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Do not edit my page you stalker convel!


Member Since: 2008-09-21 03:43:42
Active playing time: 285 Days, 18 Hours, 3 Minutes
Member Number: 0000007437
Character Experience: 29,920,008
Character Level: 73
Highest Skill: Combat Level 82
Nationality: Erfdarian
Guild: Wowow
Guild Position: Manager

Monsters killed by RunningMan

Character Level 73 with 29,920,008 exp.
convel you're a biggest stalker/idiot who create my page on purpose without my permission and you don't even let me know if I didn't figure about it, and you just did it 2nd times I'll report you, leave me alone

you QQ about it in chat and turn out in msg you sorry me? such a hypocrite loser you can be

From: Convel (Reply) (Forward)
Subject: Re: you got a problem?
Date: 2012–07–31 09:27:08

hey all i did was give you a page like fuck i dont have a problem with you i dont know you now i didnt change your page i gave you a page and thats not ageist the rule but changing someone else page is like what you did to mine now ill just send this to msk and see what happens cuz YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CHANGE SOMEONES PAGE but to make one is aloud

create a page is the same as edit some1 else page, you have no right to create my page in the first place. I'll report for sure since you did it twice if msk/mods won't do anything and you keeps on harassing me I'll take revenge on you

From: Convel (Reply) (Forward)
Subject: Re: you got a problem?
Date: 2012–07–31 09:57:51

all i did was make you a page trying to be nice sorry that you didnt want yes i should of asked and am sorry i didnt i have noting ageist you i dont even know you sorry for being nice