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Welcome to the fishing skill. Skill which will not only provide you with the basic raw fishes as a HP restoring items, but also will enable your friends to do their jobs, faster once the raw fish will be converted in to required items.

Fishing time items

Fishing Level 1 Fur Coat* -1 fishing time
Fishing Level 1 Bottle of Soup -2 fishing time for 20 minutes
Fishing Level 1 Seafood Stirfry -1 fishing time for 30 minutes
Fishing Level 1 Fine Whiskey -3 Fishing Time for 25 minutes, -3 Magic Fish Finding for 30 minutes
Fishing Level 1 Tuna Salad +2 Magic Fish Finding for 30 minutes
Fishing Level 1 Spicy Burger -1 Baitmaking Time for 20 minutes
Fishing Level 5 Ring of the Fish -1 fishing time
Fishing Level 10 Heirloom Fishing Cap -1 fishing time
Fishing Level 15 Heirloom Fishing Rod -1 fishing time
Magic Level 15/25 Fisher -3 fishing time for 15 minutes +3minutes for each higher Fisher level
Fishing Level 20 Pearl Necklace -1 fishing time
Fishing Level 25 Heavy Fishing Rod -1 fishing time
Fishing Level 30, Character Level 30 Scale Bracelet +1 Magic fish finding
Fishing Level 35 Fish Waders -2 fishing time
Fishing Level 40, Character Level 30 Scale Rim +2 Defense, -2 fishing time
Fishing Level 45 Bamboo Fishing Rod -1 Fishing Time, +2 Magic Fish Finding
Fishing Level 45 Aluminum Fishing Rod -2 Fishing Time
Fishing Level 55 Amber Ring -2 Fishing Time
Fishing Level 60 Small Fishing Net +2 Defense, -2 Fishing Time
Fishing Level 65 Fishing Gloves +3 Defense, +1 Magic Fish Finding, -1 Fishing Time
* Fur Coat is a requirement during winter.

King of Fishing Set

Head: Scale Rim (+2 Defense, -2 Fishing Time)
Neck: Pearl Necklace (+1 Defense, -1 Fishing Time)
Gloves: Tough Gloves (+1 Defense, -1 Harvesting Time) or Fishing Gloves (+6 Defense, -1 Fishing Time, +1 Magic Fish Finding)
Lower Body: Fish Waders (+2 Defense, -2 Fishing Time)
Feet: Fish Waders (+2 Defense, -2 Fishing Time)
Ring: Amber Ring (-2 Fishing Time)
Tool: Bamboo Fishing Rod (-1 Fishing Time, +2 Magic Fish Finding)

King of Fishing Set (6 pieces): -4 Fishing Time,+2 Magic Fish Finding
King of Fishing Set (5 pieces): -3 Fishing Time,+1 Magic Fish Finding
King of Fishing Set (4 pieces): -2 Fishing Time
King of Fishing Set (3 pieces): -1 Fishing Time

Level requirements- Pearl Necklace 20, Fish Waders 35, Scale Rim 40 (character 30), Bamboo Fishing Rod 45, Amber ring 55, Fishing Gloves 65, Tough Gloves (harvest 10)

Fishing table

Level Fish Skill EXP Char EXP Guild EXP Equipment Needed Location Nationality
1 Mackerel10 EXP7 EXP5 EXP Fishing Rod Ponat Pier HMS Halieutika Kimdar All 
1Salmon20/27**SA =? FA = ?8 HMS Halieutika All 
1Magic Fish* 0 00 All 
5Bass12 EXP8 EXP6 EXP Fishing Rod Lake Essdar, Lake Trand HMS Halieutika Lake Trand – All Lake Essdar – Faldorian Only
10Flounder15 EXP10 EXP7 EXP Fishing Rod Lake Essdar, Lake Trand, Eptile, HMS Halieutika Lake Trand – All, Lake Essdar – Faldorian Only, Eptile – Erfdarian Only, HMS Halieutika – All
15Haddock18 EXP10 EXP9 EXP Fishing Rod Ponat Pier, Yisildor Bay, HMS Halieutika All 
20Tuna28 EXP15 EXP14 EXP Fishing Rod, Tuna Lure Ponat Pier, Yisildor Bay, HMS Halieutika All 
20Make Bait15 EXP 7 EXP? EXP Bass or Mackerel Eptile All 
25Sandbar Shark30 EXP16 EXP15 EXP Fishing Rod, Shark Lure Yisildor Bay, HMS Halieutika All 
30OysterSA = 45 FA = 22SA = 20 FA = 0SA = 22 FA = 11 Lake Trand Faldorian
33PikeSA = 50 FA = 25SA = 20 FA = 0SA = 25 FA = 12 Fishing Rod, BaitEptile Erfdarian
35LobsterSA = 61 FA = 30SA = 23 FA = 0SA = 22 FA = 13 Fishing Rod, Lobster Trap, BaitOnnix Odtoni
40Striped MarlinSA = 66 FA = -SA = 45 FA = -SA =? FA = - HMS Halieutika All 
45 Swordfish SA = 70 FA = 35 SA = 32 FA = 0 33 Fishing Rod, Bait Ferboi
with the boat in the docks (works with 7 Speed, 1500 Capacity)
Erfdarian only
48 Amberjack SA = 74 FA = 37 SA = 33 FA = 0 37 Kimdar
with the boat in the docks Bait Fishing Rod
Odtoni only
50 Barracuda SA = 75 FA = 37 SA = 33 FA = 0 33 Port Schow Port Barin (works with 4 Speed, 1000 Capacity) Faldorian only
Pacu SA = – FA = – SA = – FA = – - -
* – Magic Fish can be randomly caught while fishing any type of fish.
** Experience gained from catching Salmon differs if you fish on Side or on Stern.
*** – To fish Mackerel at Kimdar, you have to finish the quest at Awaru
*** – While catching Swordfish, Amberjack and Barracuda there is a chance to catch Mackerel or Haddock
(**) – Haddock, Tuna, Shark give higher xp when fished from HMS Halieutika.
SA=Successful Attempt
FA=Failed Attempt

HMS Halieutika

HMS Halieutika is Captains Fred's boat, offering deep sea fishing trips. To get there you need to buy a ticket at Port Barin, which approximately costs 120 vessi, depending on your trading level.
Fishing trips are scheduled from either Port Barin or Port Schow. You can find out when the next cruise is coming in the ticketing office. To get on the boat, click on the blue ocean area next to the port.
If you are on the boat once the cruise starts after a few minutes you`ll be able to start fishing.
There're two options to fish on the boat:

The first option has no fishing level requirements. Although to use the second option, you will need at least level 20 fishing. Also if you are fishing at HMS Halieutika you don't need any tools to catch fish, Captain Fred is very kind and provides all needed equipment.

While fishing on side, you will be able to catch Mackerel, Flounder, Haddock and Salmon.
While fishing on the stern, you will be able to catch Tuna, Sandbar Shark, Salmon and Marlin.

Note: Some of the fish require lower level to catch them compared to other available fishing spots in the game while giving more experience too!

HMS Halieutika sailing schedule:

xx:00:00 “And we're off, we will be arriving in Danycia shortly”
xx:05:00 “We have arrived in Danycia, watch your step on the way out”
xx:15:00 Captain Fred announces “5 minutes until we set sail for Therusia”
xx:20:00 “And we're off, we will be arriving in Therusia shortly”
xx:25:00 “We have arrived in Therusia, watch your step on the way out”
xx:35:00 Captain Fred announces “5 minutes until we set sail for Port Barin”
xx:40:00 “And we're off, we will be arriving in Port Barin shortly”
xx:45:00 “We have arrived in Port Barin, watch your step on the way out”
xx:55:00 Captain Fred announces “5 minutes until we set sail for Danycia”

where xx = the current hour


Currently lures are used for catching two types of fish: Tuna Lure for Tuna and Shark Lure for Sandbar Sharks.
These are long lasting items (by saying that I mean that you can use them for more than one fish). You don`t have to equip a lure (as it's obviously not an equipment), it just has to be in your equipment to succesfully start fishing the desired type of fish.

Bait Making

You must be level 20 in order to make bait.
The only one currently known bait making place is located in Eptile, although players of all nationalities can use that spot. For making bait you have to use mackerel or bass. From each action you can get from 4 to 7 bait, no matter fish type. The experience gained by making bait counts towards fishing experience.
Bait is used for lobster or pike fishing, where 1 is consumed after each try.
NOTE: While making bait your -fishing time items do not count. So you wont get lower time if you equip Ring of The Fish or eat soups
NOTE: There is also a small chance of getting an emerald (and possibly other gems) while making bait.
Opals can be found while making bait (submitted by Damien Marlock after finding one)

Level Guide

Note: This Guide is created solely by aquadark, some might disagree with the fishing methods suggested, but i found it most experience giving myself.

Level 1–4 Mackerel
Level 5–9 Bass
Level 10–19(14) Flounder
Level (15–19) Haddock
Level 20–25 Make bait or HMS Halieutika over Stern fishing
Level 25–30(32) Sandbar Shark
Level (30–32) Oyster (if fisher spell available)
Level 33–39 Pike
Level 40+ HMS Halieutika over Stern fishing

Fishing Highscores

Fishing Ideas

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