notebook, etc. And in the end, someone gets hurt. And theres always the “happily ever after”. In life there is no “happilly ever after”. If you love someone, thats enough. You will get in disagreements, but if the loves there, and you two care about eachother, they can work past them and keep going. I know some people, they try at a relationship and always end up hurt. It gets boring or they don't trust eachother. But they keep comming back. If they were meant to be friends they would'nt date again. they would've moved on, its been over 3 yrs and they still do it. junior high to highschool. I've seen them together, i've heard their friends say that you can just look at them and tell they love eachother. Their friends will joke when they break up because they say they'll just get back together. Something tells me thats more than friends. When one of them is with someone else, the other is hurt. i know from personal experience they are in love. My friend, who is the girl in this relationship, loves him. She always will. And she is finally seeing what she did to him cuz he hurt her. He says he doesn't love her anymore then a sister. I don't know what will happen, again this is real life, not the movies, but four years, i don't think they can just end it in one shot. -Kim


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