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You hit the Iron Golem and did 103 damage
You have killed the Iron Golem and gained 90 combat experience


Member Since: 2006-12-02 12:52:14
Active playing time: 334 Days, 6 Hours, 23 Minutes
Member Number: 0000000140
Character Experience: 30,911,849
Character Level: 74
Highest Skill: Combat Level 91
Nationality: Odtoni

Ranked #193 in combat.

Monsters killed by gunsmoke

You have equipped your Adamantite 2-Handed Sword.

Head: Titanium Helm (+5 Defense) Remove
Face: Titanium Helm (+5 Defense) Remove
Neck: Warriors Necklace (+2 Attack, +2 Defense, +2 HP) Remove
Upper Body: Aluminum Plate (+7 Defense, +1 Speed) Remove
Left Hand: Adamantite 2-Handed Sword (+19 Attack) Remove
Right Hand: Adamantite 2-Handed Sword (+19 Attack) Remove
Gloves: Aluminum Gauntlets (+3 Defense, +1 Speed) Remove
Lower Body: Titanium Shin Guards (+5 Defense) Remove
Feet: Titanium Boots (+5 Defense) Remove
Ring: Ring of Flexibility (+2 Agility) Remove
Tool: Nagaromi Hatchet (+2 Attack) Remove

Attack: +23
Defense: +27
HP: +2
Agility: +2
Speed: +2

Combat Stats
Attack: 75
Defense: 79
Agility: 75
Speed: 25

gunsmoke's Skills
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