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A list of all the system announcements and when they were posted in chat.
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Ruins at Haldos outpost (12/12/2006):

09:13:03 The last of the Nagaromi at Haldos Outpost have been defeated
09:13:13 Unfortunately it seems they have done a good job of breaking everything on their way out
09:13:23 A decision is made to take some time to regroup and see what can be found in the remains
09:13:33 Scouts are sent out to see what else is in the surrounding areas
09:13:53 In the meantime there are reports that there are still dangerous things on Barin Plains
09:14:03 Perhaps a little hunting party is in order

Old Man (12/12/2006):

09:45:49 While searching the ruins at Haldos Outpost our soldiers report finding something interesting
09:46:09 In one room the soldiers find an old man sitting amid the debris of many smashed objects
09:46:29 “I am too old to fight anymore, and all my materials have been destroyed”
09:46:39 “But if you can replenish my stock I would be willing to teach you what I know”
09:46:59 “For my own people have left me here to die, I owe them nothing more”

Scouts report Mine (12/12/2006):

11:04:31 Our scouts have returned from the north and report there is a mine there
11:04:51 It seems that the Nagaromi were mining something, but the last few remaining have barricaded themselves in the mines
11:05:01 We will have to fight our way in if we want to use the mines ourselves

Commotion (14/12/2006):

00:02:32 On the road leading south from Barin Plains a commotion arises
00:02:52 The roadblock set up by the Nagaromi Soldiers has been broken by our brave soldiers
00:03:12 While moving on towards Yisildor Bay, they encounter a large battle going on between Nagaromi Soldiers and Barktomi Soldiers
00:03:33 Our brave soldiers flank the battling Nagaromi from the rear, and start to fight as well

Sounds of Hammers (14/12/2006):

10:43:59 Over the sounds of hammers at Ponat a sudden warning bell is heard
10:44:19 The furnace supervisor reports “We have uncovered some problems with the furnace”
10:44:29 “Without repairs we cannot get it hot enough to continue to smelt steel”
10:44:39 “We would appreciate any help you can give in gathering the materials necessary for the repairs”

Garando mines(17/12/2006):

10:44:30 There has been fierce fighting in the mines at Garando, but the last of the Nagaromi there have finally been driven out
10:44:40 It appears that the Nagaromi were mining iron ore here as well as stone blocks
10:44:50 There is also a passage where they were mining something else, but part of the tunnel has collapsed
10:45:00 That tunnel will have to be dug out before it can be used

Sjirkomi Natives have been found (17/12/2006):

18:50:32 At Haldos Outpost a scouting party returns from the west with news
18:50:52 “To the west of Haldos is a small encampment of Sjirkomi Natives.”
18:51:12 “This encampment lies on an ideal place to build a settlement for ourselves.”
18:51:32 “We need to clear the area before we can build a settlement in the area.”

Deposit of coal (19/12/2006):

20:34:23 The collapsed tunnel at Garando Mines has been cleared, and a small deposit of coal has been found at the end

Yisildor Bay (20/12/2006):

21:48:42 After much fighting, both groups of natives have been driven from Yisildor Bay
21:49:02 Scouts are sent out to find out more about these Barktomi
21:49:22 In the mean time there are some nice fishing spots here in Yisildor Bay

Southwest of Yisildor Bay (20/12/2006):

22:51:41 Southwest of Yisildor Bay, the scouts sent out from Yisildor meet up with the scouts from Haldos Outpost
22:52:01 Together they discover an area of flat land that would be ideal to settle a new city
22:52:21 The only problem is, there is an encampment of the Barktomi Natives
22:52:41 We need to clear the area before we would be able to settle this new city

Cardina city (20/12/2006):

06:16:00 The Skirkomi at Cardina have been cleared out and now the real work can begin
06:16:10 Constructors are brought in and the planning has begun for our city here

Collection of materials for Cardina (20/12/2006):

11:25:19 The initial planning work for the city at Cardina has been completed and the collection of materials for the buildings has started


13:41:08 The Barktomi at Martral have been cleared out and the area is now clear to begin construction


09:35:31 The materials to fix the furnace in Ponat have been collected and repairs are underway
09:35:41 We expect it to be fully operation again shortly
09:35:51 Thanks to everyone who helped gather the repair supplies

Rumors of a Dragon (15/01/2007):

16:23:13 Rumors have been circulating with tales of a dragon living in Barin somewhere
16:23:58 In Cardina there are reports of smoke and fire and large flying things seen in the west
16:24:30 Tales of gold get bigger with each telling, and many decide to go hunt for this beast

Mines Cleared (17/01/2007):

17:21:07 The mines at Cardina Valley have now been cleared and are open for miners to use

Jungle Uncovered (5/02/2007):
22:51:31 Venturing into the jungle south of Martral our scouts have found what looks like it used to be a woodcutting location
22:51:54 But the jungle has completely overgrown whatever used to be there
22:52:15 It will need to be cleared out before it can be returned to its former use

Sjirkomi on the warpath (6/02/2007):
22:45:25 Scouts have returned from west of Martral where they report a large open area
22:45:35 They say they found a Sjirkomi encampment there, but the Sjirkomi were already all dead
22:45:55 It is not clear who or what they were killed by, but it seems that a larger group of Sjirkomi from nearby is now on the warpath
22:46:05 They are headed for Martral, but if we hurry we can meet them away from the city at Unopos Mesa

hah ReBeL (And this is an announcement as it was done by the Admin) (2/18/07):
21:21:07 *A Large rock is launched from the admin compound and flattens ReBeL*

Awakening of the Cavelurk (12/03/2007):
14:54:06 Reports have started coming in from the mines in Droesar
14:54:06 It seems the recent warm weather has awakened some creatures that were hibernating in an unused part of the mines
14:54:06 Mining there is going to be somewhat hazardous until they are cleared out

11:43:51 Rumors have been spreading of people at Hevalus Jungle disappearing, there is no official news yet, but it seems the army is being called in to investigate
11:45:52 Those in charge of the investigation at Hevalus still report no comment, but they have closed all the roads coming in and say that anyone remaining there does so at their own risk
12:15:52 While Hevalus still remains closed information has been getting out, they say that several Faldorian citizens were kidnapped by soldiers from another kingdom
12:16:12 Rumor has it that the Queen herself has gone to Hevalus to negotiate with their representatives
12:36:12 The negotiations at Hevalus have proven successful and an announcement has been made
12:36:32 Faldor has signed a non-agression treaty with the nation of Erfdar, an elvish people living deeper in the jungles south of Hevalus
12:36:52 Faldorian citizens are free to travel through Erfdarian lands and will have limited access to resources there. Erfdarian citizens will also have free access to Faldorian lands.
12:37:12 We have also learned from the Erfdarians about another kingdom to the north of our recently acquired territory on Beromi, the kingdom of Odton
12:37:32 Another group of ambassadors has been dispatched to meet with Odtoni representatives
13:17:32 The negotiators sent to Odton have returned with good news
13:17:53 Although Odton and Erfdar have been at war for a long time the Odtoni have also agreed to a treaty with us as well as a cease-fire with the Erfdarians
13:18:13 The terms of the agreement are similar to the Erfdarian treaty, we get access to their territory and limited access to resources

04:19:49 Thanks to our valient fighters Yisildor Bay is clear of invaders and open for fishing again

15:02:23 A force of lizardmen have been spotted on the plains outside Echtin
15:02:43 The queen is calling for all Faldorians to come home and defend their homeland and seat of power

15:02:23 The Odtoni warmaster is calling for all his warriors native or not to return to Giroc
15:02:43 A force of bats has been sighted a few miles away and he needs them to be destroyed before they can reach the city and kill his civilians

13:27:11 The queen thanks all her brave warriors and is going to send an expedition deep into the plateu atop Unopos Mesa
13:27:31 If we have heard nothing back from them within 2 weeks return to Echtin and i will tell you what we know and send you myself

15:00:49 The Elven High Council sends out a message to all warriors. The trees that have over run Bulbas and Cythe cannot be contained by the Erfdarians alone

13:08:22 It seems a crowd of creatures have been drawn out of the mountain caves by the warmth in the smithy at Cardina and have decided to forcibly move in
13:08:42 It is up to us to convince them that isn't a good idea :)

48 minutes and 3,000 Monsters later (almost 63 per minute)...

13:56:13 Thanks to all who helped, the town is now clear of any invading creatures

15:18:10 Some observers have spotted disguised pirates infiltrating Port Barin
15:18:20 Who knows what they're up to but it's probably not good so fighters are moving to take them out

13:10:00 You hear a rumble and splashing sounds from the direction of the river...

01:26:50 It seems that the island of Danycia has been invaded by flocks of chickens
01:27:10 No one knows where they came from but not much work is being done there until they can be cleared out

10:10:41 Everything seems to feel a little off today. The air is so quiet and still.

22:38:37 It seems a tribe of natives have shown up out of the forest at Cythe and have tried to claim the town as their own
22:38:57 The local residents are fighting back, but have also put out a call for high level fighters to help

11:43:59 It seems that the island of Danycia has been invaded by flocks of chickens
11:44:19 No one knows where they came from but not much work is being done there until they can be cleared out