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Item Shop 1 Shop 2 (if available)
Animal SkinJunk Shop – Port Barin
Apple PieRoyal Store – Echtin (Faldor only)
BaitFlea Market – Kolar Trading Post
BoneRoyal Store – Echtin (Faldor only)
Bottle of WaterTraders Shop – Marossa
Bronze HammerGeneral Store – Echtin
Bronze HatchetGeneral Store – EchtinThe Wood Shop – Rissdra
Bronze PickaxeGeneral Store – Echtin
Code BookJunk Shop – Port Barin
Cooked BassSeafood and Eat It – Lake Essdar
Cooked FlounderSeafood and Eat It – Lake Essdar
Cooked MackerelSeafood and Eat It – Lake Essdar
Copper OreJunk Shop – Port Barin
EmeraldRoyal Store – Echtin (Faldor only)
Empty BottleTraders Shop – Port Baron
FeatherJunk Shop – Port Barin
Fishing RodGeneral Store – EchtinSeafood and Eat It – Lake Essdar
Furnace CardCard Emporium – Eptile
Iron BarRoyal Store – Echtin (Faldor only)
Iron CardCard Emporium – Eptile
Iron HammerGeneral Store – Echtin
Iron HatchetGeneral Store – EchtinThe Wood Shop – Rissdra
Iron OreYe Old Elven Junk – Tropi (Erfdarian only)
Iron PickaxeGeneral Store – Echtin
LumberThe Wood Shop – Rissdra
MuffinYe Old Elven Junk – Tropi (Erfdarian only)
Mythral HelmDwarven Treasures – Ravel (Odtoni only)
Mythral Shin GuardsDwarven Treasures – Ravel (Odtoni only)
Nagaromi Belt BuckleJunk Shop – Port Barin
PianoRoyal Store – Echtin (Faldor only)
Plant FoodFlea Market – Kolar Trading Post
PocketknifeGeneral Store – Echtin
RopeTraders Shop – Port Baron
Shark LureTraders Shop – Port Baron
Steel CardCard Shack – Ravel
Steel HatchetTraders Shop – Port Baron
Steel PickaxeTraders Shop – Port Baron
Stone BlockDwarven Treasures – Ravel (Odtoni only)
Tin OreJunk Shop – Port Barin
TinderboxGeneral Store – Echtin
Tuna LureSeafood and Eat It – Lake Essdar
Tuna SteakSeafood and Eat It – Lake Essdar