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Member Since: 2008-03-30 05:28:45
Active playing time: 297 Days, 11 Hours, 9 Minutes
Member Number: 0000005331
Character Experience: 6,872,288
Character Level: 50
Highest Skill: Construction Level 51
Nationality: Faldorian

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Ranks and Graphs:

Ranked #901 in Character Experience

Ranked #265 at Speed

Ranked #1,319 at Mining

Ranked #1,071 at Combat

Best gains: +35,270 (+99,053) (06 and 05 of may 2010)
Ranked #510 at Magic

Ranked #554 at Magic

Best gains (without haldos): +1,629 (+3,114) (23 and 22 of may 2010)

Ranked #54 at Trading

Best gains: +23,616 (+62,307)
Ranked #991 at Woodcutting

Ranked #934 at Smithing

Ranked #116 at Construction

Ranked #731 at Cooking

Ranked #1,042 at Fishing

Ranked #977 at Crafting

Ranked #303 at Harvesting

chicken 64
Ranked #177 at Harvesting

Ranked #233 at Cards

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His life has been very strange,

not like a usual dragon.

This... is his story:

Since the beginning of history the dragons race existed. Living apart from humans they survived, one of the only races which could do that. Their strength still grows bigger and population is rising. Each year every lady dragon will lay their eggs. The leader of the dragons, Bahamut, made love to the most respected lady dragon, Lisany. A few days later she laid lots of eggs deep in a cave on the highest mountain. A place not known by most of us.

Life went on and time past by. One year has passed and eggs began to hatch. Lisany came back together with Bahamut, to get the baby dragons out of the cave. The cave was full of dragons, almost all eggs survived the worst conditions, winter freeze and summer heat. Twenty dragons were counted and they were taken back to the kingdom, not knowing they left one egg behind, unhatched. Because of the large number of dragons they couldn’t come up with names for all the dragons, so they named them with an A or a B and a number. They were the king’s children, and when they were brought home the celebrations began.

However nobody knew about the egg left behind in the cave. A few days after the first eggs hatched the left dragon saw the light. Ow no he didn’t saw the light, he saw the darkness, the darkness of the dark cave. Without knowing what to do, the little dragon just flew, up and up, till he couldn’t do no more. After flying so high he was exhausted, the light shined in his eyes. Being fascinated by the sudden light flash and tired of the long flight, he fell down, down to a blue world below. He fell into a lake, a lake full of fish. At the side of the lake there was a town, so small it wasn’t even noticed on any map. Floating on the water he made it to the shore on the other side of the lake. He just laid there, gaining his energy back from the run out of the cave.

The little town was very small, maybe 100 people in it. They did everything theirselfs, without connection to other worlds. The lake was their source of life, with fish to feed them and water to drink. It didn’t take too long before the fishermen noticed the little dragon lying on the shore. They put it in their boat and took it back to the town. Finally arrived the dragon was taken to the pub and put on a bed to rest, while getting him something to drink and eat.

Night fell in the world, and rest mastered the town. But far above the little town there was a strange light, a light like a star. In the kingdom of the dragons everyone was wide awake, still celebrating the birth of the babies. Everyone noticed the strange star near the mountain where the babies where born. What happened? A good sign of happiness or bad luck? Or was there something else happened? The master, Bahamut, and Lisany went to the mountain and checked the cave. Nothing strange, they thought, just eggshells lying on the ground. They began cleaning the cave, and they stored every eggshell away. Just after they got done Lisany noticed there were 42 eggshells, while there were only twenty baby dragons.

The lost dragon finally woke up, being in a strange environment with strange beings. When they came closer, he became scared and bit one of the humans in his hand. The others tried to keep him calm but it didn’t work. He flew out of the window, without knowing what could happen. The parents noticed rumour from below and took a look. They saw the little dragon flying from the town and people screaming. Together they took the baby dragon and went back to the kingdom. When they arrived there everyone was surprised there was another baby. But what about the name? The other babies already got their name, and the new dragon’s name should be similar to the others. They called him dragon c0, similar to dragon a0 – a9 and dragon b0 – b9.

Festivities were organised specially for the found baby dragon. Grand feasts with lots of food and drinks. The baby dragons were in the castle, together with the new one. Every dragon had their own special room. It was loud, music was heard from the party. It was almost horrifying, fireballs flew against the walls and hard blows were heard. The only thing the new dragon could think of was to get away. But he couldn’t, cause everyone would notice him flying around. He waited till festivities were over, and everyone was asleep. Then he flew through the window, flying into unknown space. He went straight ahead, without knowing where to go. After flying hours, he set foot to a strange land underneath him. It was at a place with a castle, big houses and a marketplace. It was Echtin, the capital of the lands of Movoda. It almost looked like he was destined to live with people, destined to be the king’s child and run away to the strange population below. Now it is up to dragon c0, or easier called dragonc0, to make his livings here without disturbing the society…

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Special events:

2008–03–30 05:28:45 Started movoda!
04–01: Joined the lvl 6 guild Mfasc located at echtin
around 04–10: Started to like constructing and became guild constructor
04–19: Trading holiday. First holiday and I gained 6 trading lvls! Never did much trading after that so it helped.
Somewhere in May: I became the one with highest constructing lvl in the guild
05–25: Magic holiday. Seemed like a disappointment. No extra exp for casting and a quest thingy that was bugged:(
Mid July: Guild became lvl 15. A big step since greenhouses where gonna be built and I was quite a harvester myself.
07–20: Speed holiday. A great holiday full of speed thingies. Afk wasn't in my dictionary at that time.
End of August: two greenhouses are built and the harvesting exp pops up like crazy:)
End of August / Begin? of September: 6 members left from the guild, the most important name was Nairobie. Thank you towards Nairobie and I hope you have a nice time at MAN~;)
Somewhere in September: I started to get bored at constructing. The logs weren't coming along in good quantities and it all became a bit doing harvesting in between to kill time. This was the time I changed to becoming a fulltime harvester. Constructing lvl 30 was reached so that should be enough for a while:)
09–27: Mining holiday. A good day full of extra exp. Doubled my total mining exp that day and made some money on a mining tally:)
Mid October: Finally! Harvesting lvl 20. Penos, mushrooms and parsnips can be planted now. Since chicken needed lots of time to plant those it is nice to have 2 persons to plant those stuff:)
10–19: the new harvesting quest at mesa was a success! 168 red berries could be sold for 50v each and that made a nice profit. And the harvesting ring looks good on me too::)
10–23: Harvesting holiday. The best day until now. It was random harvests and they were realy good. Exp was around 10k at the end of the day so this was a success.
10–31: Haloween! A very good day indeed: Combined things of the speed, trading and harvesting holidays where a good idea. Lots of people got stuff they liked and I did get lots of costume masks and death scythes. And almost got killed by a vampire:P
11–16: Combat holiday! Perfect as it seems: Invasions of all kinds, got some new cards for my collection and gained double my exp which I started with. Maanvaki trident as a bonus and ate lots of food. Just so you can see it: 6 dragonc0 [mfasc] 14 64,528 +35,068 (+35,187) :o love it realy. couldn't carry all my drops in the end lol:P
12–5: National holiday! Got loads of presents that are probably going to keep me away from my pc for quite some time:P Think that is worth mentioning lol
12–11: Woodcutting holiday: hmmm what to say? didn't found any gloves in that one hour I was online:P But seriously, I think I had less online time than needed to realy benefit this holiday, so that was a bit of a downpart:(
12–20: Got two weeks of free time now! But unfortunately I sprained my ankle during a match that day so a bad start of the vacation time:(
12–25: I can walk back to the computer easily now so just in time for Christmas:D
1–11: I am going to get awesome gains in harvesting exp:D more info to follow:P +15,330 (+15,340) harvesting exp today:D
1–26: not realy a day worth mentioning, but still: Crafting holiday. I made my crafting lvl 5 :o this day and I am happy with that. Got a few walking sticks lying around now and made myself a mining charm if I ever make mining lvl 15.
2–18: Got my lvl 26 in harvesting so parsley time:)
3–8: Construction day:) 2 repair cards I luv them:D my first cards from a holiday so I am happy with them. Also gained some nice exp and a construction lvl (lvl 33 now)
3–12: I don't know, starting to feel bad. Wanna write this down so I won't forget it:P I have the feeling of getting neglected a bit. Lets just hope it won't put everything up-side-down for now...
4–4: Things are starting to fall into place again think the change of winter to spring was a little bit too much for me:P But now march is over and trading holiday is coming, and it is on a sunday:D already stocked some cheap stuff in for the 19th so I'm ready for it:D
4–19: Trading day! Hmm little bit of a bugger that at first the house link was broken, cause I went away to a theme park later that day when it still wasn't fixed so that was bad:( But when I came home again it worked again and I could gain some nice exp:) got my trading lvl 16 and almost lvl 17. But I couldn't take it that baspall got 100k trading exp before me:P I started above him and ended above him in trading exp but in between he got to 100k first:P
4–28: I am picking stuff right now, lots of stuff:) That's why I like mesa, you can just sit there one day and pick all you can get. Nothing to give back to the guild just everything is for you. But I don't realy know what to do right now: Go cooking, keep picking at mesa or saw logs. Cooking because of cooking day picking because of the vessi and sawing because I like sawing:) hard decision lol
5–4: Cooking day! Cooked up a few stone soups, but not much because of the horrible timers:o Instead I made some tomato sauce:)
5–26: It's my birthday:D:D:D
6–1: Magic holiday wasn't pretty awesome. Nothing realy specially happened though apart from the +1 mp restore:(
6–7: Fishing holiday fast after magic holiday. Only thing I hoped for was a better holiday than magic. Normally I realy don't fish, but today would be an exception. A new place great, but where was it? Guildies weren't online yet:P But after I found it I had a great time, catching loads of magic fishies:D:D
Begin July: Summer break:D
7–20: Speed holiday... Too bad I couldn't participate in it too much. I have been online for some time, but had other things on my mind
8–16: Smithing holiday. I don't enjoy doing smithing and that didn't change today. I just stayed in my own sawmill::)
8–24 16:20:14: After building some 50k houses, shelving too much to be told and sawing logs in the unlimitted for 1 and a half years I got construction level 40:D

2010 hasn't been recorded:P

1–22: Trading: 25 507,125 Exp (26,625 Left)

started on: 5th of November 2008
last edit: 22nd of January 2011

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