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Member Since: 2008-03-06 18:41:17
Active playing time: 167 Days, 4 Hours, 24 Minutes
Member Number: 0000004967
Character Experience: 2,847,483
Character Level: 40
Highest Skill: Woodcutting Level 34
Nationality: Erfdarian
Guild: The Bubble
Guild Position: iBubbli

Nhara's Skills
Monsters killed by Nhara

My Card Collection

Adamantite Card
Aluminum Card
Apple Card (retired)
Bass Card
Bear Card
Beetle Card
Birthday Card
Bronze Card (retired)
Card's Card
Celebration Card
Chef's Card
Coal Card
Combat Card (retired)
Copper Card
Corkscrew card (Special Event)
Cougar Card
Crafting Card (retired)
Cruise Card (retired)
Dark Card
Deep Sea Card
Deer Card
Duranium Card
Elephant Card
Elven Card
Fire Card (retired)
Flounder Card
Fountain Card
Fox Card
Furnace Card
Glass Card
Goblin Card (retired)
Golden Hammer Card (Holiday Drop)
Golden Hatchet Card
Golden Pickaxe Card
Golden Pocketknife Card (retired)
Golden Tinderbox Card
Golem Card
Greenhouse Card
Griffin Card
Grizzly Bear Card (retired)
Haddock Card
Harvest Card
Hawk Card
Hobgoblin Card
Invasion Card
Iron Card
Ivory Card (retired)
Jungle Card
Leather Card (retired)
Lion Card
Lumber Card
Mackerel Card
Magic Card
Magic Fish Card
Mountain Goat Card
Mountain Lion Card
MP Restore Card (retired)
Museum Card
Mythral Card
Nagaromi Card
Orchard Card (Holiday Drop)
Oyster Card
Peach Card
Pear Card (retired)
Pirate card
Plum Card
Poison Card
Present Card (retired)
Repair Card (retired)
Rhizard Card
Royal Card
Sandstone Card
Sawmill Card (retired)
Shark Card
Shock Card
Silver Pocketknife Card
Snow Card
Spork Card (Holiday Drop)
Steel Card
Stitching Card
Stone Card
Tin Card
Titanium Card
Traders Card
Tuna Card
Turtle Card
Water Card (retired)
Wolf Card
Wood Card


Christmas Card (retired)
Dragon Card
Ghost Card
Giant Card
Lobster Card
Pike Card
Recipe Card (retired)
Storage Card
Sugar Card


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