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The Anointed One's Of Movoda

If interested in becoming a part of TAOM and our wacky team
then message Chickaroo or mikeyii. However, don't bother if you can't take a joke,
are easily offended,
or don't like working as a unit.

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Character Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]104121,084,413
2Erevos [TAOM]9791,221,516
3Castle [TAOM]8554,617,979
4Chickaroo [TAOM]8452,623,936
5mikeyii [TAOM]7328,786,903
6The Scarecrow King [TAOM]6721,464,289
7Count Pinda [TAOM]6417,351,936
8Ahnaf [TAOM]6115,021,004
9sabrial [TAOM]6013,407,995
10nameless [TAOM]538,531,384
11SaDaRe [TAOM]517,187,707
12GLOBAL [TAOM]517,092,472
13DRganzas [TAOM]496,443,536
14SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]496,360,027 (+470)
15Monsieur Maru [TAOM]496,277,935
16vilsonia [TAOM]496,133,961
17The Riddler [TAOM]485,952,924
18Aaron [TAOM]485,871,473
19Silversword [TAOM]464,984,336
20Liam [TAOM]321,233,427
21Kaldog06? [TAOM]23347,523
22The_Lion [TAOM]20236,047
23Energy? [TAOM]17123,287
24Jarterplay? [TAOM]1351,812

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Combat Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Erevos [TAOM]115175,881,733
2Transport [TAOM]109144,072,220
3Castle [TAOM]8349,091,956
4Chickaroo [TAOM]7736,532,850
5Count Pinda [TAOM]7227,874,183
6mikeyii [TAOM]7126,684,408
7sabrial [TAOM]7025,093,711
8The Scarecrow King [TAOM]6215,316,697
9Ahnaf [TAOM]5711,034,939
10nameless [TAOM]559,422,379
11GLOBAL [TAOM]496,188,115
12The Riddler [TAOM]433,933,294
13SaDaRe [TAOM]433,818,674
14Liam [TAOM]331,358,943
15Aaron [TAOM]301,007,332
16vilsonia [TAOM]30982,146
17DRganzas [TAOM]27697,422
18Silversword [TAOM]27647,565
19Monsieur Maru [TAOM]25472,432
20Kaldog06? [TAOM]1354,858
21SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]1353,828
22The_Lion [TAOM]53,774
23Jarterplay? [TAOM]2720

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Speed Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]6720,938,240
2Chickaroo [TAOM]517,526,181
3Erevos [TAOM]506,997,379
4Castle [TAOM]464,718,325
5Ahnaf [TAOM]423,313,620
6GLOBAL [TAOM]402,878,414
7The Scarecrow King [TAOM]392,564,974
8mikeyii [TAOM]361,842,186
9SaDaRe [TAOM]341,463,378
10Aaron [TAOM]331,439,858
11nameless [TAOM]321,262,041
12The Riddler [TAOM]30998,994
13Count Pinda [TAOM]30996,287
14sabrial [TAOM]29866,469
15Silversword [TAOM]29839,712
16vilsonia [TAOM]29820,516
17DRganzas [TAOM]28703,184
18Monsieur Maru [TAOM]26602,279
19Liam [TAOM]24406,653
20SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]23395,136

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Mining Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]6923,269,037
2Monsieur Maru [TAOM]5811,930,421
3mikeyii [TAOM]559,628,114
4Castle [TAOM]538,223,501
5Chickaroo [TAOM]517,423,800
6The Riddler [TAOM]423,413,914
7Silversword [TAOM]361,858,799
8nameless [TAOM]361,854,722
9Aaron [TAOM]331,375,360
10sabrial [TAOM]321,201,424
11vilsonia [TAOM]27699,763
12Ahnaf [TAOM]25470,677
13SaDaRe [TAOM]24408,713
14GLOBAL [TAOM]23342,991
15The Scarecrow King [TAOM]22291,605
16Kaldog06? [TAOM]21250,942
17SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]21248,366
18Erevos [TAOM]20224,917
19DRganzas [TAOM]20211,940
20Energy? [TAOM]18159,715

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Magic Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]454,597,028
2Castle [TAOM]454,336,605
3Chickaroo [TAOM]433,639,509
4Erevos [TAOM]372,207,341
5mikeyii [TAOM]361,957,831
6nameless [TAOM]311,046,361
7The Scarecrow King [TAOM]28741,711
8Ahnaf [TAOM]27636,240
9DRganzas [TAOM]26554,070
10Count Pinda [TAOM]25502,614
11Silversword [TAOM]24410,652
12Aaron [TAOM]23376,182
13SaDaRe [TAOM]22309,417
14vilsonia [TAOM]22295,068
15The Riddler [TAOM]21272,163
16Monsieur Maru [TAOM]21263,868
17SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]20219,333
18GLOBAL [TAOM]19202,239
19sabrial [TAOM]17119,141
20Liam [TAOM]1359,451
21The_Lion [TAOM]79,018
22Energy? [TAOM]67,020
23Kaldog06? [TAOM]41,971
24Jarterplay? [TAOM]31,635

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Trading Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]413,161,331
2Chickaroo [TAOM]29882,552
3Erevos [TAOM]16115,016
4Castle [TAOM]16112,787
5The Scarecrow King [TAOM]16101,895
6Silversword [TAOM]1586,845
7nameless [TAOM]1585,058
8Ahnaf [TAOM]1355,106
9Aaron [TAOM]1350,724
10SaDaRe [TAOM]1350,263
11mikeyii [TAOM]1247,006
12The Riddler [TAOM]1133,617
13DRganzas [TAOM]1132,453
14Count Pinda [TAOM]1027,065
15vilsonia [TAOM]1024,645
16GLOBAL [TAOM]917,384
17Monsieur Maru [TAOM]813,289
18sabrial [TAOM]67,722
19SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]65,813
20Liam [TAOM]54,842

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Woodcutting Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]6923,281,445
2Castle [TAOM]5610,122,449
3mikeyii [TAOM]433,657,343
4Aaron [TAOM]372,124,693
5GLOBAL [TAOM]331,343,081
6vilsonia [TAOM]321,287,514
7The Scarecrow King [TAOM]311,103,493
8The Riddler [TAOM]311,097,834
9Chickaroo [TAOM]30927,744
10Count Pinda [TAOM]28754,808
11SaDaRe [TAOM]26600,076
12Erevos [TAOM]26586,419
13Silversword [TAOM]24454,335
14SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]22338,225
15Ahnaf [TAOM]20238,288
16nameless [TAOM]20216,904
17DRganzas [TAOM]20216,039
18Kaldog06? [TAOM]16113,032
19sabrial [TAOM]1242,475
20Liam [TAOM]920,596
21Monsieur Maru [TAOM]919,860
22Jarterplay? [TAOM]916,920
23The_Lion [TAOM]2492

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Smithing Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Chickaroo [TAOM]6316,208,080
2Silversword [TAOM]6013,595,064
3mikeyii [TAOM]464,713,294
4Transport [TAOM]433,770,129
5Castle [TAOM]413,272,601
6Liam [TAOM]372,168,782
7vilsonia [TAOM]30911,716
8GLOBAL [TAOM]29804,513
9SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]25529,959
10Aaron [TAOM]24418,001
11nameless [TAOM]24410,569
12The Scarecrow King [TAOM]1588,147
13Erevos [TAOM]1353,640
14The Riddler [TAOM]1353,123
15Monsieur Maru [TAOM]1247,840
16SaDaRe [TAOM]1136,282
17DRganzas [TAOM]1028,762
18sabrial [TAOM]1022,802
19Kaldog06? [TAOM]814,476
20Ahnaf [TAOM]66,916

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Construction Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1DRganzas [TAOM]6316,215,778
2SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]6114,463,022 (+7,520)
3mikeyii [TAOM]5711,153,923
4nameless [TAOM]506,760,004
5Castle [TAOM]485,663,806
6GLOBAL [TAOM]475,200,916
7Transport [TAOM]402,754,477
8Aaron [TAOM]372,137,524
9The Scarecrow King [TAOM]351,636,216
10Erevos [TAOM]331,321,287
11SaDaRe [TAOM]311,038,748
12vilsonia [TAOM]28799,809
13The Riddler [TAOM]28776,072
14Chickaroo [TAOM]27660,663
15Silversword [TAOM]22333,431
16Liam [TAOM]21288,135
17Ahnaf [TAOM]20228,472
18sabrial [TAOM]17134,365
19Kaldog06? [TAOM]1587,578
20Count Pinda [TAOM]1354,672

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Cooking Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Chickaroo [TAOM]8043,115,726
2Ahnaf [TAOM]6619,500,143
3Transport [TAOM]5812,129,310
4SaDaRe [TAOM]5610,179,453
5Castle [TAOM]559,833,656
6mikeyii [TAOM]517,379,622
7Aaron [TAOM]485,737,827
8GLOBAL [TAOM]361,949,135
9SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]321,168,913
10The Riddler [TAOM]26587,925
11The Scarecrow King [TAOM]26543,970
12nameless [TAOM]25518,625
13Silversword [TAOM]25496,329
14vilsonia [TAOM]21283,018
15Erevos [TAOM]20242,833
16DRganzas [TAOM]18158,323
17sabrial [TAOM]1466,967
18Count Pinda [TAOM]1132,219
19Kaldog06? [TAOM]916,743
20Monsieur Maru [TAOM]815,703

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Fishing Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1The Scarecrow King [TAOM]7024,839,142
2Transport [TAOM]6013,310,736
3Count Pinda [TAOM]538,714,702
4Castle [TAOM]454,298,932
5Monsieur Maru [TAOM]372,140,416
6mikeyii [TAOM]361,843,413
7Chickaroo [TAOM]351,713,364
8SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]30984,808
9Ahnaf [TAOM]30909,881
10nameless [TAOM]27642,971
11SaDaRe [TAOM]26582,034
12Aaron [TAOM]22333,026
13The_Lion [TAOM]22325,532
14Erevos [TAOM]22320,218
15vilsonia [TAOM]21280,417
16Silversword [TAOM]19183,815
17GLOBAL [TAOM]17140,617
18The Riddler [TAOM]16112,264
19DRganzas [TAOM]1577,707
20sabrial [TAOM]1240,723

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Crafting Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Castle [TAOM]8656,296,279
2Chickaroo [TAOM]5912,965,893
3SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]559,452,438
4vilsonia [TAOM]444,027,687
5mikeyii [TAOM]341,519,016
6Silversword [TAOM]28789,458
7Transport [TAOM]26585,749
8nameless [TAOM]20210,025
9Aaron [TAOM]17124,777
10Erevos [TAOM]16111,845
11DRganzas [TAOM]1585,217
12GLOBAL [TAOM]1583,152
13Ahnaf [TAOM]1577,461
14SaDaRe [TAOM]1359,323
15The Riddler [TAOM]1025,455
16Monsieur Maru [TAOM]1024,351
17Liam [TAOM]812,060
18The Scarecrow King [TAOM]811,812
19sabrial [TAOM]66,549
20Jarterplay? [TAOM]53,390

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Harvesting Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Transport [TAOM]7431,538,779
2Chickaroo [TAOM]6924,365,392
3Castle [TAOM]6215,352,080
4vilsonia [TAOM]485,918,391
5mikeyii [TAOM]464,831,421
6Ahnaf [TAOM]402,724,310
7Silversword [TAOM]361,948,914
8The Riddler [TAOM]351,664,424
9Erevos [TAOM]321,292,933
10The Scarecrow King [TAOM]311,079,108
11GLOBAL [TAOM]30919,050
12SaDaRe [TAOM]27663,713
13Aaron [TAOM]23347,758
14Monsieur Maru [TAOM]21285,544
15nameless [TAOM]21265,083
16SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]20236,223
17DRganzas [TAOM]20226,793
18sabrial [TAOM]20220,166
19Liam [TAOM]18163,164
20Count Pinda [TAOM]1349,908

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Cards Highscores

RankPlayerLevelExpGained Today (Since Yesterday)
1Castle [TAOM]1242,875
2Chickaroo [TAOM]1027,053
3mikeyii [TAOM]1026,309
4Silversword [TAOM]43,157
5DRganzas [TAOM]43,141
6The Riddler [TAOM]42,986
7Aaron [TAOM]42,735
8The Scarecrow King [TAOM]31,491
9GLOBAL [TAOM]31,300
10vilsonia [TAOM]31,140
11SaDaRe [TAOM]3951
12Liam [TAOM]2770
13SnoopyandtheRedBaron [TAOM]2762
14Erevos [TAOM]2655
15Ahnaf [TAOM]2612
16sabrial [TAOM]2542
17Count Pinda [TAOM]2536
18Monsieur Maru [TAOM]2500
19nameless [TAOM]2408
20Energy? [TAOM]186

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Active Playing Time Highscores

RankPlayerActive Playing Time
1Transport1,713 Days, 19 Hours, 27 Minutes
2Castle1,173 Days, 7 Hours, 5 Minutes
3Chickaroo1,084 Days, 11 Hours, 37 Minutes
4mikeyii759 Days, 16 Hours, 14 Minutes
5Erevos580 Days, 17 Hours, 35 Minutes
6The Scarecrow King454 Days, 5 Hours, 47 Minutes
7Count Pinda401 Days, 1 Hours, 32 Minutes
8SnoopyandtheRedBaron351 Days, 14 Hours, 40 Minutes
9vilsonia346 Days, 11 Hours, 6 Minutes
10Ahnaf322 Days, 10 Hours, 29 Minutes
11The Riddler317 Days, 10 Hours, 20 Minutes
12Aaron313 Days, 14 Hours, 8 Minutes
13SaDaRe270 Days, 8 Hours, 45 Minutes
14DRganzas267 Days, 14 Hours, 41 Minutes
15GLOBAL249 Days, 18 Hours, 46 Minutes
16nameless235 Days, 6 Hours, 28 Minutes
17Silversword226 Days, 15 Hours, 44 Minutes
18Monsieur Maru170 Days, 3 Hours, 10 Minutes
19sabrial132 Days, 23 Hours, 19 Minutes
20Liam37 Days, 15 Hours, 35 Minutes

There has been 12470 tries to become Anointed.